How To Get Incredible Content Writing Service On A Tight Budget?

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Posted on 31/12/2111 min read
How To Get Incredible Content Writing Service On A Tight Budget?

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction 
  2. Who is a Content Writer?
  3. Who is a Content Marketer?
  4. Why do We Need a Content Writing Service?
  5. What are the Qualities of an Expert Content Writer?
  6. How to get a Fabulous Content Writing Service on a Tight Budget?

6.1 In-House Applicants

6.2 Freelance Writers

6.3 Content Marketing Agencies

  1. 6-Step Guide for Hiring the Best Content Writing Services Online
  2. Who Can Offer Content Writing Services?
  3. Key Takeaways
  4. Conclusion 
  5. FAQs

Content writing is the art of writing copies about a specific topic for a website or any other platform to drive more traffic. There are several benefits of content writing services and various kinds of content writing. To be a successful content writer, one must possess extraordinary writing skills and a good command of the English language. Content writers are assumed to write genuine copies and steer clear of any plagiarism tactics.

Who is a Content Writer?

A content writer is a person who writes blogs, content, brand copies, and many other things for the social media promotion of a business. And to do so, the writer first understands the brand’s voice and writes in line with it to make impactful content.

Who is a Content Marketer?

While used interchangeably, content writers and content marketers are very different. While the former creates unique content pieces for brand visibility, the latter creates a strategy to attract the right crowd and use the copies to engage. In other words, content marketing is an inevitable part of content writing.

Content writing takes a ton of time and exertion; however, it is a fruitful activity in the end. For some entrepreneurs, the prospect of composing week after week blog entries or advertising campaigns can be overwhelming. Luckily, there are content writing services online that can take care of your business for you. We’ll show you why you should employ a content writer and what are the benefits of SEO writing services.


Why Do We Need a Content Writing Service?

Recruiting an independent content writer permits you to concentrate your strengths on tasks that matter the most. By utilizing expert content writing services, you realize your site will have great substance and you can zero in on advancing the organization or building your group.

Composing is difficult. Most entrepreneurs aren’t traditionally prepared writers or don’t have the right skills to make engaging content. Content writers are masters in making brand-driven content and can make an overwhelming job a lot simpler. As their profession, content writers make pieces that are up to a style guide and direct editing to ensure each piece is grammatically right.

Content writers aren’t just well-informed experts, they also act as advertising specialists. Among the many advantages of content writing services, you get assistance with keyword search as well. This research is additionally crucial for SEO, otherwise called Search Engine Optimization. SEO optimization is the promoting system used to expand an organization’s online visibility through indirect channels.

It’s a fundamental advertising strategy to build organic followership. The better your SEO, the better possibility you have of arriving at interested clients. Content writers make copies that are custom-made for your possible clients with attention to expanding your online visibility.


What are the Qualities of an Expert Content Writer?

Here are some of the strongest suits of every content writer:

  1. Solid understanding of SEO: Great content writers keep a check on the latest SEO guidelines – all things considered, even all that content will not be powerful assuming readers can’t track down it, right? It’s vital to know how to make SEO-accommodating titles and content, use keywords successfully and stay aware of Google’s most recent algorithm.
  1. Ability to meet deadlines: Businesses have deadlines to meet. Creating great content expeditiously will show that you are proficient as well as solid. This implies that you are using time productively and sensibly and you acknowledge their schedule.
  1. Ability to communicate: If you have an inquiry regarding a task, let the client know. Composing is a space of communication, so there are no good reasons for not reaching out to your client in case there is an issue. At the point when you keep in touch with your client, treat it as an official correspondence: proofread your message. Your client will recall your kindness.
  1. Never shies away from editing: First drafts are seldom great. Editing abilities require persistence, discipline, and a decent eye for detail while keeping language, spelling, and punctuation already in check. Pay special attention to repetitive content and overutilized words. Also, don’t be astounded if you invest more energy editing than composing.
  1. Bring value: An excellent writer ought to be a specialist in the field that they will expound on. They ought to have brilliant examination abilities and ought to have the option to source and refer to explore as needs be. Search for content writers that are thought pioneers in their industry or have long stretches of involvement with your industry or field is always difficult. Take your time.
  1. Strongly Opinionated: One of the greatest qualities of an extraordinary content writer is the capacity to translate their voice into their content. They can catch your brand’s voice and character and transform it into engaging content. This voice gives consistency across articles and acquaints your main interest group with your organization’s qualities.

How to get a Fabulous Content Writing Service on a Tight Budget?

