5 Unbelievable Secrets To Take Your Content Writing To The Next Level

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Posted on 29/12/2111 min read
5 Unbelievable Secrets To Take Your Content Writing To The Next Level

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  • Introduction
  • Key Skills For Content Writers
  • 5 Secrets To Take Your Content Writing To The Next Level
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When you consider content writing as a profession, do not visualize someone who is just good at writing. You need special content writing skills, which do not just come by if you are decent at writing. Although good writing is a major factor, one needs to learn all the tactics which work with your audience and work thus. 

Content writing has become a heavily used tactic for marketing purposes. Almost 70% of marketers use content writing as one of their main marketing strategies. Content writing could be in any form, such as writing social media posts, blog posts, editorials, web content, etc. So, a content writer writes content, promotes an entity, and converts readers into potential buyers and prospects. The content has to be absorbed and liked by people to be able to sell. You need to have unique capabilities to be able to write something that sells. 

Long-form content can sometimes be boring as it is time-consuming to read and patience today is a virtue. However, it can be made interesting for readers if you possess the apt content writing skills that make the content relevant. Content writing includes writing all types of content including financial, technical, entertaining, promotional etc. Even writing privacy policies falls under content writing. If you look for content writers, you will come across a varied range of professionals who are willing to write the best content for you which will help you reach more audiences and increase your sales. 

Let’s get on with the skills that will take you to the next level as a content writer. Also read up certain must-have key skills that every content writer should have. 

5 Secrets to Take Your Content Writing to the Next Level

Here are the five remarkable secrets that will take your content writing skills a notch up. We will discuss how these strategies and skills will help you grow and take your content from intermediate to international. 

1. Plan a strategy

Make a strategy of how you will go about writing your content. Prepare a structure or outline before you begin. If you start blankly, the article that will come out will be drab. Everything will be at the risk of getting messed up. 

Start with listing the goals of our content and how you will go forward with it. Analyze the previous content you have posted and how it has worked; if it has gotten any comments or feedback. Perform keyword research and put the relevant keywords in your content. Focus on the outcome you want from your content. Do you aspire to amplify your client’s business and plan to achieve future potential customers? Mark the hours you would dedicate to a specific work or content, and then stick to that timeline. 

2. Time management


You might not have only one piece of content to write at a time. You have to manage your time across different content and also submit it at a given time. Time management is a required and critical skill in content writing. There are several ways, following which, you can manage your time. Begin by procrastinating less. Plan the time in the day you can give to writing content. Stick to that schedule. If you are slacking, you cannot concentrate and sincerely write content. Do your work in portions, and don’t overwhelm yourself by doing it all at once. You can also take small breaks while writing content; watch a small YouTube video, or scroll through Instagram for five minutes to freshen up your mind. Anything more than that may serve as a distraction. Never try to fit in more work than you can do in a day, and never take on a new project when you have pending work. Learn how to say no when you feel overwhelmed with work. 

3. Hook element in the content

Have you ever felt like not completing a lesson because it was boring? It happens to the best of us. Your blog needs to keep your audiences hooked. Have a look at different parts of the blog. First is the headline. Your headline should be eye-catching and should also contain relevant keywords. If a person gets hooked by the headline, it will pique their interest in what is written ahead. Now let us talk about the main body of the blog. If you think that you only require writing an engaging heading, you are wrong. You also need to add interesting subheadings to keep your audience hooked and not let them exit without completing the whole piece.

Give them something interesting to read, and they will not exit it. If they read one piece of your content, write it in such a way that will make them want to read more from you. Will. Aim for that. This is a sure-shot technique of increasing audiences. Many viewers prefer only certain writers’ content, as they think they will get up to the mark and unnecessary information. Do not drag your article more than needed, and make sure your article keeps your readers hooked till the end. You can read it yourself, and if you think it isn’t interesting enough, you already know what you should do to rectify that. 

