Hiring Tips for Content Roles [+Sample Job Description Templates]

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Posted on 14/01/225 min read
Hiring Tips for Content Roles [+Sample Job Description Templates]

Table of Contents 

  • What Is a Job Profile?
  • Job Posting Tips for 7 Content-Related Roles 
  • Key Takeaways 
  • Conclusion 
  • FAQs

Content is king, as you might rightly know. If you are into any kind of online business, you will need content to thrive. An engaging content piece is powerful enough to help individuals and brands attract more visitors and customers. In turn, it may improve the rankings of the website in search results. 

The best job description templates for any position in the content field are what one may go through for hiring content personnel. This is where hiring tips may be helpful too. On that note, it would be apt to know about seven-content related job profiles and the best hiring tips. 

What Is a Job Profile?

A job profile is a short job description (JD) or summary of what position a potential employer is looking for. Essentially, a job profile denotes a small description of an open position. It is the responsibility of the human resource (HR) staff to write the best job descriptions to invite applicants for interviewing with the employer. 


Companies design the best job description templates to attract the correct set of resources that are well-suited to the position. A well-designed job description makes the hiring process of an employee much easier. In the content world, highly specific JDs are created to fill an open position faster.

Job Posting Tips for 7 Content-Related Roles

The field of content is dynamic and ever-evolving. When it comes to hiring content professionals, there are many job positions to choose from. Here are the best hiring tips for some of the most in-demand content-related roles. 

1. Content writer

A content writer is a person who is responsible for writing high-quality, SEO-compatible, and grammatically rich content pieces. They are given the responsibility to come up with quality articles, blogs, press releases, product descriptions, and much more. When hiring a content writer, look for the following basic parameters

  • A degree in English/journalism/mass communication 
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English
  • Basic knowledge of MS Office and Excel 
  • Basic SEO knowledge 

Here are two of the best job description templates for a content writer. 



2. Technical writer

A technical writer is engaged with the creation of content that is mostly related to software, hardware, and technology. The writing of a user manual is the best example of technical writing. It is easy to hire a technical writer if they fulfil the following criteria. 

  • Writing or blogging experience in the technical sphere
  • Passionate about testing and exploring new technologies
  • Know-how of common and trending technical terms

Here are some of the best job description templates for hiring a technical writer. 



3. Content editor

A content editor is a person who has an eye for detail. They evaluate written content on different standards like quality, sentence structure, readability, engagement, and plagiarism. You should hire a content editor based on the following basic parameters. 

  • They should have an editing and/or proofreading background. 
  • They should know advanced grammar. 
  • They should know how to use different editing tools. 
  • They should know how to create and maintain stylesheets. 

Here is one of the best content editor job description templates. 


4. Copywriter

A copywriter is someone who writes content like webpages, sales copy, emails, product descriptions, etc. They know what it takes to write copy in a way that it stands out and can garner sales. Hiring a copywriter is easy if you ensure that the candidate has the following skills:

  • Basic marketing know-how
  • Prior copywriting experience
  • Exceptional writing skills
  • A degree in marketing/advertising/communications/English

Here is one of the best job description templates for copywriting positions. 


5. Content marketer

A content marketer does the planning, creation, and sharing of valuable content that can lure more visitors to the brand and convert them into paying customers. They work closely with both the editorial and marketing teams of an organization. You can hire a content manager if:

  • They’re able to create and publish diverse types of content.
  • They have writing, editing, and proofreading skills.
  • They know how to formulate content strategies.
  • They know how to work across teams. 

Take a look at one of the best job description templates for a content marketer (note that content marketers, content strategists, and content managers have quite a few overlapping skills and duties.)

6. Content strategist

As the name suggests, a content strategist is someone who knows how to plan out content for any event, month, or year. Being able to chalk out the right content for a business helps retain and gain new customers, and this is what content strategists do best. They formulate content that is in line with effective marketing strategies. Look for the following traits in a content strategist. 

  • They should know how to design and deliver content plans.
  • They know how to edit and publish content across distribution channels. 
  • They should have the ability to lead a team. 
  • They should have content editing skills.
  • They should have basic knowledge of design. 
  • They should be adept at content marketing. 

Mentioned below is the best job description template for a content strategist. 


7. Content manager

A content manager is a senior-level position, which is given to a person with years of experience in the content field. They oversee the content being presented on blogs and sites, and may also write, edit, post, and update content regularly. They are the torchbearer of all content-related activities performed by the editorial/marketing team. You can hire a content manager if they can do the following tasks. 

  • Design and develop site content
  • Write sales copy
  • Create, edit, and publish content independently
  • Collaborate with the SEO and design teams on different projects
  • Showcase leadership skills
  • Possess at least a decade of experience in the content domain

Here’s a job description template for hiring a content manager. 


Key Takeaways

  • When it comes to online business, content rules the roost. 
  • You must get an expert to produce and manage content, in order to generate more leads and revenue for your brand. 
  • Refer to hiring tips in order to get the best talent on board. 
  • The best job description templates can help you crack the success code when it comes to hiring for content-related positions. 


You need a strong content team in order to stay on top of search engine rankings, get more engagements and even outperform rivals. Given the importance of content in any digital marketing strategy, it is a must to hire exceptional content professionals. You can seek help from some of the best job description templates above. 


1. What is content writing?

Content writing involves the process of planning, writing, and editing of web content that spans diverse types.

2. What does a content writer do? 

A content writer creates written material for companies. This material usually provides company-related information. Content writers typically write articles, blogs, press releases, product descriptions, and more.

3. What skills do you need to become a content editor? 

If you have an English/mass communication/journalism degree (although this is not a mandate), can write plagiarism-free content and understand SEO norms, and have prior editing experience, you fit this job.

4. Is content writing a good career? 

Yes, it is a highly evolving career, and pays you greatly if you are well experienced.

5. Is there any course in content writing? 

Yes, there are many content writing courses and certifications available. They help you improve your skills and land a lucrative job at the end. Acquiring content writing skills along with SEO or digital marketing knowledge is the best combination.