41 Tweet Ideas That Will Boost Twitter Engagement

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Posted on 14/09/216 min read
41 Tweet Ideas That Will Boost Twitter Engagement

You believe you have what it takes to take social media by storm. So you tweet, and then you wait. A few hours go by. You log in again to see the response and NOTHING. You begin to wonder, what should one do to get the tweeps‘ attention? There are many tweet ideas that you can implement to get your engagement level high. But, before moving any further, let us see what Twitter is and why it is an important social media platform. 

The What and Why of Twitter

Twitter is a social media platform used to post short messages called ‘Tweets’. As a registered user, you can tweet your posts, re-tweet, like, or comment on other’s tweets. Here, individuals and businesses can also connect with other like-minded people. It is also ideal for businesses to interact with their customers, leading towards a sale. 

How does engagement help?

Well, engagement does not mean interaction with another individual alone.

  • Engagement brings an increased awareness about you and your brand.
  • It helps stamp your authority within the Industry. 
  • This can lead to an increase in the customer base.
  • Engagement encourages customers to respond to your tweets. This helps strengthen the relationship.
  • Engaged customer usually also translates to an increase in sales and revenue.
  • It also helps businesses get feedback from the customer.

Here are some data points to showcase why Twitter is important in today’s social media age.

  1. With around 17.5 Million users, India is the 3rd largest Market for Twitter, after the USA and Japan, says Statista.

Leading countries based on number of Twitter users as of January 2021

(In Million):Twitter

  1. Globally, over 500 million tweets get posted every day, according to Twitter data.
  1. With 50.6% penetration, Twitter is the 5th most powerful social media platform. (Considering Facebook and Facebook messenger as a single entity)
  1. Twitter users in India grew at 74% Year-on-Year (YoY) growth in Daily Active Usage (DAU). This makes India the fastest-growing market for Twitter.

Today, Twitter is an important source for businesses to get customer insights. Here, the business can win loyal customers that can lead to increased sales. 

Now, let’s get back to how one can boost their engagement on Twitter. Here are some tweet ideas. 