4. CTA


A CTA or a Call-To-Action is a digital marketing means; several companies use it for different reasons, mainly turning their visitors into prospects and making a sale. Your call-to-action should always be catchy and attention-grabbing for whoever is reading. You are giving a person a call to do something, so make sure your voice is imperative. Their mind should read the message directly, not indirectly. The sentence should be telling them to take act. Also, you are not there to put pressure on them to purchase products. Keep your voice stern yet suggestive, and they should not feel obliged to buy something from you. A persuasive writing approach will work in your favor without making it sound like you are getting them committed. You should make them feel and leave a hint that they will most likely miss out on a fantastic opportunity if they do not purchase the product immediately. You have to make it stand out so your audience can see it easily. Furthermore, you should know where to put this. Unnecessary use of CTAs can also be a reason for annoyance for the readers, and it can be perceived as you being pushy. 

5. Proofread and edit


Editing is certainly a significant skill to have. If you submit your content to the client, it may not come out as a positive outcome, nor will it turn the client into a recurring one. You need to proofread your content for several factors, be it for its readability or grammatical errors. You need to be careful while you submit content as it is not just a mere article you are submitting, but the business depends on you now to sell their products. 

After completing the content, take some time off. Re-open the document again and read it with a fresher mind, and then start scanning it for errors. Even if you have been in the field for many years, you will certainly find many errors in your content. If you feel like there is no need for a particular piece of information, omit that stuff out.  After proofreading, start with the editing of the document. You will be needed to edit some things in and out of the documents. 

Proofreading and editing are a critical part of the process whenever you are giving content, as it affects a lot of your client base and their name in the market. Any errors from your side should not take place while submitting a piece of content. Make sure there are minimal revisions, so you do not have to work on the same piece of content for a long time. 

Key Skills for Content Writers

These are the key skills that any content writer needs to have to start their journey in this field. Content writing can be effective only when it transforms website viewers to long-lasting customers. It is not just about publishing content; but also about making sales.

1. Research


Research plays a key role when writing anything. Even for social media posts, you have to research what is relevant in the market or trending right now. If you copy the content from the internet by paraphrasing, not only will you be copying some other content, but you will also not be presenting anything new. Use relevant sources and read about the topic as much as you can. Note all the important points you think should be included in your article, so you won’t forget them. 

A reader will always expect relevant and reliable content from the article they are reading. They are spending time reading your article, so they expect it to be worth it. Be original; never plagiarize. You can outline your topic around what you have read on the internet, but you cannot copy the same. Even if you’re promptly searching the net and if you see something relevant to your content, jot it down immediately. You can then open your notes while working through the content. 

2. SEO


Search engine optimization is a particularly vital part of any content, as it helps find relatable content and increase its impressions or views. For your articles’ higher ranking in search engines, you need to be updated with trends and new methods to make your article relevant. If your article is ranked higher, you will reach more people and this is directly proportional to sales. With SEO, you can reach potential customers and understand the mindset of people for whom you are writing the content. 

Have a look at some high-ranking articles and take inputs from them. Many free and paid tools on the internet will help you find search engine optimized keywords for your topic. Be sure you use those keywords while writing your content. 

3. Original content

You should aim to always publish original content. With the content writing industry booming right now, you cannot compromise on this one factor. If readers feel that they have already read what you are writing somewhere else, they will exit right away and probably never return. If you are not providing original content to your viewers, they may lose interest in your site. With original content, you assure that the business you are writing for is staying relevant and promises to provide a unique outcome that will be different from anyone else. Original content writing increases the reliability of your content and gives you a unique edge.

4. Knowledge of social media


Social media today almost monopolizes the marketing industry. You should be aware of what is trending on social media to help make your content more relevant. You can plan your content around this. Content writing does not adhere to blogs or long-form content only anymore. It also contains writing posts for different social media sites like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. You can also check your client’s social media pages and see the posts that worked the most. Gathering information like this will help you with your content. Try to understand different social media tools and use them to your advantage. See the analysis of how each social media post performed and work accordingly. With every other social media site, the content you write is different. 

