How to Measure Digital Marketing Success: 8 Signs You Made a Great Impact

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Posted on 24/12/215 min read
How to Measure Digital Marketing Success: 8 Signs You Made a Great Impact

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction 
  2. 8 Signs you made a great impact on Digital Marketing 
  3. 10 digital marketing skills you have 
  4. 5 Key Takeaways 
  5. Conclusion 
  6. FAQ 

In theory, digital marketing seems very intimidating and huge. People are never confident enough to claim that they have a good grip on digital marketing. This includes even the most competent users of the internet. Yet, the truth is that most people are not aware of how to measure digital marketing success. As the popularity of the digital market has increased, it has become very mainstream. Like cars, mobile, and the internet, digital marketing is everywhere today. So, even though you have not excelled at it yet, you are still doing well considering the digital marketing metrics. 

8 Signs You Made a Great Impact on Digital Marketing

1. You are aware of SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential aspect of digital marketing. Optimization of search results has existed since the beginning of the internet. Despite the evolution of strategies, the underlying concept has not changed. Understand that an important part of digital marketing is knowing this acronym and working towards it.


2. You can make the most out of Google

Google has everything. Google has overtaken all previous search engines, and their rise and fall have relied on it. You need to use Google effectively, and only then will you be able to solve 90% of your digital marketing problems and roadblocks. 

3. Keyword stuffing

According to the internet marketing metric, keyword stuffing is a bad practice. Earlier, internet marketers would jam keywords into their websites. Google caught up with them and began to levy fines. If you already know about this, you are on the right track. 

4. Conversion rate in digital marketing

In internet marketing jargon, a conversion is a step towards money or action that leads to money. Analytical tools, conversion optimization, split testing have been developed from conversion. The conversion rate is a key factor in knowing how to measure digital marketing success. So, if you have been able to use it in a recent discussion, you are skillful. 

5. You published content online

Content is key to internet marketing. A few hundred words on a blog or similar platform makes a stark difference in your internet marketing efforts. This is called content marketing, a method of creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online. This includes blogs, social media content, web content, whitepapers, case studies, pay-per-click ads, etc. If you have performed any of these activities online to promote your brand, you are already doing great digital marketing. 

6. You use Facebook

To keep your digital marketing mojo strong, Facebook is a wonderful way of engaging with your online audience. In digital marketing, Facebook groups, ads, organic reach, etc., are common peaks and valleys. 

7. You can explain blogs

In 1999, the term blog was introduced to the lexicon. If you have a clear understanding of what a blog is, you can explain it to others. This ability will make you successful in digital marketing. 

8. You believe in ‘content is king’

In digital marketing, it is all about the content. There are many ways in which it arrives from various locations. Many audiences consume such content. Yet, one thing remains constant: content is king. Every digital marketer we know believes in it. 

10 digital marketing skills you have


1. Keyword Research

Digital marketing strategies often include keywords. SEO experts use keyword research to promote their brands organically. SEO tools help you identify, investigate, and check keywords for digital marketing campaigns. 

2. Creating content

As a digital marketer, content generation is a critical skill area in 2021. As a digital marketer, you do not need to be the one behind the camera or writing every word. Yet you should understand how to develop engaging and relatable content. 

3. Ad Copywriting

Copywriting is the art of creating ads with attractive headlines and descriptions. This can help convert consumers near the bottom of the sales funnel on long-form landing pages. 

4. On-page SEO

On-page SEO involves optimizing individual web pages to appear in organic search results. An excellent way to improve your on-page SEO skills is to build your own website. You can then rank individual pages of it for targeted keywords. 


5. Data Analytics

For a marketing professional, data analytics is a great digital marketing skill. Data generated by digital marketing channels is enormous. So, the best digital marketers use this information to make smarter campaign decisions. 

6. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

The conversion rate in digital marketing plays a key role. Conversion rate optimization is the process of testing landing pages for increased conversions. CRO principles are most effective on PPC landing pages and other high-intent sites. 

7. Landing Page Design & Optimization

It is an advantage for digital marketers to be able to design and publish simple and successful landing pages. To convince your visitor to embrace your value proposition, you must restrict their options. You need to earn their trust and reduce friction. 


8. Reporting & Data Visualization

Consumers need reports and data visualization to understand campaign expectations, results, and profitability. The best digital marketers know how to create visually appealing reports. Those will communicate the most important campaign data in an easy-to-understand way. 

9. Retargeting and remarketing campaigns

Remarketing is the most crucial kind of PPC campaign accessible on Google Ads. It is vital to know how to set up and maintain retargeting campaigns. 

10. Financial forecasting

A financial forecast is a means of analyzing a specific marketing plan. It makes data-driven assumptions about how the plan will perform. Financial auditing aims to determine which marketing strategies work. It maximizes ROI for an organization’s digital marketing strategy. 

Key Takeaways

  • If you are well acquainted with SEO, CRO, and on-page SEO, you have the basics of digital marketing covered. 
  • Content is crucial, and utilizing it wisely will kickstart your marketing campaign. 
  • Keywords play a key role, and it is mandatory to research well and avoid stuffing it. 
  • Ad copywriting is one of the most important internet marketing metrics. 


Even if you can check off more than three items on the list, you are doing well. You are more informed and experienced in digital marketing than you realize. 

Digital marketing may seem challenging at first. Yet, this does not have to be the case. To measure digital marketing success, you just need the correct metrics. All you need is a passing grasp of marketing methods. With that, you will be well on your way to having an enormous impact on your brand. 


1. What does ROAS digital marketing mean?

The Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) is a marketing metric. It checks the effectiveness of a digital advertising campaign

2. What is the importance of Conversion Rate in Digital Marketing?

You may track your conversion rate when running an online campaign. Thus, you can determine how it impacts your business.

3. What do you mean by digital marketing KPIs?

KPIs are metric measurements that you can use to analyze the success of your brand. KPIs may be applied to staff performance or sales performance. 

4. What are the key internet marketing metrics?

Internet marketing metrics can test marketing efforts and efficacy. Key performance indicators are numbers that measure your company’s efficiency. They include: 
1. Overall Traffic
2. Conversions
3. Bounce Rate
4. New vs. Returning Visitors
5. Queries

5. What are digital marketing metrics?

This digital marketing KPI may track things like the number of likes, retweets, and shares of social media posts. This allows you to show executives how effective your social media activity is.