41 things Tweet Ideas For More Engagement

  1. Quality content matters: Good content strengthens your brand image. Your content should encourage your audience to come back to you for more.
  1. Be true with your posts: Honest posts attract an honest audience. It helps build trust in you and your brand.
  2. A picture is worth 1000 words: Confused about what to tweet? Visuals, infographics, and data are friends. They are clean and attractive. Together with the relevant hashtags, they can win new audiences.
  3. Everybody loves videos: In India, YouTube is the No. 1 social platform (85.8% penetration). That’s the power of videos. In fact, Research Now’s study across 14 countries shows that even Twitter loves videos.
  4. Use relevant hashtags: They are a great conversation starter. Relevant hashtags also help reach out to relevant audiences.
  5. Optimize your tweets: Twitter allows up to 280 characters in a tweet. But did you know that tweets below 100 characters enjoy a 17% higher engagement rate, according to research by Buddy Media? 
  6. Always have a purpose when you post: Whether a tweet or a post on any other social media, your post should always be goal-oriented. 
  7. Always give a personality to your post: Some of the best brand communications are those which manage to build a human-to-human connection. Ensure a personality and a human element are attached to all your tweets, so your audience can relate to them.
  1. Add emoticons: They help make the tweets relatable to the audience. They also add some color and expression to your tweets. They help break the monotony.
  2. Be persuasive with the audience: Using persuasive words can lead the audience to act. Be persuasive, not aggressive or rude.
  3. Watch your tone, too: Not the words; ensure the tone of your message is in sync with the brand image you wish to create.  
  4. Standardize brand communication: Your audience is judging your brand from your posts. It is important to standardize your communication across platforms. This should be your cornerstone of what to tweet. 
  5. Your core values make you relatable: This helps make your posts more relatable. Add a relatable visual aid to help your audience take notice. 
  6. Add a CTA (Call To Action) where applicable: Using words like click here, book now, contact us, etc., works. They help the audience take necessary action. These should always lead to achieving your end goal. 
  1. Respond promptly to others: Posting a tweet alone can never guarantee success. It is important to respond to your audience’s comments to your tweets as well. Engage your audience if you would like them to come back to you.
  2. Feature other people’s tweets, too: You don’t always need to post your tweets. Suppose you find a tweet that resonates with your brand; retweet the same. Retweeting other’s posts helps improve bonding within the community. It signifies that you care for others’ opinions as well.
  3. Engagement with your audience on a personal level: Twitter is a great medium to get to know your audience. Share your interest with the audience once in a while. Also, ask them for theirs. 
  1. Always be open to feedback from your audience: Feedback in any form is always good for any business. Always be open to listening to your audience—welcome positive and constructive feedback. 
  2. Encourage participation in your posts: Tweet opinion polls, multiple-choice questions, votes. This encourages involvement from the audience.
  1. Bring variety in your posts: Maintain a mix of topics in your tweets. Trending topics, inspirational tweets, informational tweets, etc., all add freshness to your tweets.
  2. Tickle your audience’s funny bone, too: Memes, jokes, or a funny incident lightens the audience’s mood. They make you relatable and break the monotony.
  1. Timing matters: Maximize your engagement by tweeting as per a set schedule. Analytics can help identify the optimal time for posting. Stick to it. Never delay a time-bound post.
  2. Share your influencer stories: Share your learnings from a talk with an influencer. It helps build brand authority in a niche. They are also great conversation starters. Follow your influencers. Retweet their relevant tweets. 
  3. Ask! The easiest way to engage: Ask for feedback, ask for opinions, ask for suggestions. Ask anything relevant and see your engagement go up too. 
  1. Tweet beyond work, too: Never limit your engagement to work alone. Even your travel diaries or hobbies can be a great way to engage your audience. Share what is worth sharing.
  2. Open your office to all: Tweet about every event in the office. This helps the audience to know your brand better. A small function, a celebration of achievement, etc., make great tweets.
  3. Share your life lessons: Let your audience learn from your successes as well as your mistakes. Your learnings can make a great story.
  4. Maintain a few evergreen posts: They make for a great fallback if you have nothing new to share. Life lessons make a great evergreen story. So do motivational quotes.  
  5. Celebrate with your audience: Festivals are a great time to engage with your audience. Share images of celebrations, preparations, etc., to capitalize on the occasion.
  6. Quote global leaders: Tweets with quotations from global leaders are always relatable. They also are a great evergreen post. 
  7. Twitter analytics is your friend: Analytics helps you optimize your tweet’s performance. They can help you design your posting strategies. 
  8. Be the problem solver for your audience: Posts solutions to simple day-to-day problems. They can make you a hero in the eyes of your audience. 
  9. Reuse your old content: Your most successful tweets can help win more hearts, too. 
  10. Capitalize on hashtag events: Make the most of hashtag events. Hashtag events like #events, #Sundayfunday, #party, etc., also help generate twitter ideas.
  1. Use your FAQs (Frequently asked questions) as helpful tips: Convert your FAQ’s answers to quora, etc., like helpful tips and tweet about them. They could be helpful to your audience. 
  2. The right connection matter: Follow people with similar interests. Focus on your niche in the industry. Twitter directories like Twello, Twibes, Twibs, etc., can help.
  3. Experiment: There is no one-size-fits-all. Experiment with your images and posts. Use A/B testing to identify winners.
  4. Create an event of your own: Pick any topic of interest. Create a hashtag event around it and encourage participation from your audience. 
  5. Be vulnerable and ask for help: People love helping others. This is a great means to induce engagement with your audience. 
  6. Don’t get too technical: Not everyone understands jargon. Keep it simple and relatable to your audience. 
  7. Everyone loves appreciation: It’s always good to appreciate your audience for their help in public.

You can also head over to for engaging tweet ideas as well as quirky one-line tweets that will boost your engagement on Twitter. 

To Summarise

When played right, Twitter, like any other social media, can be a game-changer. It requires commitment, dedication, and planning. Ask your audience whenever you feel stuck somewhere. Play hard but play true, and there will be no stopping you.


1. What do total engagements mean on Twitter?

Total engagements on Twitter means the number of times a user interacts with your tweet in the forms of a tweet, retweets, replies, likes, follows, links, cards, hashtags, etc.

2. What are impressions and engagements on Twitter?

An impression is the number of times a tweet appears to users on their timeline or search results, and engagements are the total number of times a user interacts with your tweets during a particular time.

3. What should I tweet for engagement?

Some strategies of tweeting that will increase engagement are:
– Engage with others’ content
– Keep tweets short and crisp
– Include a mix of links 
– Always respond when someone tweets to you
– Understand peak hours