9 Best Content Writing Services in 2022

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Posted on 19/01/227 min read
9 Best Content Writing Services in 2022

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  • What Is a Content Writing Service?
  • How to Hire the Best Content Writing Service
  • Top 9 Content Writing Companies to Choose in 2022
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In a world where content is king, there is no doubt that companies, agencies, and even individual business owners are in dire need of the best content writing service to build their brands and take their businesses to the next level. While there is no shortage of content writing services available presently, figuring out a service that works best for you is of utmost importance. But before we move to that, let us understand what exactly a content writing service is and what it does for its clients. 


What Is a Content Writing Service?

A part of the digital marketing omnibus, a content writing service is any agency or brand that offers its clients a tailor-made approach to researching, drafting, and editing content for their respective channels. Some famous content types worked upon include content, articles, blogs, social media, press releases, SEO-optimized content, copywriting, newsletters, email marketing, and more. 

How to Hire the Best Content Writing Service

In today’s world, where almost everything is digitized, for a brand to even function, let alone stand out, its content has to be unique, personalized, and created in a way that drives its target audience at first glance. This is where the best blog writing services and content writing companies and agencies come in to provide their clients with personalized content that meets their needs. When looking for a content writing service, these are the three points that you must consider. 

1. Quality

The quality of the content is of utmost importance. Always look for high-quality content writing services that will be able to deliver your content needs with simplicity and sophistication. Make sure the content delivered is original, well-written, and accurate.

2. Price

The price you are willing to pay for a content writing service is another factor that needs to be considered. While some companies might be willing to pay top dollar for their content, others might not be willing to or be able to do so. Therefore, to tackle this issue, there are many content writing services that cater to different audiences based on the latter’s budget.

However, note that when collaborating with a low-to-medium budget content writing service, there is a chance that their services might not be up to the mark, and you might be left with average or below-average content even after paying a fee.

3. Speed

Speed is another element that you, as a client, have to keep in mind when opting for a content writing platform. You must ensure that your deliverables will be submitted to you in time for review and cross-checking so that all your content-based operations function smoothly. This is another key reason why opting for a reputable content writing service is a must.

Top 9 Content Writing Companies to Choose in 2022

Now that you know all about content writing and content writing services, check out this list of the nine platforms that offer the best content writing services.

1. Pepper Content

Pepper Content is a platform that creates high-quality content with the help of content creators who specialize in everything from content writing and content editing to graphic designing, video editing, and more. Equipped with a vast pool of writers for different domains, Pepper Content provides hassle-free delivery of top-quality content at reasonable prices. 

This platform functions as a bridge between brands and content creators. Some of their most common content writing services include blogs and articles, website content, product descriptions, copywriting, social media content, branded content, press releases, book writing, and more. A few of their well-known clients include Indigo, Facebook, Adobe, Amazon, and Swiggy. 

2. Content Whale

Offering about 40 different types of content writing services available for businesses globally, Content Whale strives to provide high-quality content, merges the right content writers with respective businesses in their field of expertise, provides an organized process for all, and provides error-free content after a thorough proofreading session by its editorial team. 

Content Whale is a welcome space for both new businesses that are just starting out and established ones that already have an ongoing operational process. Their most popular verticals include articles and blogs, technical writing, copyrighting, and website content writing. 

3. SEOButler

SEOButler is, as its name suggests, a marketplace that specializes in search-engine-optimized content. They offer content with several concessions based on the word count for any written piece. Some of their popular offerings include blogs, surfer-optimized content, website content, reviews, buying guide, category/product descriptions, and more. Additionally, they also accept orders in bulk for bigger companies and established businesses that have content needs in high volumes. 

4. Writing Studio

A content creation company, Writing Studio offers its services to all industries, including (but not limited to) enterprises, agencies, e-commerce businesses, and publishers. Some features that make them popular include SEO-optimized articles, editing and proofreading services, content management system (CMS) formatting, dedicated account management, fact-checking services, and expert recommendations.

A few of their services include blog writing, article writing, SEO writing, ebook writing, product description, scriptwriting, technical writing, web content writing, newsletter writing, and press releases.  Some of their well-known clients include, CannabisClinic,, and more.

