15 Companies Successfully Implementing Digital Customer Support

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Posted on 27/04/225 min read
15 Companies Successfully Implementing Digital Customer Support
This article will cover 15 varied companies that have successfully implemented digital customer support.

94% of Indians decide whether to buy a product or not based on the customer service they receive. With the customer’s growing “want-it-now” attitude toward digital customer support, companies adopt newer ways to implement it.

15 Companies Acing Digital Customer Support

1. Amazon

Core Values of Amazon – Source

This digital hub of items aces digital customer support with suggestions on the right side, history keeping, smooth delivery, tension freely writing customer reviews, and real-time customization.

Amazon cares for its customers, and it is evident in every purchase step. Wrong product, return it. Late delivery, you will know about it.

2. GoDaddy

GoDaddy Help Center – Source

GoDaddy gives birth to websites in cyberspace. It has a lightning-fast team to handle your queries 24/7. The digital customer support provided by this giant is free of charge.

Though this giant got hacked in the year 2020, it is back with a bang and fully functional at the moment. It aims to render a great online customer experience.

3. Zomato

Zomato Customer Support – Source

The excellent digital customer support offered by Zomato is from the time you wake up to the time you have to order dinner online.

Zomato User-Friendly Notifications – Source

Like Trader Joe’s, Zomato helps its customers in times of need. Zomato keeps its customers informed and aims to give a personalized experience to them. On its online portal, Zomato removes suspicious reviews too.

4. Myntra


Online shopping is fun because Myntra brings newer trends in fashion. It benefitted from the assistance of Microsoft Azure and even observed a 50% rise in its “End of Reason” sales.

Microsoft Azure bolsters Myntra to deliver seamless digital customer support and experience. Myntra uses analytics and machine learning to apprehend customers.

5. Flipkart

Flipkart Customer Testimonials – Source

Flipkart is the following best e-commerce website you visit if you don’t find what you’re looking for on Amazon. Today, Flipkart has more than 400 million customers and offers more than 150 million products in 80+ categories.

Flipkart’s digital customer support anthem is “I Will Resolve Your Issue At Any Cost.” It gives everything to cater to the needs of a customer through digital support

6. Apple

Apple Employee’s Training Manual Excerpt – Source

Apple prepares the customer to wait for its product before its launch. It has such a unique style of presenting itself that it casts an everlasting impression on the customer’s psyche.

Apple follows 3 F’s:

  • Feel – develop a connection
  • Felt – find where the solution is
  • Found – deliver the solution, solve the problem

These persuade the employees to comprehend what the customer goes through in a problematic situation.

7. Practo


Every doctor’s investigative officer is Practo. Customers prefer to check a doctor’s background, address, phone number, email ID, other customer reviews, and their specialties on Practo before visiting them.

The reviews are genuine, and the digital customer support is beyond helpful to patients all over the globe.

8. Tata 1mg

Individuals get extensive digital customer support through medical knowledge, pharmacy, and side effects of a drug in Tata 1 mg.

Grievance Redressal Policy|1mg – Source

9. Swiggy


Instant gratification along the lines of food has never left the digestive globe. Everyone wants to order food online sporadically and expects to get it within minutes of ordering it. 

Swiggy bestows your wish within minutes. Digital customer support through Google Maps lets you know where your order is.

10. Uber

Uber adds immense value to any customer’s life. It saves a lot of time spent waiting out in the sun. If you suffer at any moment during the ride, you get instant customer support through Chatbots, automation experiences, and agent interactions (chat, phone, messaging, and more). 

11. Ola

Ola Support – Source

The fastest-growing company renders ultimate digital customer support through customer-centric questions. Be it account, fares, payments, safety, or Covid-19.

Starting from how to download the application to how to contact the support team, it has everything laid out for the customers. Once you let them know your issue, they will contact you instantly.

12. Lenskart


Sit at home, get your eyes checked, and get your spectacles within days. Two quality principles of Lenskart shape them to stand apart; discipline and empathy.

In 2021, Lenskart invested in TangoEye to take advantage of AI and Computer Vision to enhance customer experience.

13. FedEx


FedEx leads digital customer support, after Amazon, for reasons like customer care quality, product features, services, advertising, packaging, and reliability.

It preaches to its employees to always go beyond customers’ expectations and always listen to them to improve their skills.

14. Zendesk


The heart of digital customer support is Zendesk. Features like a ticketing system, live chat and messaging, help center, voice support, community forums, reporting, and analytics, answer bot, customer service software, knowledge base, help desk software, and security are customer services provided by the company.

If 90% of Indians want AI to solve online issues, you should read customer stories of Zendesk.

15. PayPal


Feedbacks are everything on the planet of PayPal. It covers 4 million surveys and handles 43 million customer contacts per year. PayPal coupled with Medallia Insights to train its agents based on cultural expectations and perceptions.

Recent advancements are shorter wait times for frequent users and educating new customers before they come up with queries.


Great digital customer support means providing a quick and frictionless response to the customers when they need to understand the business.

Innovations and advancements in today’s modern world make sure customers receive top-notch digital customer support. In particular, if the customers are going to convert to loyal, long-lasting, and word-of-mouth spread potentials.


1. How do urban customers want to engage with a brand?

Mobile phones are accessible and convenient for everyone. 68% of users believe WhatsApp is the best way to engage with a brand.

2. How to deliver a successful digital customer support system?

Focusing on 3 Es – efficacy, empathy, and effectiveness will facilitate any company to achieve a successful digital customer support system.

3. How to improve customer experience online?

The following steps can help you improve your online customer experience:
1. Personalization
2. Valuable discounts and complementary products
3. Reduce the possibility of abandoning shopping carts
4. Social media marketing for Gen-Z
5. Go for smartphone shopping

4. What are the kinds of online customer service?

1. Emails
2. Live chats
3. Self-service knowledge
4. Walk-in
5. Social media
6. Video
7. Chatbot
8. Phone

5. What are the stages of a customer’s digital experience?

1. Awareness of the product
2. Discovery of the right product
3. Evaluation of the product after comparison with other products
4. Conversion of the product the customer wants to buy
5. Experience of the customer with the product
6. Support – in case – it is wrong, faulty, late, or damaged
7. Buy it again if the product serves its usage