Digital Marketing for Hospitality Industry: 30 Kickass Tools That You Need To Know

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Posted on 3/01/2211 min read
Digital Marketing for Hospitality Industry: 30 Kickass Tools That You Need To Know

Table of Contents 

  • How To Plan Digital Marketing Campaigns for Hospitality Industry
  • 30 Digital Marketing Tools for Hospitality Industry and Others
  • Top 4 Hospitality Digital Marketing Campaigns To Take Inspiration From
  • Key Takeaways 
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Digital marketing is taking over the internet ecosystem, and it is going to stay for a long time. The internet is now becoming a necessity for people, after adding food, rent, clothing, and water to your cart, one must add their internet expenses too. 

People rely on the internet for not only search results but growth for their businesses as well. The Internet will answer all your questions, be it the location of your nearest barber or finding a hotel 5,000 km away from your location. 

In this article we are going to look at planning a digital marketing campaign for the hospitality industry as well as 30 digital marketing tools that can prove to be useful for both hospitality and other industries. 

How to Plan Digital Marketing Campaigns for Hospitality Industry

The internet is a dynamic system, and it is evolving at a faster pace. If you are looking for a place to stay in an area you have no information about, the internet can be a great tool for you. Under this subsection, we will discuss how one can plan a digital marketing campaign for the hospitality industry. Marketing campaigns in the hospitality industry have been built in such a way that they are approachable and easy to access. The hospitality industry uses informative technology for online marketing so that they can target their audience and maintain a wider reach. 


1. A business needs to list their hotel on Google via digital marketing

Search Engine Optimization controls everything, from your business to the reviews. To Everlasting Blockchain creates brand value for you so that searches for your hotel come under the first page of search results, one must build their website in a way so that their hotel is listed on Google’s first page. 

As a digital marketer, one must understand how to list their hotel on Google and if it is a paid or free service. Well, you can list your hotel on Google for free. You need to make sure that enough information has been added to the website to make it look real. Your contact details, address, features of the hotel, images for reference, reviews column should be thoroughly updated since it helps Google in ranking the search results. 

2. Working on an organic SEO performance

Your hotel needs visibility and search engine optimization is the only way forward. You will need researched data over how other companies are performing and what their target audience is like. An organic SEO result will rank your website on Google so that you can have a strong presence over online audiences. 

To stay in the first few search results, companies invest heavily to maintain the online presence, using SEO as their backbone. Here, a hotel can have an option to choose a paid listing or an organic one. Your business must work on building local SEO as well, for example, you are searching for ‘Hotels in Bandra’, the search results will show hotels from a specific area in Mumbai. 


3. Social media is the way forward

How would you know that hotel ‘XYZ’ is hosting a Christmas Party or a Holi Night if not for social media? Hotels need to maintain an online presence along with a social media presence. Nowadays, having an Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn account where you share upcoming events, reviews from customers, and behind the scenes of special events can help you gain followers and visitors. It is an engaging task and helps build an online presence by highlighting your brand. 

Instagram now allows you to promote your page and posts, along with that, the location feature helps visitors in understanding what the hotel has to offer by reading reviews. It is all about creating a good impression, indeed. Your hotel can collaborate with influencers in your city, that can attract a huge audience. To build a good reputation, the influencer can share reviews on their social media account to engage with their followers. 


30 Digital Marketing Tools for Hospitality Industry and Others

Are you new to the digital marketing space? Here are 30 kick-ass tools for digital marketing that you must be aware of RIGHT NOW.

Digital marketing is growing at a pace one cannot fathom, and there are more avenues every day so that content can stand out and have an everlasting impact on you. If you are new to the digital marketing space or may have some level of understanding, you must know 30 kick-ass tools for digital marketing that will help you grow your business and target a larger audience. 


The interactive platform helps you in boosting your marketing with its set of interactive and engaging content. The platform helps in increasing lead conversion rates, with intelligent analytics and data integration. 

2. Steemit

Crypto is taking over the digital market space and we are witnessing a wide range of content over social media. The platform is driven by blockchain and customers can avail themselves of amazing benefits. 

3. TikTok

Creating engaging content in a 15 video clip that becomes trending and reaches a wider audience? Yes please! TikTok is gaining mass popularity as it is easy to access and promotes content at a faster rate. 