5. Upwork

A marketplace for freelance workers, Upwork is a great place to find content writing services that meet your specific needs. Some of their popular content writing services include articles and blog posts, book and ebook writing, research services, website content writing, creative writing, grant writing, podcast writing, press releases, technical writing, and more. 

The company works with individuals as well as enterprises for content needs across all price points. This option is great for small businesses that don’t want to spend too much money on their content needs at the start of their business.

6. WordAgents

A platform that uses only American writers for 100 percent accuracy, Wor Agents is an SEO-first content marketplace that offers content writing services, such as blog posts and articles, website content, e-commerce content, and SEO content for publishers, agencies, and local businesses. 

This platform has monthly subscription options for payment if you want a recurring content writing service, as well as one-off projects that they charge for on an individual basis. Their prices are in USD and might be expensive for businesses that are just starting out. 

7. Don’t Be Content

An India-based content company, Don’t Be Content helps brands build loyal audiences by telling a story through original storytelling. Some of the services they offer in the content writing section include blogs, newsletters, emailers, website content, white papers, and FAQs. Some of their clients include Titan, Saffola, FreshMenu, Fastrack, Krispy Kreme, Forever 21, and more.  

8. is a top content writing company that helps brands drive traffic with the help of engaging and original content. They screen all their writers thoroughly, and only then are they accepted into the platform and trained in SEO-optimization techniques. This process helps provide users with better content experiences to boost traffic.

Some content writing services available here include articles and blogs, website content, copywriting, SEO content writing, press releases, ebooks, ghostwriting, white papers, technical writing, newsletters, email marketing, and more. Their in-house writers also specialize in topics, such as travel, lifestyle, religion and spirituality, finance, education, entertainment, business, and more. Their pricing methods are available on a month-to-month subscription service, based on individual or custom projects. 

9. WriterAccess

A membership-based content platform, Writer Access helps businesses acquire quality content by helping them choose writers with their specialized, AI-powered writer search. This tool enables users to match up with writers that can deliver their content in their tone and style using text analysis. To date, the platform has worked with thousands of writers and brands. The platform has a range of membership models to choose from. Additionally, the content requested is purchased separately, based on the number of words and complexity of the project. 

Key Takeaways

  • A content writing service is any agency or platform that offers its clients a tailor-made approach to researching, drafting, and editing content for their respective clients.
  • Some of the most popular kinds of content include website content, articles, blogs, social media, press releases, video scripting, product descriptions, ebook writing, and more.
  • The three most important points you must consider before opting for a content writing service are quality, speed, and pricing.
  • The pricing for each type of content differs based on the service being provided. While some agencies charge according to project size, others charge on a per-word basis. It all depends on the sophistication and volume of content you require. 


In digital marketing today, content has assumed unparalleled significance. Every brand and marketer needs to use content wisely in order to drive more traffic to their online properties, and ultimately, increase revenue. There are scores of content types to choose from, with some of the most commonly used ones being ghostwriting, email writing, reviews, product descriptions, technical writing, SEO writing, white papers, blogs, articles, and more. 

The importance of content writing services cannot be undermined, either. Especially if you don’t have an in-house content/editorial team, hiring a top content writing company can work wonders for your brand’s visibility as well as lead generation strategies. The best content writing services in the industry will help fulfill your content needs by personalizing content and making it engaging and valuable. Now that you know of some of the best content marketing services, don’t waste a moment more, and select one that suits your business requirements best. 


1. What are the most reputable content writing services?

Some content writing services providing high-quality content include Pepper Content, Content Whale, SEOButler, Writing Studio, Upwork, WordAgents, Don’t Be Content,, and Writer Access.

2. What are SEO writing services?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Thus, SEO writing is a form of writing wherein content is created in a way that it ranks higher in search engine results pages (SERP).

3. How many types of content writing are there?

There are many types of content writing. Some of these include blog writing, article writing, SEO writing, ebook writing, product description writing, scriptwriting, technical writing, web content writing, newsletter writing, and press releases, among many others.

4. Which type of content is the best?

There is no one type of content that can be described as the best. This is because each brand or business chooses the content that works for their particular brand best, according to factors, such as target demographic, marketability, budget, etc.

5. How much does content writing cost?

There is no fixed price for content writing as different types of written content require different kinds of expertise. Additionally, some agencies also charge per word, while others offer concessions based on bulk orders or number of words required.