10 The Office Memes for Every Writer

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Posted on 29/03/226 min read
10 The Office Memes for Every Writer
With The Office reaction memes, we’re taking a moment to appreciate one of the funniest shows of all time. Brace yourself for some uncontrollable laughter!

One show that never fails to please is The Office. For nine long seasons, it made us laugh till our bellies hurt. And just when we thought it was over, its loyal fan base started releasing memes. If you have followed the show from its very beginning, you would know that it was not very popular initially. It only became popular once it reached college graduates. And the rest, as they say, is history. Five main characters, nine seasons, and 188 hilarious episodes later, The Office became an iconic and unforgettable series. 

The more famous version of The Office is the American remake of a British sitcom with the same name. It is a mockumentary covering the daily lives of employees of one fictional company called the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. This series is different from the other regular comic series as it has no studio audience or laugh track played during the punches. The idea was to make it look like an actual documentary. 

The Office has a lot to offer to writers if you think about it. There is something deeply thought-provoking about the show’s plot. If I take a pen and start noting, small details and intricacies make all the difference. For instance, the relationship between Pam and Jim has been etched in the storyline right from the very beginning. Each episode can have a different story, as long as a thread ties all of them together. 

In the second season, Jim gives a note to Pam. The same message is brought back in the show seven years later in the second last episode. Most viewers wouldn’t remember it, but the writers got it back through a DVD of the old memories. Intricacies like this can ensure that your fictional story stands out from the crowd. Not just this, creating a detailed character of your supporting cast is important too. Before much further ado, let’s move on to see some rib-tickling The Office memes. We must say that when it comes to writing, the fans of The Office are no less.

Fun Fact: The series finale of The Office was ranked as one of the top 100 television shows of all time.

10 The Office Memes for Every Writer

Somebody who hasn’t watched the show will find it surprising that a series about boring office employees could ever be so attractive as to garner fandom of this level. But The Office reaction memes will leave you in splits. The cast and writers of the show have done a phenomenal job to make it work. And the best part is that not even for a minute will you feel like the comedy in the show is forced. Just when you feel like it can’t get better, it does. 

While we have addressed how greatly The Office has given us writers lessons for life, there are several The Office memes that are insanely relatable. Don’t believe us? See for yourself!

1. When writer’s block hits you


Did you ever experience a situation where you had a strict deadline ahead of you but couldn’t seem to formulate the words you needed? Many times writers get stuck. If you ever face such a situation, remember the words of Michael Scott. Even though sentences don’t seem to make sense, just keep writing. In the end, it’ll all come together. 

2. When you are new to your writing job


There’s a first time for every writer – first job, first article, the first time a budding writer realizes that he is, in fact, good enough to get paid for his passion. This The Office reaction meme is appropriate for you if you’re just starting in this field. After all, every job and freelance opportunity is just an attempt at first. After getting a taste of success, you realize that the attempts paid off. If you’re still only thinking of crossing that line, try!

3. When you’re confused between a comma and a semicolon


Every writer has, at some point, confused a comma with a semicolon. If not this, you might’ve at least got confused between ‘analyse’ and ‘analyze’. Here is a Dwight Schrute reaction meme telling us what he would do in a similar situation. Take the cue?

4. What not to do as a writer


If Kevin Malone were a writer, this would be a big red flag. If you are a company looking to hire some good content writers, you need to avoid this. Oh, and if you are a writer, this is not a good attitude. 

5. When you are in the flow


Do you know that moment when you get interrupted by someone in the middle of an assignment that you have a lot of motivation for? If you ever found us at that moment, this would be our exact response. It’s crazy how The Office reaction memes are so on-point. 

6. Every writer needs a break


It’s impossible to generate good quality content every day for 8-9 hours straight. You need a break. And if you have a strict manager who demands more than an average amount of words in a day, then this The Office meme is meant for you. 

7. Not everyone will like your content


Content is subjective. If you have written a story or an op-ed, not everyone will like it, and not everyone will agree with your opinion. Having the need to be liked or appreciated by everyone is not a good quality for a writer. Writers know that some may like them, some may not, and it’s all right. Perfect advice from Michael Scott!

8. Content is key


Writers know that PowerPoints and other marketing means are just showbiz. The real weightage lies in the content that they write. Of course, you require compelling images and all the jazz that converts your content into an experience. But in an attempt to become good at the other part, don’t compromise on your writing. 

9. Time for feedback


This is what it feels like when an idea is rejected, whether in a meeting for feedback or a discussion. If you are in the corporate world, you have probably faced this more than once. For some of us, it’s so frequent that even the apprehension makes us anxious.

10. Good writers know what to write


There’s a thin line of difference between sharing your opinion and getting shunned. Clearly, Michael understands the distinction. Extreme views are meant for social media, not for published articles. These are words that every writer must know but never use.

The Office could’ve quickly become a thing of the past, but the fans have kept its memory alive with The Office memes that are side-splittingly funny. What’s better? The fact that a comic series managed to inspire us writers with lessons for life. In today’s age, when we’d instead send memes than messages, The Office memes make a great addition to your meme kitty.

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Key Takeaways

  • Nine seasons of The Office made us laugh. But, it taught us way more. If you are a writer, you will relate. It wasn’t just the script that inspired us, writers, to get inspired, but some dialogues gave us lessons for life.
  • Michael Scott didn’t just teach us what to write and what not to write but also encouraged us never to stop writing and always keep going.
  • Jim Halpert motivated us to keep trying to become professional writers. 
  • Kevin Malone’s dialogues are suitable for every corporate worker. He taught us never to waste time or energy and pushed us to take a break.


1. What is the most famous quote from The Office?

As The Office inspires and engages new generations, its relevance cannot be contested. But, a series that went on to make us laugh for nine good seasons, it’s tough to pick a single quote that we loved. So, here’s a list of five quotes from the series that we love to date.
1. “Sometimes I’ll start a sentence, and I don’t even know where it’s going. I hope I find it along the way.” – Michael Scott
2. “Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.” – Michael Scott
3. “I am running away from my responsibilities. And it feels good.” – Michael Scott
4. “I talk a lot, so I’ve learned to tune myself out.” – Kelly Kapoor
5. “I just want to lie on the beach and eat hot dogs. That’s all I’ve ever wanted.” – Kevin Malone

2. Who wrote the script for The Office?

Greg Daniels, a veteran writer for Saturday Night Live, is the main writer of The Office. Mindy Kaling also wrote a lot of episodes of the show. In addition to that, Steve Carell wrote two episodes.

3. What was the most inspiring thing Michael said to Dwight?

In season 3, Michael Scott asked Dwight Schrute about what he thought was the most inspiring thing he said to him. Dwight replied, “Don’t be an idiot. It changed my life”. 

4. What is the last line of The Office?

The last line of The Office was probably a perfect sign-off of any sitcom ever. To mark the end, Pam Halpert said, “There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things. Isn’t that kind of the point?”. That’s a quote that makes you wonder and leaves you in awe.