5. Adaptability

You should be able to adapt your writing style and tone that is relevant to your content. You cannot use two same tones for two different topics. For example, the tone you use for different age groups of the target audience should be different. Similarly, if you have to write a topic related to management and then immediately write a technical topic, you cannot use the formal tone of management with the informational one of that technical work. The same goes for international clients. You may know how things in your country work, but if you are working for an international client, you must research and adapt to their audiences’ mindset, languages, style, and what works with them. What works with your country’s audience may not necessarily work with them. So quick adaptability is a key factor for being a content writer as you would not be doing the same piece of content over and over again. 

6. Upscale your skills

If you are only good at writing, it may not be enough to sustain you as a content writer. You have to constantly update your skills as a content writer, learn different strategies and skills that can be used to enhance your work as a content writer. You can take different courses available on various platforms related to content writing

7. Try making reading a habit


Read a lot. If you are not into a habit of reading, you cannot get yourself to write uniquely. Having to read more gives you a fresher mind and a newer perspective. You can adapt to a new, better writing style. I have also been asked if reading is a necessary habit to good writing. If you do not read regularly, how do you know that you will research well? Because you would have to read multiple articles regarding the same topic and bind all the information together to weave new content. So reading always goes hand in hand with writing. 

8. Technical skills

Being a content writer, you should have technical skills in writing tools on the computer. You should know how to work on a computer with different websites, and there are several content management systems you should use for effective writing. You should also know how to use analytic tools and cooperative digital tools and make them work to enhance your content writing. Technical skills for a content writer are necessary, as we live in a world that runs on technology. 

9. Communication skills


If you have low communication skills, it will affect your writing. Great communication skills are expected from writers as they talk to and convince their audience to convert them into customers and make a sale. If your communication skills are not good, then how will you talk to the customers? You must have good communication skills to have a convincing write-up for every piece of content you write. 

10. Brainstorming new ideas

You need to have a creative brain if you are in any field of content creation. To keep your audience on their seats, you need to plan ideas and strategize how this content can be turned creatively into an article everyone will enjoy. If you write content on whatever the topic is provided, then you are not doing your work right. You should think about what you can write, how to put it on paper and how to present it. 

Although you may have the basic content writing skills required, if you are thinking of polishing your skills in content writing, you would have to put extra effort into it. You may be a very well reserved person who writes content a lot. But a lot of work doesn’t mean you are writing engaging content. If your client does not come back to you with more work, you may have failed to achieve their desired results or target audience. For this to not happen, you need to strengthen your skills. 

Key Takeaways

  • Content writing is a skill that needs practice to develop. You need to keep writing to improve your skills and refine them.
  • Having said that, using tips such as  SEO can help you make your content perform better with audiences as it will drive up engagement and traffic to the website.
  • You need to have good knowledge of social media and  a knack for adaptability to be a good content writer.
  • Plan a strategy, manage your time and remember to have a hooking element in your content to grab the reader’s attention.
  • Have text that calls for action from the readers and don’t forget to proofread and edit your article.


There are many courses available for enhancing your content writing skills on the internet. They will give you tricks and tips on amplifying your content to greater audiences and bag more clients locally and internationally. You should take advantage of this course and complete them in your free time to turn your content writing skills into a total turn of 360 and refurbish them. With these courses, you can also get mentorship from experts in the content writing field, which will help you see where you are making mistakes and give you practical knowledge more than the bookish one as they are also part of the field and working in it at the same time. If you see content writing as an easy and regular writing job, you will never excel in this field. It is as important as any other field that needs constant upgrading skills and polishing them from time to time. 


1. What makes a good content writer?

A good content writer is adaptable, good at research and is able to meet deadlines. Deep understanding of SEO as well as having a command over diction also helps.

2. What is CTA?

CTA is call-to-action text which makes the reader feel more engaged. This kind of text gives the reader tasks to perform and makes it more likely for them to capture their attention. 

3. What are the qualities of good content?

Good content is readable, engaging, consistent, finable and translatable.

4. What makes effective content?

Effective content brings in more traffic for your website by being engaging and informative in nature. It makes the audience more interested in consuming the content by holding on to their attention. 

5. Is it hard to be a content writer?

While content writing is hard, learning to become a content writer is not an impossible task if you work hard enough. With practice and time spent getting a better control over your diction and SEO tactics, anyone can be a content writer.