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7 Big Mistakes Writers Make Online

Team Pepper
Posted on 21/04/222 min read
7 Big Mistakes Writers Make Online

There’s an old saying that applies to writing, “The sands of time are running out.”

It may happen tomorrow, next month, or next year. But at some point, several writers will be pushed out of this crazy business. We hope it’s not you. But truth be told, not every writer is finding success because many are making career-defining mistakes. 

Today, we’ll talk about a few writing mistakes that are more common than you think. If you’re making them, too, now is the time to correct them.

7 Writing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Scroll on to read about the common mistakes writers make. 

1. Overdoing headlines


No one likes gimmicks. Headlines are important, but some writers overdo it. The best headlines create curiosity, yet explain what the reader is about to read in that piece. So, no matter what the genre of writing is—from SEO blog writing to writing white papers—make sure you keep your headlines crisp and informative. 

2. Writing about things you don’t know

Most writers have a set of unique interests, expertise, and knowledge areas. But, some often write about things they don’t know or understand. Imagine someone writing several blogs about Bitcoin without knowing how cryptocurrency works. Instead, teach your reader something impactful about what you’re actually familiar with. 

3. Poor formatting

No one will read your content if it’s not appealing to the eye. Too many writers overuse pictures, giant paragraphs, subheadings, quotes, hyperlinks, and more. 

Ease of reading is a big deal, so focus on it. Make sure your content is scannable and has just the right amount of bullet points and subheadings for readability. 

4. Excessive use of metaphors

Life isn’t a university, and you aren’t writing a book for Oxford. Overusing metaphors and allegories can make your content sound flowery and over-the-top, and you certainly don’t want that.

5. Forced humor 

If your writing encourages a laugh every now and then, that’s great. However, not all writers are born funny, so if you are unable to achieve that, don’t try too hard. Forced jokes are worse than plain writing.

6. Lack of storytelling

Storytelling gets readers hooked. But some writers completely miss this part and sound like journalists instead. Incorporating storytelling into your writing is crucial because it helps you form an emotional connection with your readers.

7. Complex language


Using too many acronyms and complex industry terms lowers the readability of your content. Some writers even overuse rhymes. A reader wants you to get to the point. They simply want to understand what the topic is about. Help them do that with clear, simple writing.

Writers often make the mistake of focusing on unnecessary things, such as clickbait titles, blind hooks, outdated SEO hacks, etc. Please steer clear of them. Instead, work on making your writing as clear and effective as possible. Add tales to your writing to make it come alive. Becoming a good writer is a long journey. Analyze what mistakes you’re making and improve every day.