Boosting Your LinkedIn Presence With PepperType

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Posted on 21/04/224 min read
Boosting Your LinkedIn Presence With PepperType

Personal branding through LinkedIn or any other social media platform is a crucial part of the growth in the digital world. Experienced methods and present-day skills allow one to be a content creator with value.

In this discussion on, Vanshika Mehta, a brand strategist, and a communication consultant shared her LinkedIn building methods with the host, Pranav Goyal, from PepperType’s product and growth department, to help startups and individuals perform better in the digital market.

What Is is an AI-powered content generation tool that helps you create quality content within seconds. Its speedy and high-quality results allow you to create excellent content for LinkedIn or any social networking site.

Making content creation easy for beginners and those who don’t know where to get started, tools such as bio generator, tagline generator, blog topic generator, etc., provide one with ideas based on their selected keywords.

Using for Growth

LinkedIn as a platform

Vanshika defines Linkedin as a platform that allows personal branding to stay for your entire life. Focusing majorly on branding for LinkedIn growth, she mentioned an essential aspect of people assuming LinkedIn is just a job site. However, it is more than that.

Linkedin is a community platform with excellent content form, network connections, personalities, and learning area is what defines Linkedin. tools such as tagline maker, bio generator, and about us generator enhance it even more.

“if you start your branding today, you will be at a better place years from now.”

Starting with LinkedIn

To start, one needs to make a Linkedin profile with all the necessary information. Vanshika highlighted the importance of a banner image, which is the first thing that comes up while opening a profile. Most people often ignore banner images and get stuck later in the profile building process.

Taglines are not meant for job titles and must contain a text that provides value to your connections and audience; one can utilize the tagline generator to curate excellent taglines. The summary section below is also great to allow people to know more about you.

Another significant thing to keep in mind while starting on Linkedin is filling out the experience section as much as possible. Keywords play a significant role and should be highlighted everywhere on the profile. This provides value to your audience and lets them know what you do without going deep into the profile.

Building your profile

Prioritize the heading, profile, and cover image while building an effective online presence. These are a few pointers Vanshika stressed.

Use a professional and clear profile image to capture attention. Also, keep your headline short and crisp. This can be generated easily through by just putting your defined keywords.

The topmost section is the first thing to notice. One can create excellent back covers or even edit pre-designed templates on Canva. Adding other social media links, quoting major lines in the cover image that gives an idea of you, is key to great networking and content creation.

The title section must consist of a sentence mentioning the value you provide. One can keep in mind the following questions while creating a compelling title – What makes you stand out, why someone should trust you, what are you most proud of, etc. Once you know the answer, follow them up with keywords and make people want to click the connect button just below the title.

The about us section should follow the thumb rule to provide breathing space between every 2-3 sentences. From work history to contact information, the about us section can have it all. Make sure to build audience connectivity while generating the about us section. services help here too.

C-2-C Strategy–for example, Vanshika defines her keywords as a communicator, storyteller, brand, etc. Right keywords are crucial for networking with people who will provide the same value. People you are connecting with should also provide you value as these connections are sooner or later converted into conversations.

Content strategy

The more photos and graphics you put in, the more the chances of your content getting a higher reach. Putting up stories with relevant graphics captures the user’s attention, hooking them till the very end of the content.

Be conscious about the type of information you are receiving, and plan your content before publishing. One can use or notion for this.

Consistency is the key to effective content creation. Staying active, building profile frequency, and posting regularly helps one stay connected with the audience.

Working towards audience pain points and delivering them value-added solutions makes the post interactive boosting engagement.

Creating content for posts, graphics, and polls using AI

“Content is the backbone of Linkedin, and is here to help it all.” consists of some of the best features for creating content on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. One can use services such as blog heading expander, blog generator, social media post captions, engaging tweet ideas, content expander, and more to create an effective LinkedIn brand.

Note: This blog is an excerpt from a session on PepperTyping 101: Boost Your LinkedIn Presence with Vanshika Mehta, a brand strategist and a communication consultant, and Pranav Goyal, from PepperType’s product and growth department.