How To Take A Break From Work, Without Stepping Outside – Pepper Spotlight: Episode 15

Team Pepper
Posted on 13/05/215 min read
How To Take A Break From Work, Without Stepping Outside – Pepper Spotlight: Episode 15
In this episode, we talk about a small list of things that can help you take a break in these challenging times.

We all could use a break right now, but the world around us is not ideal. How does someone take a break without stepping outside or meet friends and family? We created a small list of things for you to consider. 

While they might not be the ideal fit for you, they could spark new ideas that just needed some inspiration. 

How To Treat Your Time 

Firstly, you must know how to treat time when you have a lot of it. Work from home is just like any other time of the year. It’s essential to separate your work time from your personal time– even if it’s just at home. 

You can use the method called time-blocking. Break down your whole day into small one-hour-long time windows. Assign yourself time for work tasks, non-work activities, and laziness into these blocks. This process will ensure that you do not waste time or feel like a waste of time. 

The Top Indoor Break Idea 

To help you take a break, here are four ideas you can enter into your time blocks: 

Reconsider What You Watch

Being stuck indoors means we are all watching a lot of streaming content. They could be your guilty pleasure or your stress-busters. One thing you can do is reconsider what you watch. 

Platforms like Youtube, Instagram, and Netflix are designed to feed you more of the same content you previously consume. This approach works in two ways — one, you do not need to pick or go looking for content. Two, you consume a lot of the same genre. 

This routine of streaming content could actually result in an overdose or mental fatigue. Try a whole genre to break this monotony. You could also ask friends to recommend channels or content outside of your shared interests. You could swap Netflix-Logins with a friend too. 

Another way to beat the algorithm is you use Youtube in incognito mode. You could also depend on blogs, magazines, and publications for new recommendations. But remember to cap your daily consumption of streaming content to ensure you get time away from screens.  

Joining A Course 

Is there a course you always wanted to join or a skill you regret not honing? Here is your time. Block away a two-hour window any time in the day to enhance a skill. You could sign up for an online course or buy a book. Choose your method, and follow it all the way to its end. 

The course could help you personally or professionally in the long run. This practice creates a massive change to your routine and enables you to explore new avenues. 

If you are unsure what you want to start here, are a few options: 

  • Upskill your current professional line of work. 
  • Invest in a musical instrument you always wished to learn. 
  • Learn a second income skill. 
  • Pick up a severe new hobby. 

You can use websites like Udemy or Skillshare to find detailed courses. Or you could buy Personal Transformation books on Amazon

Block Time For Reading 

Next, you must block time to read each day. If you already have a reading habit, you are in luck. Just ensure you add a time-block for it and do not miss out. Most people use the start or the end of the day to read. 

If you do not read as often, this would be the perfect time to start. Start with an easy book and a genre you like. Do not chase books on the “best-seller” or “most-read” list. If you are new to the process, start with short texts that finish quickly. This speed will motivate you to pick the next book and keep the cycle alive. 

Reading will keep your mind off work, the news and also reduce your time behind a screen. Be it fiction, non-fiction, or magazines, newspapers — everything is an advantage.   

Start a Four-Week-Challenge 

The four-week challenge is a definite way to inculcate a new habit. Fitness trainers often use them to enforce a four-week routine to better fitness. You could imply this method to anything — a workout, a writing habit, eating, hobbies, etc. 

The practice will require you to chart out a plan for four weeks and stick to it. Pick a task and time window to do this for four weeks in a row. Block the same time for it each day.  

Pepper’s 25-Quick Home Breaks 

Here is a list of some more fun things you can do to keep your mind and body active and distracted. 

  1. Colour a Mandala book – This is a tested way to distract your mind and improve focus. 
  2. Meditation – Use an application such as Headspace or Simple Habit to relax your mind. 
  3. Catch up on podcasts. We have a podcast designed for creators called PepperSpotlight that you can consider looking into.
  4. Buy a gift for someone. Send a surprise via Amazon to cheer up a friend stuck at home. 
  5. Take a Nap. A twenty minutes nap can genuinely make you feel energized and further motivated. 
  6. Binge-watch TEDx videos. There are many of them, and each of them has a little something to teach. 
  7. Cook your own meals. Cooking is an essential life skill, and if you are yet to start — here is your time. If you already cook meals, up to your skills. 
  8. Learn a new language. Pick up a local Indian language or a foreign one on Duolingo
  9. Update Your LinkedIn. Go back and check all your details and ensure they are relevant and accurate. 
  10. Rearrange that old cupboard or drawer that you have not opened in months. 
  11. Change the colors of your desktop, phone, or other devices to make them look new. 
  12. Change your brand. We do not give too much thought to this aspect of our lives, but you can today. Read about what other brands of food, cosmetics, or daily essentials you can explore. 
  13. Check out some of the best photos on the NatGeo photo archive
  14. Delete old photos from your phone and WhatsApp media folder.
  15. Start journaling. Spend each day writing three pages by hand to unload your thoughts onto a paper. It helps to keep you mentally fresh and rejuvenated.  
  16. Create your post-COVID bucket list. 
  17. Write a cover letter and apply for your dream job. You have the time to do it now!
  18. Watch standup comedy specials online. They will give you a good laugh and distract you from the overwhelming world outside. 
  19. Explore a new art form. Pick a random art (sketching, painting, dancing, etc.) and dive into it for a few weeks. 
  20. Dial three random digits on your phone pad. A list of contents should appear — call one of them. 
  21. Make time for a daily twenty-minutes workout. Use a home-workout application to guide you. 
  22. Learn magic-tricks. 
  23. Find DIY projects online and spend time with your family to finish them. 
  24. Learn how to bake.
  25. Board Games! This one is a no-brainer. 

Final thoughts 

There is no way around these challenging times. The next couple of months (hopefully, just a few months) are going to be stressful. Don’t let sadness paralyze your life and keep you from steaming ahead. 

Look out for the people around you and yourself. Start a domino effect of positivity when we need it the most.