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4 Reasons You Should Work With A Third-Party Video Company

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Posted on 13/12/227 min read
4 Reasons You Should Work With A Third-Party Video Company
With increasing screen time of viewers all over the world, here is a secret to creating excellent video content: a well-equipped and talented third-party video company

Videos are trending on social media platforms nowadays, and almost every other company is deploying videos to attract prospects to convert them into customers. If they do not have in-house arrangements, these companies usually hire a third-party video company to make professional videos as per their requirements.

Increasing Screen Time of Users

Users’ screen time is increasing steadily and has reached a peak of 147 minutes per day. Based on a recent Statista study, the average user screen time has risen steadily and reached a peak of 147 minutes per day in 2022. Some users watch a video from the beginning to the end, boosting traffic and accelerating conversions.

The Purpose of Videos

The very purpose of creating videos is to generate revenues, leading to increased profits. With an exciting storyboard, you can easily capture the audience’s interest and kindle their curiosity to watch more and more videos. 

What’s more, most companies make a third-party video loaded with information, making it a very knowledgeable source that users love. Providing such valuable information and conveying useful messages to the target audience has a profound impact and leaves a lasting impression in their minds.

Daunting Task

Most companies find video production challenging and prefer to outsource it to a third-party video company with sufficient experience and trained technical personnel. Such a third-party video company quickly understands your needs and matches your expectations by producing catchy videos that the audience will love. Such a third-party video company has an in-house video production studio, with professional designers and animators working collaboratively to create exciting videos.

Who Hires a Third-Party Video Company?

There may be several organizations with a full-fledged in-house video production team, but they may hire a third-party video company because of its convenience. Moreover, they may be interested in using a third-party video capture device as it will be in the hands of a professional with access to a well-equipped studio with the latest technology. Especially if you are a startup, it is better to hire a third-party video company that can do a professional job.

4 Reasons to Hire a Third-Party Video Company

1. You don’t have to do it in-house

You may want to hire a third-party video producer only because it saves you plenty of precious time. Did you realize that most professional video makers are in the business because that’s what they love doing? Your interest lies in finding a company of repute, good at its job, and charging reasonable rates. In the long run, you’ll save a lot of money outsourcing all your video production requirements to a third party.

Moreover, video-making is a tedious process that requires patience and technical skills. You may have the patience, but acquiring the technical skills takes time and effort. Before you can start recording, much preparatory work is involved, which takes technical knowledge, time, and effort. The professional video-making company will prepare the script and think of what must go into every shot well ahead of time to ensure the task is completed smoothly.

Instead of taking on these tasks yourself, you can use the time productively by focusing on your core competencies. Video making involves both the recording and the editing process, which is painstaking and consumes a lot of time. Hiring a third party video converter or company is a smart move that can leave you with a lot of free time and also helps save money that you would otherwise have to pay to an in-house team as a salary.


2. No need to invest in expensive, high-quality equipment

People shoot videos on their cell phones today. However, that’s not of professional quality. To create videos of excellent quality, you need matching equipment, which can be very expensive. It is not just the quality of the lens that matters; the latest cameras also have good storage capacity that allows videographers to shoot lengthy footage in one shot.

Even if yours is a small business, there is no point in trying to attempt to make a video using a cell phone, as the quality won’t match your expectations. Hiring a third party video company is the only way to create a professional video for your sales and marketing campaigns. Mobile phones and amateur cameras are best for recording school skits or birthday party celebrations.

Besides making quality video footage, a professional third-party video company will use tripods, camera stands, and other equipment to get the type of coverage you have in mind. When tripods are used while filming, you can capture perfect images and video that is not shaky, which you’ll get using amateur equipment.


3. Best lighting effects

When you entrust your video shooting to a professional third party video company, you can rest assured that the critical technical aspects, including excellent lighting, are applied to get the best results. Adding the best type of artificial lighting helps achieve the right effect in video footage.

Also, lighting can set a particular mood and can project your product better to impress the viewers, prompting them to buy it. A business interview that needs to be covered requires a different type of effect. Only an experienced videographer working with a third-party video company would know what light suits the occasion best.

A professional third party video converter or company has the technical skills and knowledge to use different light setups for different scenarios to make the situation appear realistic on camera. What’s more, they have the requisite equipment to help them shoot professional videos that showcase your products better.

4. Great sound effects

Sound is as important as light when it comes to professional video coverage. A professional third-party video company would use the best quality sound equipment because the professionals there know how crucial sound is to a video. Better equipment will produce better sound effects, adding to the quality of the video created. Adding the appropriate background music to a video is an art by itself, which third-party video companies have mastered.

Benefits of Working with a Third-Party Video Company

  • Brainstorming unique ideas

A professional third party video company can develop unique ideas while the team brainstorms with the executives working with you. The video company team helps you generate new concepts, which they record on video brilliantly.

  • Video companies help save money

You can save a lot of money outsourcing your video coverage work to a professional third-party video company as you will pay flat charges against a regular salary to an in-house team member working with you full-time. 

Moreover, outsourcing takes a load of responsibilities off your shoulders and helps you focus on your core competencies. Associating with a third-party video company helps reduce your worries and keeps you stress-free.

  • Expertise and skills

A third-party video company has the requisite expertise and skills and can dedicate a team of experts to carry out your video creation tasks. They know how to make functional, interactive videos that serve your purpose. It is easier to reach your target audience using professionally created, high-quality, and engaging videos.

  • Maintaining the turnaround time

Maintaining a healthy turnaround time is easy by entrusting all your video coverage tasks to a professional third-party video company. The company has a dedicated team assigned to the task, and they realize the value and importance of making timely deliveries. A professional third-party video company will meet deadlines to ensure your project is completed on time, every time.

  • Maintaining exceptional quality

When you choose a reputed third-party video service provider, you can be assured of excellent quality. When quality work is executed, it helps build trust and makes you reliable in the eyes of your customers and users. You can be assured of the best results, and expect the third-party video-producing company to help you avoid all quality control issues as they will take care of it on your behalf.

  • Easy to customize

Most clients want videos to be customized according to their requirements. A professional third-party video service provider understands the requirements quickly and can customize the work according to customers’ specifications.

The above points should help you find the best third-party video companies and learn what to expect from such professionals. Today, quality plays a key role, and outsourcing work that requires technical skills and expertise is the smartest thing to do.


1. How do I hire a third-party video company?

After you have decided that you need the services of a third-party video company, ensure that the company you hire understands your mission, vision, and goals. Unless you are on the same page with the third-party service, it can be challenging for you to outsource tasks. However, you must search diligently for the perfect company to collaborate with before hiring. Look up the testimonials and reviews to establish the credentials with whom you associate.

2. What qualities should I look for in a third-party video company?

The first thing you should look for is expertise in the domain. The company must be good enough to make you feel comfortable and confident with their knowledge and expertise. Secondly, videos need to be produced with a lot of creativity, and that’s the next thing to look for in a company you propose to work with. 

3. Why is video marketing so significant today?

Video marketing is significant and extremely effective today because it is the best mode of communication that requires the least amount of effort from the viewer. Videos reach users faster than any other form of content. They also let you connect with your target audience, boost engagement, and increase their interest in learning more about your brand.

4. What are the benefits of hiring a third-party video company?

If you expect professionalism and perfection, you must hire an experienced third-party video company with access to a studio equipped with some of the best video production equipment. What’s more,  you save a lot of money outsourcing your video production requirements to a third-party video-producing company instead of hiring full-time employees in-house. Also, you do not have to invest heavily in video cameras, sound and lighting equipment, and post-production software.