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All You Need to Know About AI Text-to-Image Generators + 14 Tools

Team Pepper
Posted on 15/06/236 min read
All You Need to Know About AI Text-to-Image Generators + 14 Tools
One of the most recent tech advances – AI text-to-image generators make almost all aspects of artistic creation accessible to everyone, efficiently and easily.

Is a picture worth a thousand words? Think again. AI text-to-image generators use a text input of just a few words to generate an image. Technology is changing the game, again. But did you know there are many AI text-to-image generators? And also that this number is going to grow?

In this blog, we list the leading AI image generators from text, so you can try these and see for yourself the window to the future of ingenuity. Read on to learn what AI technology offers you in the world of AI image generators from text.


AI Image Generators From Text

Here are some of the most popular AI text-to-image generators you should know about. 

1. Open AI Dall-E 2

The folks that are responsible for ChatGPT also created Dall-E 2 and launched it in November 2022. It uses natural language descriptions or “prompts” to create images. Dall-E 2 creates high-res natural images based on your word description. 

Although Salvador Dalí may be more creative according to some, there’s no denying that Dall-E 2 — named after him — does a decent job of image creation, and fast. It creates photorealistic imagery, emojis, and paintings and can rearrange elements of the picture based on your wish.

So if you type in say “A squirrel playing baseball,” Dall-E 2 will turn it into an image that never existed before. To use Dall-E 2, you need to buy credits — 115 credits at $15. You get 50 credits free in your first month and 15 in the following months. 

2. Midjourney

This software uses a Discord server to turn text to art. This AI image generator from text to art is growing in popularity. Although Midjourney requires a bit of time to create the image, it generates high-quality ones. 

Not only is the output accurate, but the images are also artistically beautiful. The AI does justice to the image, even with complicated prompts. Although the free trial lets you generate 25 images, you need to pay for more – the pricing starts at $10 and depends on the plan you choose. 

3. Bing Image Creator

The Bing Image Creator is powered by Dall-E. It is easy to use, and you get an output within about 15 seconds. You can sign in to the website using your Microsoft account. You can access the Bing Image Creator from Bing Chat. This lets you generate images and chat with AI in one place. 

Generated by Bing Image Creator (Bruce Lee vs Mohammed Ali)

4. Dream (WOMBO)

Dream is one of the best offerings for those looking to create AI art on their phone. Apart from the freedom of creating art anywhere, anytime, Dream lets you choose from design styles like ink, fanatical, design, comic, abstract, expressionism, and more. Dream’s Premium version comes at a monthly cost of $9.99/month. The renditions are realistic, and this app is definitely one to look at for those on the move.

5. Jasper Art

Jasper is known as one of the best offerings in AI-powered content. The art generator is also something to look at. It allows you to generate AI images from text, beginning from scratch or from templates. When giving a prompt to the AI image generator, the more detailed the prompt, the better the output. 

You can fine-tune the art by choosing from moods, mediums, styles, and keywords. The output is created relatively fast. The AI text-to-image generator from Jasper seems to understand prompts well since the outputted images are true to the prompts. You can use the image commercially, royalty-free, with unlimited generations. Jasper Art starts at $39/month. 

6. Dream Studio by Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is an open-source AI text-to-image generator. It is very popular currently, and one of the reasons is its speed of image generation. You can set up Stable Diffusion on your PC, but you will require a very powerful one to work it. The algorithm used by this software refines the image so that it comes close to what you have in mind. This model is still in the developmental stages. 

7. Craiyon

Craiyon (with an AI) is free to use for unlimited usage. However, it takes longer to generate images that aren’t of very high quality either. It is open-source and works like a mini Dall-E, which is why it earned the nickname — Dall-E Mini. The software is easy to use, and you can continue tweaking the AI till you have what you want, which is a big plus for this free software. You can also choose a paid plan beginning at $5/month which offers faster rendering, comes without ads, watermarks, and the images are private.

Generated By Craiyon (A Crumbling City Amidst The Smoke And Chaos Of Warfare)

8. Fotor

Fotor is a high-quality image generator that outputs images fast. Fotor generates images close to what a trained artist would. Although Fotor Basic is free, the advanced features are available for a paid subscription of just $3.33/month. This is one of the best value-for-money offerings on this list.

Generated by Fotor (Snow White and Red Rose)

9. AI Time Machine by MyHeritage

This AI text-to-image generator is unique because it creates portraits of you seen through the lens of time. If you want to style a photo of yours as you would look in the 1930s, you can. This software features tons of options but is slow in generating your portrait. The artwork is beautiful and if you are even a wee bit narcissistic, you will want to give it a try. If you want your photo without a long wait, there is a fee for it.

10. Pixray

Pixray is another easy-to-use AI image generator from text. It takes a while to generate output. Usage is intuitive, but there isn’t much option to customize the image. This software has a paid option that is relatively inexpensive.

11. Photosonic

Photosonic is less popular than the other text-to-image AI generators on the list. Nevertheless, it does create good artwork. It follows your prompt fairly well by generating an image that is true to your instructions. It is good for beginners and also uses templates. You can choose the output size and download the output in zip format. The paid versions begin at $12.67/month.

12. Starry AI

Starry AI is available as an app on iOS and Android. This AI image generator from text does create good-quality images. The interface is user-friendly. Although you can try it for free, you need to pay for premium features. You can store images on the app and easily share them on social media. 

The app allows for plenty of customization. You can select the canvas size, model, and runtime as well. 

13. Lensa AI

If you are looking to create lifelike avatars, Lensa AI is a great tool for it. You need to provide the app with a few selfies. It then uses the Stable Diffusion deep learning model to study the images and then generate photos in different styles. Lensa requires a payment to create the avatars and also requires some time to output since it requires heavy processing. The images are of high quality and definition. 

14. Deep AI

Deep AI is simple to use and relatively fast. It is free and lets you create unlimited images, free. The image styles on offer include old Renaissance, cyberpunk, fantasy worlds, cute creatures, abstract, and basic text-to-image among others. 

Wrapping Up

AI has come a long way from humble beginnings. The Mona Lisa took years to complete. But AI can generate impressive artwork in seconds. This means there is going to be a big shift in the creative world. The direction of this shift is anyone’s guess, though.

The good part of this story is that individuals as well as businesses of all sizes can benefit from AI image generators from text. Anyone can use an AI text-to-image generator for a small monthly fee (sometimes free). Although AI can’t see into the future like a Nostradamus, we are betting on AI image generators. Check out our curated list and choose the best one for yourself. Save time and money while letting the algorithm create magic!

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Key Takeaways

  • AI is and will continue to alter the way the economy works. 
  • AI image generators from text will change the dynamics of the creative workforce.
  • Each AI image generator from text offers different core benefits.
  • Based on current AI text-to-image generators, original art has become extremely easy to create.
  • Text-to-image generators based on AI is a highly fluid and changing area of the software market.
  • AI image generators from text are likely to unleash a new wave of creativity online.


1. Which is the best AI image generator from text?

It’s like apples and oranges. There is no single best one, but there is one that’s best for you. Use our list to guide your way.

2. Are AI image generators from text here to stay?

Most certainly, and for a long time too.

3. Can I use an AI text-to-image generator commercially?

Broadly, using a paid AI image generator gives users a commercial license to use the images. Do check with the provider you are zeroing in on, just to be sure.

4. I need help choosing an AI text-to-image generator app, which one should I choose?

The easy way to do this is to check its reviews and rating on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.