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It's time for your business to go Glocal

With 75% consumers more inclined to buy from websites that speak their native language, going global and local in your content is no longer an option.

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Expand your business’s reach with localized content

  • 90% of new internet users in India access content in vernacular languages

  • 75% of consumers prefer to buy from websites in their native language

  • Out of the total 658 million internet users, only 2% exclusively use English content online while 8 in 10 users want to use regional content when shopping online.


Today, communicating with prospective customers across the globe in their language has become one of the non-negotiable aspects of modern business. 

A multitude of Indian startups are ‘Going Local’, with unicorns such as Policybazar, InMobi, Byju’s, Zomato, etc. translating their content into two to twelve regional languages.


Translating is much more than just replacing words. It also includes broader concepts such as culture and context. And this is why hiring professional translation services for your business’s global expansion becomes crucial.


Your Guide to Translation in 2022 by Pepper Content

Make an informed choice when choosing a language services provider for your business. Immerse yourself in this comprehensive handbook for your journey into translations.

  • Explore the business case for translations

  • Understand why translation is important for your business

  • What are the business benefits of a multilingual website

  • What do you really need: Localization, Translation or Transcreation

  • What to look for when hiring a translation provider

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