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7 Ways to Use AI in Email Marketing

Team Pepper
Posted on 17/05/234 min read
7 Ways to Use AI in Email Marketing
Using AI in email marketing can help boost your marketing efforts. This blog highlights seven ways you can use AI in email marketing.

With AI taking over every sector, AI-based email marketing is not too far. Well, believe it or not, AI email marketing has grown significantly. Many business owners are already using email marketing tools and collaborating with AI to ensure a high success rate. 

Several industries like finance, retail, and healthcare are using AI in email marketing – and quite effectively. Irrespective of the industry, it is important to know who your audience is and what they want. With AI-based email marketing, you will be able to understand your audience in no time. 


8 Benefits of AI in Email Marketing

When you employ AI in email marketing you are generally referring to the use of AI email marketing tools. These tools use algorithms that simplify the entire marketing process. As a result, they also speed up the entire marketing process. 

Digital marketing today is becoming highly data-based. Therefore, with AI, you will be able to generate data and get the desired results through your email marketing campaign. 

There are several benefits of using AI in email marketing. We list the top 8 ways you can leverage these benefits.

1. Saves precious time

AI is faster than humans. Therefore, it can perform several tasks easily, making it one of the most efficient options for multitasking. Since it gets things done faster, marketers will be able to do several tasks in a short time. 

If you take more than three hours to design an email marketing campaign, with the help of AI email marketing tools you will be able to do it in a few minutes. Moreover, AI can also help perform several other tasks related to email marketing in a short time. 

2. Tailors email retargeting

AI can help build tailored email content. Implementing its suggestions will play an important role in increasing engagement and conversion rates. With these, you will be able to optimize your email retargeting strategy. AI helps identify and send customers personalized emails based on their interests. 

AI in Email Marketing


Some of these customers may make an immediate purchase once they receive an email from the said business. However, others may wait for a while before making a decision. As a result, a consistent email marketing campaign is crucial, and AI can help in this regard. 

3. Reduces costs

Using AI in email marketing can reduce marketing costs significantly, especially when it comes to investing in tools.

When you have AI, the need for email marketing tools and training employees in them reduces considerably. You can provide the AI writer with prompts, and the platform will generate enough results for you. Everything will be built into the software platform and you will be able to generate effective results. 

4. Reorganizes email campaigns

Starting an email campaign can be quite difficult initially. However, with the help of AI marketing tools, you will be able to break down larger campaigns into smaller sub-campaigns. 

Once you have the sub-campaigns ready, you will be able to distribute and optimize them. The email marketing AI tools will further help enhance several strategies and ensure faster conversion. 

5. Makes better product recommendations

AI helps make better product recommendations. How? When used in email marketing, especially, it helps keep track of the campaign’s performance and metrics. As a result, it helps generate more suggestions and gives practical insights. Businesses can further use these insights to plan future campaigns. 

With AI, you will be able to send tailored product recommendations to your customers via email. This helps in leveraging the product and personalizes suggestions. Individual recommendations through email marketing can help track metrics in real-time. As a result, the chances of conversion increase. 


6. Refines email lists

Your email list is one of the most valuable assets for your business. Through artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, you can guarantee a clean email list, which ensures higher conversion. 

A clean email list ensures that you are free from any email service provider reports. AI will play an important role in constantly cleaning the email database. It helps to remove the older or outdated contacts. Furthermore, AI constantly updates job titles, email addresses, and phone numbers. With everything updated constantly, email deliverability will improve as well. It gives businesses the opportunity to get a higher open-rate ratio. Therefore, the email marketing campaign will eventually become a success. 

7. Helps understand the customer lifecycle

Your customers aren’t going to stay with you throughout. You must understand the email lifecycle and implement changes regularly. AI-based email marketing will help you identify what your customers are most interested in. This will play an important role in attracting new clients. 


With AI in email marketing, you get to retain old clients. At the same time, you get the chance to engage with your potential customers. This will be crucial for improving the response rate. Apart from that, you can implement strategies and re-engage with your existing clients. This helps in increasing the retention rate. As a business, it is important to establish long-term healthy relationships with your customers. A good relationship with customers contributes to building brand loyalty. 

Boost Your Email Marketing Efforts with The Best Tool

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With the advancement of AI, the combination of manual efforts and AI will help generate results faster. So, why wait? Check out today and boost your marketing efforts.