20 Digital Language Translation Tools and Their Benefits

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Posted on 16/05/226 min read
20 Digital Language Translation Tools and Their Benefits

The world has become a global village. In this closely connected world, language translation tools have become the need of the hour. Language translation tools help the user translate a text into the desired language. People use translation tools to convert a text into their language to understand it better. 

These machine translation software meet the increasing demand for content localization. There has been a growing demand for language translation software as they yield accurate, precise, and efficient results in less time. Translators frequently use these translation tools online to perform better and enhance their productivity manifold.

How and When to Use Translation Tools

You can use language translation tools to convert the desired content into the desired language. They are easy to use and help you access the content of different languages and comprehend them better. 

You can select the text you want to translate, paste the text into the dialogue box and choose your preferred language. In a blink of an eye, your text will be translated with the help of translation software. You can use any of the language-translation software according to your needs. It can be represented as follows:


20 Digitial Language Translation Tools

Various types of language translation tools are available in the market. Computer-aided tools are the best that render remarkable results with consistency. Below is a compilation of the best digital translation tools. 

  1. SDL Trados Studio

This is a phenomenal translation tool used by translators all over the world. It is a professional translators’ first choice, making their work swift and more precise. It has outstanding features such as translation memory, terminology, software localization, machine translation, etc. 


SDL Trados Studio enables you to serve numerous clients simultaneously. You can widen your reach and expand your scale with SDL Trados. You can check the quality of results before investing by trying the free demo version for the first month.

2. Linguee

It is the most popular language-translation tool used by people nowadays. Linguee is a meaningful amalgamation of a dictionary and a search engine that allows you to translate words and expressions in various languages. 


Another benefit of Linguee is that you can check the context as well. You would know how the word is being translated on the internet. It works amazingly with Google Images and helps one understand better with visual contributions.

3. Microsoft Language Portal

Microsoft Language Portal is the best translation tool for translators working in IT and software fields. Using this translation software, you can translate the key Microsoft terms and IT terminology with ease. 


More than 25,000 standard IT terms are translated into over 100 languages for reference. Anyone working in the technology sector can easily use the terminology collection. It also has distinctive features such as User Interface translations, MS Style Guides, and MS Terminology service API.

4. The Free Dictionary 

It is an all-inclusive site that serves the purpose of a dictionary, thesaurus, and an encyclopedia. It has a huge collection of medical, legal, and financial terms. You can translate into various languages like Spanish, French, Portuguese, etc. Another benefit of this tool is that it is compatible with mobile devices and is available for free.


5. MadCap Flare

For people who want to translate medical or technical content, MadCap Flare is the ideal translation tool available online. It supports word files, PDFs as well as .Net files. Its patented editor offers several benefits, such as cloud-based editing, content management, and multichannel publishing.


6. Fluency Now

Fluency Now is the best online translation software for freelancers, a computer-assisted translation tool compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. A built-in proofreading software makes it among the best translation tools online.


7. Memsource

An effective machine translation software, Memsource provides a cloud-based environment. You can customize the translation engine of Memcource according to your needs. Unique features like editing and terminology management make it the most coveted translation software.


8. Translators Café 

Translators Café is an online forum for translators. You can register on this platform for free and seek help from experienced translators, too. Members can post and acquire jobs. It connects those who want translators to those who can translate proficiently.


9. MemoQ

Translators widely use MemoQ as it is easy to use and enhances the quality of translation and editing. A noteworthy feature of this fantastic computer-assisted language-translation tool is its predictive text functionality. You can also create a glossary of the terms used and re-use it in the future.


10. Zanata

One of the best translation tools online, Zanata is preferred by content creators, translators, and editors. It is a web-based translation tool that requires no installation. It allows multiple linguists to work together on a project for translation using a chat room for online communication.


11. Pro Z

ProZ makes the monotonous job of translation fascinating by allowing you to collaborate with translators all across the globe. You can ask questions, participate in discussions, training, etc., on the largest translation network of ProZ.


12. WordFast Pro

It is a reliable translation tool available online for language translators. A distinguishing feature of WordFast Pro is its platform-independent translation memory. You can use the free demo version for 30 days and judge whether it is the best translation tool for you or not. It improves the result of translation remarkably and also provides excellent customer support.


13. DeepL

DeepL is a noteworthy language-translation tool that allows users to translate the whole document in one go. It is a free machine translation software using the latest technology to deliver flawless results.


14. SmartCAT

SmartCat is one of the best translation tools online as it allows real-time communication and seamless integration. It offers many benefits like supporting multilingual translation memories, creating glossaries, cloud-based integration, etc.


15. Systran Translate

Systran Translate was the first commercial language-translation tool used and is still preferred by users as it offers content translation in more than 140 languages. It has innovative features such as pure neural machine translation (PNMT), open-source technology, and a hybrid translation model, to name a few.


  1. Magic Search

Magic Search allows you to translate the terms swiftly by referring to multiple dictionaries in different languages. It can also be installed as an extension to Google Chrome for better customization.


17. IATE (Interactive Terminology for Europe)

This easy-to-use language-translation tool is used for terms used in the European Union in written communication. It has a database of over eight million terms in 23 European languages.


18. OmegaT

OmegaT is among the best online translation tools as it has novel features such as fuzzy matching, spell check, automatic match propagation, multiple translation memories, etc., that render impeccable results.


19. Website Word Count

Website Word Count saves the precious time of translators as it allows you to calculate repetitive translation of words with ease. It is the best translation tool for website localization.


20. MateCat

MateCat is an open-source web-based language-translation tool. Freelancers can use it for free. Companies may like to purchase it as they want to customize the tool according to its specific needs. It offers a database of translation memories that can be accessed freely and used in your projects.


Final Word

Translators spend a lot of their time translating content. Even after spending hours, they do not get the desired quality of translation. Language translation tools have made life easier for translators by enhancing their efficiency, speed, and productivity. 

You can use any of the aforementioned translation tools for quick and perfect translations. You will see a marked difference in the quality of your work after using these language translation tools.


1.What language translation tools are available for freelancers?

Translators Café, Mate Cat, and Zanata are a few of the translation tools preferred by freelancers

2. What are the benefits of language translation tools?

Language translation tools offer improved performance, enhanced speed, accurate results, and save time. 

3. Which language-translation tool is used for translating technical and medical terms?

MadCap Flare, Microsoft language portal, and The Free dictionary are some language-translation tools for translating technical and medical terms.

4. Which is the best language translation software?

SDL Trados Studio, memoQ, Wordfast, and OmegaT are some of the best language translation software.

5. Why are language translation tools used?

Language translation tools are used to enhance your speed and render flawless translations of content.