The Best 10 Content Marketing Memes

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Posted on 14/01/225 min read
The Best 10 Content Marketing Memes

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  • 10 Top Content Marketing Memes to Delight Marketers    
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You may not believe it, but digital and content marketing have cut-throat competition. Companies adopting digital and content marketing strategies are constantly working on tried and tested innovative plans to face and outdo new challenges every year. And 2022 is no exception.

Content marketing memes are an age-old, feel-good concept of content marketing that delights people by being most relevant to them. Wondering why? This is because everyone just likes memes as a marketing tool. On that note, we have listed out the best of 2021-22’s best content marketing memes.

Trust us, these funny digital marketing memes are going to amuse you!

All set to get super entertained? Let’s get going!


10 Top Content Marketing Memes to Delight Marketers

1. The client wants something subtle yet loud

It happens with every content creator and marketer, right? The situation is simply grim yet amusing when a client thinks he is aware of what he wants. But the end result is that he contradicts himself over time. It happens because he is willing to cover all basics and it’s deep into the stratosphere.   

This is how you feel when this happens!


2. SEO is dead – Nope!

How many times have you seen this post title – SEO is dead! In this scenario, just picture someone with immense expertise of 60 seconds reading a blog title ‘SEO is Dead’ and still ponder if it’s true! The irony here is that they do that on the recommendation of another expert. But the funny thing about this content marketing meme is that they don’t realize that this search result is because of this ‘dead’ service.

Take a look to understand this funny content marketing meme!


3. The ‘Real’ engagement check on a viral campaign

It happens with every content creator when they sit to craft content for a vital campaign and launch it after much deliberation. However, the result is not so pleasing because the engagement is good when you check initial insights, but the result is just two likes after 4 hours or so.

This is what you may think at that time!


4. It is every content creator’s dilemma.

How often have you been asked to rework an article, and your client wants new updates every time they review it? Many times, right? It becomes a never-ending feedback process!

You can indeed picture yourself in this content marketing meme!


5. Whom to follow?

Your condition is just like this content marketing theme when your inner voice is lost between professional duty and the emotional fulfillment of the client. If you follow the brief blindly, your client may be happy, but you consider it an average performance. On the other hand, a challenging brief means your client is unhappy, but you are confident that it will lead to a better output.


6. When a client does not honor your on time and quality content delivery

Imagine that you have always delivered quality content on time, and your client decides to check other options to save a meager amount. The following are the funny digital marketing memes you may relate to in this situation.

Take a look below!


7. When your content strategy is thrown in the dustbin

Many times, your agency or client may have asked you to develop a winning content strategy. And you are committed to leaving no stones unturned to make it outstanding. You may invest many hours in drafting it, but it is thrown in the dustbin. And that happens only because something else is trending! And just because every other brand is centering their plans on it, your effort goes for a toss!

In this situation, the below content marketing meme may depict your emotions!


8. Content writers and SEO experts are stumped with yet another Google update

A company’s content and SEO team may have been huddling for weeks together to develop a concrete plan to implement the last released Google update. The CEO will soon approve the plan, and you think your rankings will improve. However, one fine day, Google releases another update, and you all are stumped!

This funny content marketing meme says all about your first reaction, folks!


9. When your extraordinary content idea gets rejected

Picture this! You are convinced that you have finally cracked the content code that will get your agency many more clients and superior rankings to current customers. But your internal team reviews do not approve and find it “extra” and “ordinary.” You have no choice but to dump it!

This content marketing meme is how you may feel after the rejection!


10. When Artificial Intelligence is everyone in digital marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is always trending, and you hear the word from every other digital marketer! They talk in such a way that you are made to feel that every 5th digital marketing agency is going to include AI in their arsenal. But, as you move around the year, you think AI is just another hot word with no practical implementation by digital companies.

This is how you may feel the next time someone talks about the importance of AI in digital marketing.


Key Takeaways

  • Content marketing memes depict real-life situations faced by professionals.
  • These memes are meant to relax you and bring a much-needed smile to your face so that you continue to work with more zeal.   
  • Content marketing memes are an age-old, feel-good concept of content marketing that delights people by being most relevant to them. 


Now that you’ve seen (and probably laughed at) the top 10 content marketing memes, it’s time to get back to work. But don’t forget to get inspired from these memes in your daily content marketing tasks. 


1. What Is meme content?

A content marketing meme or any other is a video or image that showcases the feelings and thoughts of a specified set of audiences.

2. How do you use content marketing memes?

You can use memes as a marketing tool by ensuring they meet your audience’s taste, use the most relevant ones, take part in memes challenges, and don’t overdo.

3. Can you use memes in digital marketing?

Funny digital marketing memes are a prime example that they can be used as an efficient marketing technique.

4. Which social media platform is best for memes?

You can go to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram for attention-grabbing memes.

5. Are memes royalty-free?

Memes are generally safeguarded by copyright law. But if you don’t give the creator due credit, you may be in trouble.