The three most common ways to hire a content writer are:

1. In-house applicants

In-house content writers can be an extraordinary expansion assuming your organization has adequate time and a financial plan for another full-time worker. With them being essential for the organization, you will get more consistency in your content generally. This functions admirably in case you’re hoping to distribute content regularly across all channels. They will come to know everything about your organization, and in this way have the option to tailor a more essential marketing plan that lines up with your key message.

Recruiting content authors in-house implies that you have them prepared consistently. You won’t ever need to stress over missing significant inclusion or scrambling on the telephone searching for somebody who can compose a time-sensitive story immediately.

2. Freelance writers


Employing an independent content writer is fundamentally working well with many clients across the globe. With no overhead expenses of onboarding, training, HR process, or a super durable compensation, working with a freelance specialist is by a wide margin the better choice for an SME hoping to remain lean.

Additional work might be needed towards the start, particularly while building up a division of obligations, composing rules, and the general work process in the content activity. Yet, when you get that fully operational, you can expect a smoother interaction while additionally getting top-notch content at a less expensive rate.

There is an army of content writers waiting to be recruited on LinkedIn. While looking, you can utilize explicit keywords like ‘freelance writers’ or ‘freelance editor’ and channel the outcomes down to the people who are accessible in your ideal topography.

3. Content marketing agencies


To consolidate, hiring content marketing agencies is the best for both in-house and individual freelance writers. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement, as an organization will come outfitted with more assets and you can anticipate them to meet KPIs.

Contingent upon the agency’s rates, you could conceivably be getting the best value for your money, however fortunately you can generally parse work on a task basis to see which organization is ideal for you.

Track down a writer that suits your particular necessities. Ask yourself what your objectives are as an advertiser and business before you bring anybody new. To offer more client service by means of your blog, observe an author who dominates in meeting deadlines and connecting with instructional exercises. To offer promotional content, observe somebody with an effective realistic promoting experience.

6-Step Guide for Hiring the Best Content Writing Services Online

  1. Check Skills: If they incorrectly spell words frequently and intersperse mistakenly, they will not be worth the money spent. You need to acquire authority and status, not obliterate the legitimate idea of your service or product.
  2. Check Past Experience: Review their portfolios and past work. Set aside the effort to peruse their composition and check whether their style, voice, and point of view are in accordance with you and your business.
  3. Check Enthusiasm: If a writer poses many inquiries, tosses out thoughts, or appears to be truly eager to be a part of the project, put them first on your list. This energy and inspiration frequently come through in writing and designs. It will be a decent impetus to advance vivacious energy all through your blog and other online content.
  4. Check Referrals: You can see what their previous businesses think about their work, and you can learn more about the consultant from their feedback also. Contact past clients in the event that you need more information.
  5. Check the relation between their Forte and your audience: Getting a writer like your audience isn’t easily possible when recruiting freelance content writers, yet it’s not a myth either. Content is tied in with composing, imagination, and human relations. So it must interface with your audience adequately. 
  6. Check their expectations: You unquestionably have a set financial plan of accessible assets, so note the number and stick to it. Numerous specialists have set hourly rates, while some as rates per project. In any case, it’s normally conceivable to negotiate. Simply recall, you get what you pay for. Lower rates don’t generally mean top-notch work.

Who Can Offer Content Writing Services?

Here are India’s leading 12 firms that offer the best content writing services:

