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How To Improve a Blog: 5 Ways To Spice Up Your Content

Team Pepper
Team Pepper
Posted on 1/12/215 min read
How To Improve a Blog: 5 Ways To Spice Up Your Content

Table Of Contents Benefits of the Best Blog Content  5 Pro Blogging Tips Conclusion  Key Takeaways  FAQs I’ve been writing blogs for quite some time now. And to this date, the only thing that still frustrates me is when I fail to spruce up a boring blog post. Those of us who are in the… Continue reading How To Improve a Blog: 5 Ways To Spice Up Your Content

Table Of Contents

  • Benefits of the Best Blog Content 
  • 5 Pro Blogging Tips
  • Conclusion 
  • Key Takeaways 
  • FAQs

I’ve been writing blogs for quite some time now. And to this date, the only thing that still frustrates me is when I fail to spruce up a boring blog post. Those of us who are in the content writing business know very well that the most difficult task is to constantly create ‘good content’ that can attract readers to our sites. And, since we live in a world ruled by likes and tweets, if our blog doesn’t get enough reactions, that’s got to be a bad sign. 

The problem isn’t that you aren’t using enough ‘fancy’ words or that you’re not targeting the right keywords. It’s not even that you don’t have the material; in fact, I believe if you own your ‘niche’ and have done proper research, you’d find an exhaustive list of things to talk about on your blog.

Well then, what’s the problem?

It’s simple: your blogs aren’t interesting enough. 


Hear me out! We live in a world where millions of people go online looking for things, searching for answers. Now, for a reader to get to your blog, your content needs to align with their queries. Let’s assume you’ve done that, and someone is right there on your blog reading it. And what you’ve written, while being accurate, doesn’t grab this reader’s attention. What do they do? They close your site and move on to other resources. And trust me, there are thousands of those out there. 

So, how do you keep your readers interested in your blogs and ensure that they keep coming back? Easy, you spice up your blog! Pick any boring topic; in fact, you can reuse some of your old blogs for this as well! With just a few quick steps, you can easily revamp the content to engage your audience.

But, before I hand over the magic keys to unlocking this, let’s understand how this can help your content strategy in the long term.

Benefits of the Best Blog Content

We all know how important it is to produce content with relevant and useful information that makes your readers come back to your blog. Blogging educates, entertains, and nurtures readers who can then be targeted as prospects. Until then, it’s essential to grab their attention and make sure that they ONLY come to you for their queries. 

Moreover, everything requires a makeover from time to time. Allowing your blog to stagnate with the same style, type of content, and feel will raise the odds of people skimming or completely ignoring it. 

But, worry not! I have come up with 5 blog writing tips on how to improve your blog that will not only get you more readers but make them come back for more! 

Ready? Here we go!

5 Pro Blogging Tips


Visual appeal

Humans are visual-oriented creatures. We see it, we like it (hello! Instagram anyone?). So, it makes sense to break the monotony of your text with some form of visuals. It can be infographics, charts, an embedded video, or something basic like an image! 

Visual content is extremely eye-catching. It makes people pause, go back to catch up on what they might have missed earlier. For starters, try embedding 4-5 images in your text, relevant to your content. Not only will it provide relief for someone reading the text, but instantly adds ‘color’ to your page.

Pull quotes and comments threads

Pull quotes are an excellent option for bloggers to break white content and highlight certain points. They enable you to bring forward a tiny section of text to emphasize a point or entice readers to continue with the remainder of the text.

Another way to jazz your content would be to install comment threads from various social sites. Make sure, though, that the comment threads are relevant to what you’re writing about and add to the discussion. This improves reader interaction drastically and makes it simpler to trace who is reacting to them. 

Hook with the headline


As someone who spends hours and hours (not kidding) trying to find the perfect headline, I cannot tell you how important this point is. A title or headline is the first thing from your blog that readers see on the SERP. If they click on it, they kind of make a partial commitment to read that content piece. So, when you create a snappy title for your blog, you’ll be more likely to persuade them to click on it, which means they’ll read it. 

Tell a story

People love stories. And, they love it more when they can relate to them. Add anecdotes to your post, share your experiences, and allow your readers to get to know the person behind the blog. Not only will this allow readers to relate to you, but it will also let you build a lasting readership that genuinely values what you’ve got to say.

Pro tip: I am a sucker for funny posts. If a writer can make me laugh, I’m sold! Humor is a tricky thing to master but, if ingrained with your personal experiences, it can enrich the quality of your blogs instantly. 

Reach out to the community

Connect with other bloggers who are writing on the same niche topics. Try to get them to write for your blog and in return help them out with theirs. You can even quote them or add snippets from their blogs. Not only may guest bloggers breathe new life to your site, but chances are that their readers may drop by to see what’s happening on your end.

Key Takeaways

  • Add more images and graphics to your text to break the monotony.
  • Include comment threads to start discussions on your blog.
  • Highlight important points as pull quotes to grab readers’ attention.
  • Add your personal anecdotes to your blogs to build familiarity.
  • Improve your headlines.
  • Collaborate with other bloggers.
  • Start small.
  • Make a note of the most useful, intriguing, or applicable recommendations from this post (and others), and start implementing them one at a time.


If you scour the internet, you’ll find similar tips that can help you revamp your blogs. My advice would be to start small. I am sure you’re very excited to try these, but too much change can be negative for you, too. It might become overwhelming to track all these and ensure that the right ones are working for you. If you pick the right things to add to your content, it will create a better experience for your readers, ensuring that they keep reading your blogs. 


1. How do I make my blog stand out?

If you want your blogs to stand out, pick topics that very few people are talking about. There is scope for you to create a completely new community around your field. And, follow the above quick steps for an easier (and much quicker) way to stand out!

2. What to start a blog about?

What interests you the most? Is it movies, sports, or business news? Pick a genre that you can talk about and contribute some unique points to, and just start writing! Carry out diligent research to maintain the accuracy of what you’re saying and experiment with blog formats.

3. How can I make my blog more attractive?

Change the theme or add a new sidebar! You can even look for good backgrounds that go with your theme. Add more visuals that can amp up the aesthetics of your site. 

4. How do I make my blog unique?

Create content that answers a query! People will only read your posts if you have something ‘interesting’ to say. Be consistent with your posting so that your readers know when they can access you. 

5. How can I improve my existing blog?

Follow our quick steps and voila! You need to revamp older content from time to time. Not only will that help you update your readers, but can help you rank better on SERPs as well. Try to incorporate different keywords that work for your blog. Add images and create snappier headlines!

6. How to get traffic to my blog for free?

Try guest blogging more and guide readers from other sites to your page. Share your content on social media, promote them and answer others’ queries with your post. Revamp the look of your blog with free tools and plugins. Experiment and track the metrics to understand what works for you.

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