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Frequently Asked Questions

What is transcription?
Transcription is the process of converting an audio in to text. It focuses on accurately reproducing the spoken words in a written account. Usually, it is done in the same language as the recording. When used correctly it can be turned into a whole experience for the audience.
Why do people need transcription services?
Transcription services are needed in fields like law, education, healthcare, journalism, science and technology, marketing, etc., to keep a written record of spoken words.
What are some transcription skills?
Our expert transcribers posses every possible transcription skill like listening, accurately typing, language expertise, editing & proofing, time management and more.
Any audio quality standards needed?
It is obvious that the quality of the audio reflects on the final transcript. Clear audio with less background noise is essential for high-quality transcripts.
How do you ensure quality?
We at Pepper Content know how important accuracy is in transcription. We always aim for 99% accuracy by working with only the top 3% of talent in the industry. We also check and double-check the final product to ensure quality and accuracy.
Can you make changes in the content after delivery?
At Pepper Content, our main goal is to keep our customers satisfied. You can share feedback and request reworks if you are not satisfied with our translations. Our translators will incorporate the necessary changes and the project will come to an end only after your approval.
Who owns the content post-delivery?
Once the delivery of your project is made, we will transfer the copyrights of the final translation copies to you. Therefore, no one can make any claim to the content post-delivery.
How much time will it take to deliver my transcriptions?
We assess your requirement and accordingly convey to you the estimated time of delivery before starting on the work. The time taken usually depends on the level of complexity of the project and the duration of the video.
Is Pepper Content a transcription service providing company?
Pepper Content is a content marketing company that helps clients create all types of marketing content including videos, blogs, articles, videos, whitepapers, translations, web content, transcriptions, etc.
Can you help with transcriptions in other languages besides English?
With expert transcriptionists and translators in over 45 languages on board, we can help transcribe your audio or video in many different languages.

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