7 Tips to Successfully Create Easter Marketing Strategy

Team Pepper
Posted on 17/05/224 min read
7 Tips to Successfully Create Easter Marketing Strategy
Easter marketing strategy are mostly neglected amongst other bountiful holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving. This article compels you to think otherwise.


Some of us are always pumped up to create Easter marketing strategy for our small businesses or large organizations. But, let’s face the facts, Easter has never had any traditional or mainstream popularity like Christmas, Thanksgiving, the New Year, or even Halloween!

It could be because Easter is typically considered a light-themed affair and does not have a lot of elements that can be cashed upon to create a detailed marketing strategy.

That is why Easter marketing campaign ideas or the business ideas for Easter don’t enjoy such a detailed highlight because just the Easter egg and the bunny aren’t enough to create diverse Easter marketing ideas. However, we aim to help you think otherwise with the following seven Easter marketing ideas that could be a hit in this festive season.

7 Ways to Create Easter Marketing Strategy that Works

The following are the ways to create Easter marketing strategy that will brighten up the festive season and put it in the bracket of Christmas and Thanksgiving in the matter of celebrations.

1. Create a virtual Easter Egg Hunt


A virtual Easter Egg hunt is one of the successful Easter marketing ideas because we all associate the festival with the bunny and egg.

Since social distancing and stay-at-home directives have prevented original Easter egg hunts, organizing them online and advertising could be a great way to promote your brand during the Easter holidays.

2. Including Gamification


Including gamification in the Easter business marketing ideas is one of the most popular ways to boost audience engagement and bring in new audiences and prospects by sparking their interests.

Spinning the wheel, Dino Dig (or customized as Bunny Dig), Water Coin Drop, etc., have always remained crowd favorites and could amplify your business interests by a huge margin.

3. Broadcasting seasonal Easter-themed products

Broadcasting Easter-themed products in the form of a bunny or an egg or anything similar could be the best way to get more incoming traffic to your business website.

If you have an online store, fill it up with customized items that reflect the season’s spirit. This could amplify the success rate of your Easter marketing campaign ideas.

4. Create festive newsletters with video greetings

Sending newsletters on Easter could very well channel the theme of the seasonal festivities. If you try some new-age techniques like video greetings, it’s quite possible that your customer base will be enthralled.

That said, these personalized Easter marketing campaign ideas should be increased for more small businesses to earn their fill during this season, as more than 54% of consumers want to see more video content from the businesses they follow.

5. Selling limited-edition, Easter-themed baskets


The limited-edition, exclusive, Easter-themed baskets are a special way to wrap all the goodness of the festivities in one box and present it to the best customers and clients who have been loyal to your business all year long.

6. Holding a poll or an SMS campaign

Both these business marketing ideas would work well for Easter. You can hold an Easter-themed poll or any light poll and then introduce giveaways to random visitors who take the poll.

Alternatively, you can also go for an SMS marketing campaign where you hold text-in competitions, offer a gift or any other incentive to the person signing up on your business platform, offer VIP Club sign-ups through links, etc.

7. Organize special sales

You can organize special sales of the most prized products in your repertoire with a bunny or egg theme. Thereafter, you could broadcast these prizes through newsletters, blogs, emails, SMS, and other ways.

This is an excellent way to enthuse your old and loyal client base and urge them to participate in these Easter-themed ideas. They will think of these as an incentive to stay attached to your brand long enough, along with the season’s greetings and festivities.


Many small businesses fail to create Easter marketing strategy and reap the advantages of this particular season of merriment. Conversely, large organizations do not consider Easter a worthy-enough festival to celebrate and invest in business ideas for Easter.

However, it is not always for the businesses and their ROI. Fans and customers look forward to these celebrations and how their favorite brands give them a token of personalization. We hope that the above ideas will spruce up your Easter marketing strategies for the coming years.


1. How do you market Easter?

Easter marketing campaigns could be enjoyable and convert qualified leads if they incorporate some of the following Easter marketing campaign ideas:
● Seasonal offers and greetings
● Personalized brand messages
Email marketing campaigns
● Social media contests
● Last-minute promotions

2. What are some things that businesses do for Easter?

Businesses create Easter marketing strategy which is themed around it, including:
● Planning online Easter Egg Hunts on the business website
● Gifting customized Easter-themed basket bundles with the brand message
● Sending Easter greetings cards to the brand’s customers with newsletters, etc.

3. What can I sell on Easter?

Your Easter marketing campaign ideas can be pretty unique and inspire freshness so that your customers stay loyal to your brand. You can sell the following as part of your business ideas for Easter.
● Easter Bath Bombs in the shape of eggs and bunnies with a range of fragrances
● Easter Egg-shaped Candles are a must-have for any Easter marketing ideas
● Easter Bunny Mason Jars
● Toddlers’ gift baskets with curated items, etc.

4.How to switch up your social media this Easter?

Easter marketing campaign ideas will not be properly implemented if you’re not using your social media to the fullest. This can be done by:
● Using exclusive Easter hashtags on every post, video, reel, etc.
● Create a logo or a banner or impart any other form of aesthetics to your social media channels that reflect the festive mood of the Easter weekend
● Create virtual Easter egg hunts and link them to exclusive gift items as a part of the Easter marketing campaigns.