How to Start a Company Blog: 15 Tips To Get You Going

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Posted on 21/01/226 min read
How to Start a Company Blog: 15 Tips To Get You Going

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  • 15 Tips on How to Start a Business Blog 
  • Key Takeaways
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With four billion people actively using the internet worldwide, there has never been a more appropriate time than now to incorporate blogging in your marketing strategy. A blog will not only drive traffic to your site, but it will also aid in the promotion of your products and services. Additionally, it will help you build trust and rapport with your existing and potential customers. 

A company blog can, in fact, help you become an online authority and a “go-to” resource in your industry. However, blogs are just like any other marketing tool. They work best only when used correctly. And to make sure you don’t make costly mistakes, we have dished out some valuable tips on how to start a company blog.

15 Tips on How to Start a Business Blog

Listed below are a few valuable tips on how to start up a blog for your company.

1. Offer value


Use your blog as a means to educate your customers on something that could make a difference in their life. So, before you start googling “how to create a company blog on Medium or WordPress”, create a plan for how you will ensure your audience can benefit from your blog.

2. Leverage the power of internal links

Regardless of the size and age of your blog, consider having internal links. Internal links, as the name suggests, are meant for linking different pages of a blog. Internal linking is not just important from an SEO perspective, but it is also essential to ensure your visitors stick around. It is, in fact, a great way to direct new readers to your old content.

3. Identify and define your target audience

Learn about your target audience and identify the pain points that could drive them to your product. Such details will help you create content that addresses the needs of your ideal customer. Those who want to learn how to start up a blog quickly must understand that target audience research is an integral step in the blog-building process, and shouldn’t be skipped.

4. Avoid sounding too salesy

Your product is your passion, and you can sing its praises all day long. Sadly, no one is interested in listening. Even the most experienced and passionate marketers can end up publishing blog posts that sound like ads. If you want organic traffic to your blog, avoid publishing content that carries a promotional tone. Since you are only learning how to start a company blog, you could easily fall into the trap of sounding too salesy. Thankfully, you now know content should never sound like a sales pitch.

5. Have a unique voice

Yes, you are competing with thousands of articles and bloggers having millions of followers. But then, there is always room for originality. So, find your own unique voice and reach out to your audience. This is an important piece of information to bear in mind if you are learning how to start a business blog.

6. Use influencer marketing to boost traffic


Influencers can create real buzz about a brand. This helps build the brand’s image, improve audience engagement, and increase conversions. It also helps increase the brand’s credibility and generate revenue.

7. Highlight your company’s strengths

You can use your blog to promote your company culture, product value, and team diversity. For instance, you can use video interviews to show how your sales team offers value to customers. Your product team members, on the other hand, can talk about how they do A/B tests to make products that users would absolutely love. However, to achieve this, you need to create guidelines and impart proper training to your employees.

8. Create engaging and interesting content

Don’t let your blog get boring—this is an important lesson to keep in mind if you are learning how to start up a blog. For improved engagement, you can post content in mixed multimedia formats. Allow your customers to peek behind the curtains at times. This will not just help humanize your company, but it will also set your blog apart from others.

9. Use strong CTAs

Adding a call-to-action (CTA) in your blog post acts as a clue that tells the user what to do next. The user might not know where to go to sign up for a newsletter or purchase a product if there isn’t a clear CTA. This could cause you to lose leads.

10.  Have an editorial calendar and follow it religiously

Understanding how to start a company blog alone won’t guarantee success. For a successful company blog, you need discipline. And to keep your blog consistent and organized, you require an editorial calendar. A calendar helps you list topics that are relevant to your brand, and post regularly. A strategy that sets out a schedule for future blog posts will ensure you don’t fall behind.

11. Tell stories about your brand

Treat your blog as a collection of chapters that tell the story of your brand. When you do this, your beliefs as a business get reflected in your blog. As a result, you’ll feel a greater drive to offer quality products and ensure customer satisfaction, and your followers will feel a deeper connection with everything you will share.

12. Drive traffic with guest posts

Marketers can leverage the authority of influencers from their industry by asking them to write guest posts for their blog. This will also allow them to expose their blog to a broader audience without spending extra money.

13. Answer questions

Do not blog simply to blog. Instead, reach out to your target audience by answering popular questions. There are tools that allow you to see historical variations of searches related to your target keyword(s). You can create your content around these questions. Answering your audience’s queries is a great way to attract leads.

14. Use SEO to drive traffic

SEO refers to the art and science of optimizing content for search engines like Google. With proper SEO, you can ensure better visibility for your blog.

15. Stay consistent

There is nothing worse than visiting a company blog only to find that the last post was published 12 months ago, or to see a lot of useless content posted only for the sake of filling the blog up with content. As a business, you should post consistently, and your content should include valuable insights. Learning how to start up a blog is not enough; you should also know how to keep your relationship with your visitors alive.

Key Takeaways

  • “Now” is the best time to integrate blogging into your marketing strategy.
  • With a well-thought-out blog featuring relevant content, you can cause your organic traffic to skyrocket.
  • A blog will only work for you if you use it correctly.
  • Some tips on how to start a business blog include using SEO, having an editorial calendar, opting for influencer marketing, and the like.
  • One of the key ingredients of a successful blog is discipline.


Too many businesses operate online without a blog, and don’t feel its need either. While a well-designed and organized company website is a great asset for your brand, it can’t offer the authority and personality your brand needs to be successful online. This is where a company blog comes in.

In case you are interested in blogging, but don’t know how to start a company blog, the above-mentioned tips will help. Each of the tips is time-tested, practical, and is proven to be effective in helping brands create an impactful presence online.


1. How to start a company blog?

In order to start a company blog, follow the steps below. 
• Decide on a blogging platform.
• Get a domain name.
• Hire a reliable web hosting service.
• Prepare a content strategy and get going!

2. What is a corporate blog?

A corporate blog can be defined as a blog that is published by an organization, corporation, etc., to achieve certain business goals.

3. Why do I need a dedicated business blog?

Having a blog is an easy way to keep your audience in the loop about your business. However, a blog’s success depends on its authority, relevance, and utility.

4. How frequently should I post on my business blog?

The greater your blog posting frequency, the higher your chances of gaining more web traffic. Research shows that companies that blog between three and five times per month, or about once per week, receive twice the traffic than those who do not.

5. Can I start a blog for free? 

You can start your company blog absolutely free of cost. While you can choose paid blogging services, there are numerous blogging platforms available these days that allow people to create blogs and run them for free.