8 Best Content Writing Services in 2021

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Posted on 17/05/219 min read
8 Best Content Writing Services in 2021
Today, most consumers prefer learning about a particular service or product through a well-written story rather than through a random banner ad or pop-up. Audiences are now seeking authenticity from relatable brands, and that’s the reason it’s important to develop content that relates to your audience.

Table of Contents

  • 8 Best Content Writing Services in 2021
    • ContentGrow
    • Text Mercato
    • Pepper Content
    • Write Right
    • Estorytellers
    • SEMrush Content Marketplace
    • Content Whale
    • Marketing Bunnies
  • How Content Writing Services Help You Increase Your Organic Traffic in 2021
    • Effective content research
    • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    • Optimized keyword research
    • Strategic online content
    • Best technical content
  • Key Takeaways
  • FAQs

Today, more businesses and brands are looking to hire website content writing services to fulfill their content marketing needs. Content marketing is an effective way of increasing traffic and attracting leads. Nearly 40% of marketers (HubSpot) say that content marketing is an essential part of their overall marketing strategy.

So, what makes content marketing popular? Today, most consumers prefer learning about a particular service or product through a well-written story rather than through a random banner ad or pop-up. Audiences are now seeking authenticity from relatable brands, and that’s the reason it’s important to develop content that relates to your audience. There are many different ways to speak to your audience, like blogs, articles, social media posts, e-books, etc.

Though this may sound relatively simple, the reality is that most businesses struggle with producing exciting and engaging content that draws an audience. Hence, they need to have a partner to help with their content writing and marketing strategies. 


Hiring professional website content writing services to produce high-quality content is vital in the long run. By developing a plan and creating impactful stories, content writing services can help build a perfect relationship between your target audience and your brand.

If you’re looking to hire a professional content writing agency to take care of your content needs, here are the eight best services that you can opt for: 

Best Content Writing Services in 2021

1. ContentGrow


ContentGrow is one of the best options if you’re looking for an agency with a professional writing style. It’s an excellent content writing service if you want to save time and money. The company offers a range of different kinds of content like articles, blogs, and website content. The team at ContentGrow matches the right talent with every assignment and project so that you can concentrate on other vital parts of your business.

There is no subscription fee, and payments between clients and freelance writers are facilitated without any hassle. ContentGrow takes a small commission only when the job is done.  

2. Text Mercato

This is an Indian content writing company that was launched in 2015. Text Mercato is run by a team of experienced professionals. For the past eight years, it has been delivering its services to leading brands across fashion, travel, retail, and realty sectors. All articles are priced at Rs 1 per word. And the company ensures unique quality content with integrated plagiarism checks done for every content piece. 

3. Pepper Content

Pepper Content is a well-established content writing service provider that ensures quality content for every brand. You can get premium, ready-to-publish content written for your business from a thoroughly curated network of writers. The content services offered include blogs, copywriting services, social media content writing, website content writing, product descriptions, and complete book-writing services, all under one roof. Pepper has a fully managed network of 30,000+ creators across 200+ business categories.

You can also hire Pepper Content for graphic design work. Moreover, with Pepper Content, you can tap into global and local markets with high-quality vernacular content in 45+ languages. 

4. Write Right

Write Right is another Indian content writing service company that Clutch and Good Firms has ranked as one of the best content writing agencies in India and overseas. Creativity is their primary niche. Offering a wide range of services like ghostwriting, blog writing, social media writing, and website writing, you can order any type of content at a minimal cost. When it comes to quality, Write Right ensures that they deliver top-notch content and nothing less. 

5. Estorytellers

Estorytellers is a subsidiary company of Write Right. The team consists of young but experienced content writers who provide consistent, superior quality work. The company has assisted young professionals and students by helping them with their LORs, SOPs, and resumes. Their content categories cover the automotive industry, education industry, entertainment, fashion, health, sports, and fitness industry. 

6. SEMrush Content Marketplace

SEMrush Content Marketplace is a popular content marketing company that provides different content types like product descriptions, articles, press releases, website copies, email newsletters, ebooks, and stocked media. It’s a great place to order relevant, well-researched, and professionally written content for your website or blogs.

7. Content Whale

Content Whale is another excellent content writing service company that focuses on providing its clients with high-quality content. The company offers a wide range of content writing services like website content, blog writing, technical writing, product descriptions, copywriting, and much more. It has a team of 20 editors and 100 writers who produce around 50,000 words per day. With more than 200 clients from 15+ countries, Content Whale is also considered one of the best content services in 2021 in India at the moment. 

8. Marketing Bunnies

This content writing and SEO service company in India offers best-in-class support with flexible payment options. If you’re looking for content for your blogs, website, or marketing campaigns, this is a great company to work with. Right from developing flawless content to publishing your entire website, the company takes care of it all.

With a team of experts, the writers ensure that each piece is well-researched, relevant, and checked for plagiarism before delivery. So, whether you require a blog post or engaging website content to attract your audience, the team can help you right away. Check out Marketing Bunnies for all your content needs and stand out from the crowd.

How Content Writing Services Can Help You Increase Your Organic Traffic in 2021

Website content writing services have become a lot more common in the last few years. It is these creative content writing services that have helped several successful businesses expand their online reach by creating well-written, results-driven, and diversified digital content. As we have already provided you with the list of 8 best content writing services in 2021, let us now take a look at how these content writing services might help your brand in increasing the most crucial organic traffic in 2021:

Effective content research

Creative content writing services swear by effective content research as it is the most vital factor and contributor to any given website. These best content writing services in 2021 specializing in providing content that is fresh, factual, relevant, and attracts organic traffic.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is the most common and widely used process of improving your sites’ visibility so that you attract more customers to your business. Creative content writing services have expert writers who can provide SEO-optimized content by using relevant keywords which will be in sync with the algorithms of several search engines.

