Your Instant Content Vending Machine

Rishabh Shekhar
Posted on 4/02/212 min read Your Instant Content Vending Machine

Create Compelling Content Within Seconds

Writing is central to telling a brand’s story and everything that we see out there these days! But it’s not always easy. Even the best of writers get stumped by writer’s block. But what if there was a way out of this deadlock? 

Enter, a tool fueled by machine learning and artificial intelligence that can solve your content needs within seconds. A tool that is the content creator’s new best friend, allowing you to deliver content that’s on-point, fast. 

How it works

Noticed how Gmail offers you ‘smart prompts’ to your emails and auto spell checks? These are but a few examples of how machine learning and AI can impact the world of content creators. With, all you have to do is enter a basic description and let the tool come up with suggestions around blog ideas, social media captions, tweet ideas, product descriptions, ad copies – just to name a few. With a combination of our experience over the last few years of talking to thousands of creators and the disruptive new technology of GPT-3, we aim to empower every creator and turn them into superheroes!


Who can use

Whether you are a professional writer stuck in limbo due to lack of fresh ideas, a business owner looking for a quick solution to draft automated messages or a digital marketer trying to put together new campaign ideas, is here to make your life easier. 

Picture this. You’re a content writer for a brand and have been asked to create a Facebook ad on a really really short notice. You start jotting down your best ideas, eventually feeling the need to devote more time to research to get the most brilliant one. shortens the research time drastically and becomes the vending machine for ideas to build upon, refine, tweak, iterate and ultimately complete the job within a short deadline. 


What formats can Peppertype support

  • Blog Ideas (Titles)
  • Google Ad copies- title and description
  • Facebook ad copies
  • Website Headlines
  • Social media captions
  • LinkedIn Thought Leadership
  • Tweet Ideas
  • Growth hacks
  • Marketing ideas
  • Product Descriptions
  • and whatnot!

Scale your content marketing with Pepper

Pepper content’s endeavour has always been to help bridge the gap between creators and businesses to help scale their content operations in the easiest way. is another step in that direction. 

Content is all about consistency. With churning out content will not be constrained by time or lack of ideas and you can secure yourself from the nightmare of out of sight, out of mind. 

Since SEO planning requires a huge volume of content to improve rankings, will be handy to scale up content creation for SEO projects. In other words, with you can manage both content quantity and quality. 

Welcome the Future of Content Creation

At Pepper, we believe that technology is a big enabler for creators to do more meaningful work and outsource the rest to platforms like We want to be leaders of this shift and are proud to do this for all creators associated with Pepper and more. Join us.


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