4. Stencil

Are you into creating visually appealing content? Stencil helps you in creating aesthetic visuals using designing tools and upgrading your social media page. 


Are you looking for a platform that helps you manage your client projects and marketing leads? is a customizable software that works efficiently and helps you in integrating important tools in your day-to-day activities. 

6. HubSpot

It is a paid content marketing tool that helps you analyze how your content has performed. It also tracks your leads and which social media post is doing better.

7. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor helps in connecting with your audience in an easy manner. The platform created straightforward emails that are focused on growth.

8. Facebook Insights

Many businesses now have a Facebook profile to reach a wider audience, you can get hold of Facebook Insights to understand which post performed better and what the customer’s preferences are like. 


VERO has an ad-free experience for the promotion of businesses. It has a different variety of content and it will help you in building desired content. 

10. Hootsuite

Along with content creation, the content promotion itself is a task and Hootsuite helps you in promoting your content on social media platforms. It helps you in scheduling content so you are up to date. 

11. Marketo

Digital marketing and product innovation are dynamic fields and they are growing at a rapid rate. Marketo keeps innovation at the forefront so it can make your content stand out.

12. Outbrain

Paid promotional activity has never looked this simple, the platform helps you in ensuring that your content reaches a larger audience. 

13. Loomly

A great way to make your brand reach stepping stones of success, Loomly is an ideal platform if you have a small social media circle. It manages your content with a clean and vibrant interface.

14.  eClincher

If you are a business then scheduling content is an important task for you when it comes to promotional activities for a wider reach. 


The platform helps you in building and promoting innovative content. You can also add your CTA which is customized to your blogs that can be promoted to social media handles. Your CTA depends on your customers. 

16.  Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps you track your content and measure the traffic to understand how relevant your content is and if it is reaching the target audience. You can also understand the time users spend on your website. 

17.  Animatron

Companies are driven by the content they produce and animation will always do wonders because not only is it interactive, but it is fun and attracts people of all ages. 

18. Google Keyword Planner

Keyword search results have a major role to play when you have to drive your content on the website. The platform is easy to understand but helps you in analyzing how your online search queries look like. 

19.  Whatagraph

To track your performance and reporting flow, what a graph helps you organize your tasks into a visual report for easy understanding. Digital marketers use Whatagraph to track how a certain marketing campaign has performed. 

20. WASK

WASK helps you optimize the content on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube ads via one channel for a wider reach. 

21. Quora

Quora marketing helps in building content for a business. Several questions can be answered which indirectly promote a certain business. It helps in creating a community of customers for a similar brand.

22. Oribi

Since analytics is confusing, Oribi simplifies things for you. It gives you insights and trends about how your content has performed. It helps in optimizing your content.

23. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is a platform that is oriented towards growth and guides you to better and informed marketing tools that help you brand your content better. 

24.  CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

The headlines of your content need to be to the point and engaging so it can be picked up on social media and the internet. The platform helps you analyze your headlines and how effective they can be in terms of convenience and engagement.

25. Pocket

Liked an interesting article? Want to bookmark it? A pocket is a friendly software that would help you do that. You can bookmark an informative piece using the software either on a mobile phone or browser. 

26. Mail Chimp

Mail Chimp is an engaging software that helps in boosting your business with its technical marketing tool. You can build your brand online in a creative way. 

27. Canva

The software is easy to use and creates some terrific content with the already existing templates. You do not have to know ‘visual design’ to create content here. It can be simple and engaging. 

28. Mapify360

Mapify360 helps you in finding targeted leads for your business. It helps you look for unclaimed and unoptimized leads. 

29. Semrush

Semrush is a great platform if you wish to grow your content organically using SEO tools and creating content that ranks on the topmost pages. 

30. BuzzSumo

Data analysis is one of the strongest points of your company? Head to Buzzsumo to create interactive infographics and charts that give a detailed explanation of how your content has performed and how the engagement has been. 

Top 4 Hospitality Digital Marketing Campaigns To Take Inspiration From

The following are successful digital marketing campaign examples you will be inspired by:


1. Morgans Hotel Group

Influencer digital marketing is now becoming a trend, where influencers who have a large scale like the global, national or local level cover a certain set of targeted audiences, are often called to review products and services. Social media helps you in amplifying millions of things with just one click. Morgans Hotel Group had created a platform where the hotel invited several fashion and beauty bloggers and asked them to review their services by providing them with a free stay. 