Optimized keyword research

Content services guarantee an increase in your business’ ranking and visibility using optimized keyword research. Using the most modern online keyword research tools helps filter out the aptest keywords for your specific website genre.

Strategic online content

Website content writing service providers are proficient in online content. As online content writing is very different from regular writing, these providers ensure the most suitable copies for online audiences. Content writers and experts thus deliver strategic articles and stories that appeal to audiences and are effective in gaining returns for their respective brands.

Best technical content

Experienced and expert content writers who form an integral part of the list of content writing services have a profound knowledge of technical writing aspects. They study and research the topics and provide not only compelling but original content.

Apart from these most vital services, here is a list of other proven tips that creative content writing services can help you with to boost your organic traffic in 2021:

  • Consistent content updates: The easiest way to boost your organic traffic rapidly is content updates, and that’s what writing services help you with.
  • Comprehensive keyword targeting: Simply targeting a keyword that attracts good traffic but is irrelevant for your niche will waste both: your time and resources, and it won’t give you the desired result as well. Therefore, writing services can be very helpful in generating good organic traffic through effective keyword targeting.
  • Blogging: A rather simple and most common of all, efficient blogging is a staple for all brands looking to up their organic traffic quotient. If your blogs fail to engage users, why not consider one of the best from the above list.
  • Guest Blogging: Several content writing services have guest blogging services that help you drive traffic (referral and not organic). The platform gets more audience and recommendations in return.


Professional content writing providers know exactly how to get your audience’s attention with engaging and exciting content. If you’ve just started your business and do not know how to plan your content marketing strategies, partnering with professional content writing services is a good idea. Another advantage of hiring a content service provider for your content needs is that it gives you the freedom to concentrate on other essential parts of your business. When you work with a content writing agency, they help you transform your brand message into an exciting narrative that, in turn, can help your business succeed. 

Key Takeaways

  • Website content writing services are unequivocally essential for a brand’s growth.
  • They can take your website to new heights by building a better online presence and effective search engine ranking.
  • Content writing services ensure that the content uploaded to your website is fresh and relevant to attract the best organic traffic.
  • They also focus on optimizing content for appearing in the ‘People Also Ask’ section in Google search to help you rank two times on the first page of the search engine.
  • Website content writing services help create an identifiable voice for the products that have their style and tone to create a relationship with a brand.
  • Creative content writing services take 4 to 6 months between the SEO and the start of organic traffic.


1. What are the reasons for hiring professional content writing services?

There are several reasons to approach professional website content writing services. These include: 

They ensure that the online visibility of the brand is maintained with the help of content that is not generated as an advertisement, but the brand message. 

The service providers can further help businesses to create a strong online presence. 

They work towards growing website rankings on search engines.

They help the audience identify with the product and services.
They convey the idea behind the brand to attract quality visitors to the website.

2. How do you increase your organic search results?

If your website is not dominant on search results, website content writing services can help increase the search engine ranks against your competitors. It is done by: 

Starting with keyword research, comparison of data, and optimization of the webpage based on that. 

The services focus on providing content with the least competitive keyword to enhance the ranking of the page. 

It works towards enhancing the flow of content to improve the structure of the site to increase organic traffic.

3. How do you get free organic traffic?

There are several ways in which you can get free organic traffic on your website. Content writing services first tap into the main issues of the reader’s persona using optimization. Blogging regularly with quality content centered on your niche also enhances your organic traffic. Using your meta-description wisely to inform the search engine exactly what you’re talking about on the website is of utmost importance.

4. How can you increase organic traffic in 2021?

Organic traffic on your website can be increased by analyzing the pages of your competitors. While analyzing their best-performing pages look for the gaps in content or keyword or link. Optimize your existing content to address the gap on your website and create new relevant content. Enhance the click-through rate (CTR) to attract searchers away from competitor sites and send positive signals for prioritizing search results. Content writing services in 2021 also focus on optimizing their content for appearing in the ‘People Also Ask’ section in Google search to help you rank twice on the SERP.

5. Why is content writing important?

As consumers are moving away from the conventional types of advertisement, they are getting more influenced by the new-age social media. Herein, high quality, engaging, and consistent content is important as it impacts the audience with cohesive pieces of information about your brand. Website content writing services help create an identifiable voice for the products that have their style and tone to create a relationship with a brand. They focus on reliable and valid content creation in the process of designing the website cover to social media marketing. When done correctly, it increases audience retention and encourages them to return to your page.

6. How long does it take to grow organic traffic?

Creative content writing services take around 4 to 6 months between SEO and the start of organic traffic. During this period the service providers focus on research, audit of the website, and planning of keywords. These help in website modification to create a responsive design. With further keyword selection and content creation, the websites work for continuous content implementation and technical fixes. With the continuous analysis of the results of SEO, the content creation websites help in testing the results of the campaign run.

7. How to improve your organic search ranking?

Driving your website rank on the search engines list is one of the key services the best content writing services in 2021 are providing. Their practices to keep up with the search engine algorithm can benefit your website. Some fundamental strategies adopted by them include defining the desired keyword and good content that induces visitors’ attraction. They also focus on avoiding keyword stuffing and optimize titles and Meta descriptions to drive clicks from the users. Furthermore, the website content writing services work towards the enhancement of expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.