  1. Pepper Content: Founded by Anirudh Singla and Rishabh Shekhar, Pepper is a platform for the editors and writers across India where they can make a living out of this creative profile. With $4.2 million invested and a large pool of clients, Pepper has helped more than 30,000 freelancers get an opportunity to showcase their talent, build portfolios, and get paid. Their clientele includes the likes of Swiggy, India Today, Cars24, etc. They have recently begun offering scriptwriting and podcast services as well.
  1. Content Whale: This is organized by Mumbai’s young content writers who deal in mainly four types of content – articles/blogs, Ad copies, website content, and technical articles. They have exclusive tie-ups with 13+ industries and some of their clients are Quaker, Make My Trip, Techmagnate, etc. They also have a dedicated page for viewers to find out an estimated price of their requests based on the kind of project.
  1. Scatter: Launched in 2015, Scatter deals with freelancers and full-time content writers who are available 24X7 for the work. Scatter has successfully launched a proprietary software that manages the content workflow, strategy, and deadlines. The software also deals in content design and content management. Headquartered in Mumbai, Scatter has offices also in Delhi, Bangalore, and UAE. 
  1. Italics: Italics has served over 200 clients across 12 countries. With a strong client base ranging from Dagger, Airtel, Sensing, Canon, and many more, it has offered a variety of content writing services including blog writing, content editing, social media content handling, SEO content writing, graphic designing, website content, and many more.
  1. Write Right: Located in Ahmedabad, Wright right deals mainly in web content, advertising copies, and also provides marketing solutions. Another service that it deals in is SOP writing for students applying for foreign universities. So far, Wright right has a network of 25+ flourishing writers who have served over 1200 clients in different domains.
  1. Text Mercato: Text Mercato has provided content marketing and content writing services to many renowned brands such as Myntra, Amazon, Urban Ladder, and etc. Situated in Bangalore, Text Mercato is a startup-funded company. 
  1. Godot Media: Godot Media is a fully managed content service platform serving over 10,000 clients in more than 20 countries, with services that range from website copies, SEO writing, ebooks, whitepapers, custom reports, blogs, and articles. It has been actively providing services to more than 8 different industries for clients such as Sotheby’s, Shaw, Genie Ventures, Slidely, and more.
  1. Justwords: Justwords is a content-driven digital marketing agency located in Gurgaon, that has been providing high-quality content for clients such as HDFC Ergo, Homify, Housing, Boston Consulting Group, etc. It offers holistic content writing services, content marketing services, SEO services, and so much more. Justwords has also achieved several Google awards for two consecutive years in 2014 and 2015.
  1. Coffeegraphy: This is one of the leading firms in the content writing sector founded by three women from a local barista, that now offers more than 20 best content writing services and is connected with a wide variety of industries including information technology, e-learning, real estate, and travel. It has a large network of freelance and full-time writers.
  1. Inksplore: Inksplore works with 40+ content writers who deliver regular content requests for more than 35,000 clients. These clients range from startups to small-scale businesses to large firms dealing in academic writing services, brand-invigorating solutions and so much more for over seven years now.
  1. Das Writing Services: A Kolkata-based content writing service provider, Das Writing Services offers voice search optimized content for so many high-profile clients like Groww, ICICI Prudential, American Express, HDFC Ergo, ITC Limited, and the likes with a network of 50 writers and several others social media writers. It also offers a free sample content of 2000 words for fresh clients.
  1. Content Writer India: With over 14 years of experience, has engaged its clients in crisp, compelling, and communicative sales-driven content. It has a large network of Indian as well as international clients from the USA, the UK, Europe, and many other countries. It has even specialized in kid’s story writing and many other exclusive content writing genres.

Key Takeaways

  • In India, there are so many contents writing agencies at present that offer content writing services and benefits of content writing at different prices which can fit the different budgets and needs of every business.
  • These agencies provide content writing strategies with years of experience to help small-scale as well large-scale businesses to assess what kind of content best suits them.
  • The content that you don’t pay for, is the content you would never be able to use for its either plagiarism or poorly written.
  • There are a ton of content writing service providers out there willing to offer content writing benefits, as well as manage other aspects of your website or brand, like link building, SEO optimization, and analytics.
  • Hiring freelancers gives an edge to a business as it does not have to have a pool of writers on their payroll and can utilize their services through third-party agencies at a fixed rate and only when they need it. On the other hand, for businesses with a regular flow of content, it makes so much sense to have in-house writers as they ensure targets are met within the timelines and they 100% align with the business goals.


It’s fundamental for your business to convey straightforwardly and sincerely with each and every candidate. There are too many benefits of hiring content writing services and the best content writers will typically stand firm on their strategies and rates, so ask them questions. You would rather not expect anything, and you want to give them however much data as could reasonably be expected with regards to yourself and the business too. Your fundamental concern ought to be if you and the writer are in total agreement. See whether they will take analysis assuming they can fill in as a group innovatively, and on the off chance that they have their own information base of thoughts and motivation, it’s for the best.


1. What kind of qualification would best serve my project?

A content writer should either have a bachelor’s degree in journalism or mass communication or even English literature as this is recommended to be the best.

2. What kind of tone should I expect in my content pieces?

The tone of the content shows how you feel about your brand and what you want others to feel about the same. Hence, it should be easy and familiar so that the reader gets an accurate idea of the brand.

3. Who should be my target audience when hiring content services online?

The target audience is your clientele. It could be a middle-aged group or the youth or a completely sex-driven audience, but whatever it may be the content should reflect their voice and combine that with what the brand is selling.

4. Why do businesses need content writing services?

Content creation helps the business to promote their products and services to build a relationship between the customer and the company. Content plays the role of intermediary answering all their concerns and developing trust as well as a good relationship between the two parties.