The fashion and beauty blogger, in return, would ensure to amplify the services offered by the group. They shared every tiny detail about the service from rooms to bedsheets to infrastructure and the food. Influencer marketing is an effective strategy because it helps in building your brand via word of mouth. Fashion and beauty bloggers are trusted by many for their word, if they get a platform where they can promote these services and experiences, it will have an impact on the targeted audience. 

2. Loews Hotel

As social media is now becoming the driving factor for traffic on websites, creating user-generated content is the way forward. The Loews Hotel launched a campaign where user-generated content was focused on and people would share their experiences using hashtags. Before visiting a place, or buying a product, many people read how the experiences have been with the same.

 If the business has good customer service, the interaction and the review depend on that. The shared content would mean an authentic one since it was not paid marketing. A certain level of convincing power is needed for the business to convince customers to share their experiences via social media posts, but if the service has been impactful, your customers would love to do it. 

3. Marriott Hotels

Marriott is a well-known hospitality brand that has its name for one of the best services. To create a strong marketing campaign that focused on customers, and how their service has been, Marriott launched a video series. The series was a short one and had a direct message. How Marriott’s service is driven for the customers and what a memorable experience they share during their stay. 

Marriott Hotels launched “Two Bellmen” a short film series focusing on the brand’s hospitality and how the hotel’s infrastructure is world-class apart. The series received 52 lakh views and it has been 6 years since its launch. Visual storytelling became an important factor and drove the company’s growth. Video marketing is a tool that is now used via social media. Many leading hotels share a short reel that is attention-grabbing and can be shared easily across platforms. 

4. Shangri La

Shangri La is a well-known name in the hospitality industry, to boost their business, the hotel group launched a marketing strategy that focused on a shared experience on social media. Since social media is heavily consumed by all and visual media can directly be shared nowadays. Shangri La started a campaign called My Shangri La where customers would share their image on social media with the campaign name and Shangri La would share these posts on their feed to enhance their engagement. 

The group launched a competition where customers could participate and the winner would get a free stay in return. They say content is the king, well, they are correct. The entire campaign revolved around customers sharing their experiences and it helped the brand in building authenticity and inspired many to book their stay at the hotel. 


Key Takeaways

What are the key takeaways about digital marketing that you learned here?

  • Digital marketing benefits both businesses and customers. The main objective of digital marketing is growing and there are different ways to achieve it. 
  • Businesses nowadays use different mediums like email marketing, content marketing, advertisements, newsletters, social media to increase their outreach. Digital marketing helps in increasing customer loyalty as communication increases with more social media engagement and personalized emails. 
  • Digital marketing engages with the customer at every step, which keeps a track of their journey for analytics. It also understands what kind of a consumer they are. 
  • Digital marketing, in turn, helps you in targeting the right customer base because you now have data to support your argument. Since every business researches before launching a specific product or a service into the market, it studies consumer behavior patterns and creates a strategy on how they can be targeted. 
  • Digital marketing also helps in accurately measuring all the results, since everything is online, all platforms allow you to access the dashboard. Let’s say you posted a reel about your new product, you can check Instagram insights and understand how the reel performed and how many people viewed it. 


1. Is digital marketing a good career?

If you have an interest in analytics and content creation, it is a field full of growth and possibilities where one can learn every day. 

2. What are the types of digital marketing?

There are 6 types of digital marketing techniques that are prevalent in the system, namely- social media, content, SEO, search engine marketing, affiliate, and email. 

3. What are the skills required for a digital marketer?

A digital marketer should have an understanding of communication, content creation, data analytics, social media, and design skills. 

4. How to start a career in digital marketing?

One should learn the basics of digital marketing and create a website to understand how the technology works. You can then do a Google Ads course along with Facebook Ads. One should also have an understanding of Google Analytics. With a comprehensive internship, one can learn new and improved ways to become a digital marketer. 

5. Is digital marketing effective? What is the advantage of digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the only way forward in the social media age if one is looking to enhance engagement or growth for their business. Digital marketing helps you become accessible to your customers and create a relationship with them that ends up becoming a part of your growth. 

6. Which industry requires digital marketers?

Every industry that has an online presence requires a digital marketing expert who can devise marketing strategies and understand how the analytics have been.