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10 Ways to Use Demo Videos in Your Technical Sales Cycle

Team Pepper
Posted on 26/12/224 min read
10 Ways to Use Demo Videos in Your Technical Sales Cycle
Using demo videos are the next big thing in video marketing. If they are clear, articulate, and aesthetic, they do a fantastic job of marketing your product or service.

Video marketing is an excellent tool for prospective new leads and bringing in new customers. But there are other purposes it serves. Sales video examples can be found throughout the sales cycle, and they are used to grab attention and close deals. So, the question of using video in sales emails or anywhere else in the sales cycle depends on the video’s purpose. 

You may use demo videos at any stage where you think you will need greater responses or convert more leads. So, jump into this article and learn how to use video in sales.


What are Demo Videos?

As the name suggests, a demo video is a videographic illustration of how a product works. It is a step-by-step demonstration of how to use a product or service provided by a brand. Demo videos are primarily used as sales pitch examples and can be a powerful way to convey your brand’s value to prospective buyers.

Demo videos are instructional and one of the most common video marketing tools. For any business, it is thus vital to know how to use videos in sales to make the most out of this marketing tool. They are easy to make, and you can outsource their creation. Many companies use videos in sales via email to engage the customer and generate interest in the product.


10 Ways You Can Use Demo Videos in Sales

The best sales video examples will throw up some common principles and guidelines to keep in mind while using videos in sales emails and elsewhere. Here are some effective ways you can use demo videos in sales. 

1. Keep things short

The key to making a demo video is to focus on brevity. Short, crisp, and to-the-point videos have a far greater impact than a five-minute-long video with no message. Also, given that people lead busy lives and the digital world is flooded with content, no one would want to dedicate even more than a minute to go through your demo video. So, keep it short. 

An ideal time for an effective demo video is around 30 seconds or even less. These videos can focus on quick tips on a product or service. If you want to use demo videos that focus on a new product, then ensure it is less than three minutes long.

2. Choose the video settings wisely.

You can shoot your videos anywhere you want – your own office, outdoors, or even your home. But you will have to ensure sufficient lighting and the background looks professional. 

You don’t want to come across as a novice business person trying to make it in a competitive world by shooting a video that has a pile of folders or a stack of shoe boxes in the background! You are setting a sales pitch video example; these are absolute turn-offs for customers and investors.

3. Use props and accessories

Some videos focus on customizing content to make it relatable to the viewers. You can use props like a whiteboard to write your prospect’s name. An even better idea is to hold the whiteboard and make a thumbnail out of it. Your target audience can click on it and view the video. If you are using the video in sales emails, this concept may work very well.

Product and demo example


Looking at the sales video examples above, you will see that they are always crisp and articulate and convey a strong message about the brand. And this is all done along with explaining the product or service or the brand, in general. 

4. Actions speak louder than words.

When you use demo videos, let the video talk about the product. Less talking and more visual presentation in the form of a how-to video can be a great place to start.

5. Always know your audience.

Demo videos should always reflect what your target audience wants. As with all other types of content marketing, sales pitch video examples should also be created, keeping the target audience in mind. If the audience personas differ, you can create separate videos for each category. A curated video that targets a specific group of people is more impactful than a generic demo video.

6. Pitch through the video

The key to understanding how to use videos in sales is to know why the audience needs your product. So, the best sales pitch video examples always portray the product features as benefits and not merely specifications. Bear this in mind while talking about your product features and how they stand to benefit the buyer.

7. Be real

Many product demo videos fail because they are far from reality. To use demo videos effectively, you need to be able to give a realistic comparison between the “before” and “after.” Otherwise, you may end up losing your audience’s trust.

8. Keep the videos short.

As already established, short and articulate videos are more powerful marketing tools than long and tedious product demos. Ensure the product is demonstrated from all angles to give the customer a 360-degree view.

9. Leverage social media

Use SEO-friendly demo videos, so they show up more on web searches. An effective way of doing this is to share them on different social media platforms or use videos in sales emails that can be shared ahead of time.

10. Include a CTA

Video content that is interactive and includes a CTA (Call-to-Action) has a higher chance of performing better in terms of lead conversions than those that don’t.

In the End

In the end, your demo video content quality determines whether it will stick with the audience. Using the tips discussed above, you can use demo videos extensively as a core marketing tool and reap the high benefits if you do it right.


1. How to create the best product demo video?

To create high-quality product demos, you should give the highest weightage to user experience.

2. What is a software demo video?

A software demo video demonstrates the product you want to bring to the market, whether it is SaaS, a website, or an application.

3. What are the different types of sales demos?

The different types of sales demos are emails, phone marketing, video chats, or recorded video presentations.

4. How to record demo videos like a pro?

The most important tip to create a demo video like a pro is to keep it concise and articulate.

5. Is video marketing the new sales channel?

Video marketing is an inexpensive and easy tool to use as a sales methodology and is gaining much popularity.