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Pepper vs Semrush: A Detailed Guide

Here’s a summary and comparison between Pepper and Semrush based on content marketing features.

SEO Toolset
Keyword Research
Yes, recommends keyword clusters based on synonyms, Google autofill suggestions, AI, and competitor data.
Yes, based on a seed keyword searched, it provides broad match and phrase-matched keywords.
Topic Research
Yes, identifies the long tail keyword universe of primary keywords and recommends topics using AI. Tells potential traffic against the topic.
Yes, offers content topics based on industry trends, questions, and ranking content, clustered across keywords.
Competitor Insights
Not present.
Yes, provides comprehensive analytics including organic/paid traffic, backlinks, and competitor data across almost all features.
Position tracking
Yes, tracks accurate rankings of all keywords automatically via GSC integration.
Yes, tracks domain rankings with historical data.
Social and Paid Search Terms
Not Present.
Yes, includes a social media toolkit for publishing and analyzing; monitors competitors' social media pages.
Backlink Analysis
Not Present.
Yes, analyzes backlink profiles, including demographic details and referring domains.
Content Creation Tools
SEO Guidelines
Yes, advanced content intelligence includes outlines, keywords/terms, and content length, readability, headings, and FAQs.
Yes, provides insights into related keywords, subtopics, questions, and headlines guiding content creation.
Content Editor
Yes, has a full-blown editor with SEO and AI assistant with comments, and a proper app ecosystem.
Yes, offers a basic text editor to write and edit content with an SEO writing assistant.
AI Writing Assistant
Yes, provides a native AI writing assistant with pre-set prompts and quick actions, custom-trained at the company level.
Yes, basic AI writing assistance is available in the content editor.
Grammar and Plagiarism
Yes, grammar checker, and plagiarism checker via Copyscape.
No grammar checks, but includes an Originality score for plagiarism based on ranking content only.
Workflows and Collaboration
Yes, supports status, assignee, and workflows for task management.
Yes, offers roles and permissions for users at the project level.
CMS integrations
Yes, it Integrates with any CMS via Webhooks.
No direct CMS integration, but offers extensions for other platforms.
Editorial Calendar
Not Present
Not Present
Refresh existing content
Website Content Audit
Yes, identifies pages with high traffic potential using GA/GSC data.
Yes, provides domain-level auditing.
Content Gap Report
Yes, provides a step-by-step guide to optimize content from top-performing pages.
Yes, provides guides to optimize content based on top pages and competition.
Website Analytics and ROI
Performance metrics
Yes, provides accurate organic content value (in dollars), traffic, users, top-ranking keywords, and pages with optimization insights.
Yes, provides estimated traffic, users, top-ranking keywords & pages with other metrics related to SEO but doesn’t provide ROI-related data.
Free training and dedicated onboarding
Guided start