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Pepper vs MarketMuse: A Detailed Guide

Here’s a summary and comparison between Pepper and Marketmuse based on content marketing features.

Enterprise/ GDPR Certifications
Privacy assurance
GDPR certified
DPA and GDPR-compliant
SEO Toolset
SEO Content Research
Yes, get smart SEO insights with an advanced content intelligence system that provides outlines, keywords, content length, readability, headings, and FAQs for a robust content strategy.
Yes, suggests relevant keywords and variants for each keyword based on input. Also shows questions asked on SERPs and linking opportunities for the keyword in the domain and from SERP. Includes a heatmap to filter and see gaps and opportunities.
SERP Analysis
Yes, provides keyword and content structure insights, offering content structure, outlines, and grading to optimize your content strategically for each page.
Yes, suggests relevant keywords and variants, based on input keywords, Questions being asked on the SERP, and linking opportunities present for that particular keyword in the provided domain and from SERP.
Content Creation Tools
Content Outline
Yes, suggests AI-generated titles, headings, sub-headings, and paragraphs.
Yes, provides a basic outline for blogs, suggesting H2 headings and pointers.
Content Grade
Yes, real-time content grading based on SEO, content length, and readability.
Yes, Includes readability and SEO grading.
Grammar and Quality Check
Yes, integrates with Grammarly and has a native content audit tool.
Yes, has a built-in AI module for spelling and grammar corrections, but no quality control.
Plagiarism Check
Available in PepperDocs.
Not available
Workflows and Collaboration
Yes, has native support for status, assignee, and workflows for task management.
Yes, has collaboration and project management workflows.
AI Writing Assistant
Yes, has a native AI writing assistant with pre-set prompts and quick actions, custom-trained at the company level.
Yes, offers basic commands to change tone and narrative.
AI Finetuning for Brand Voice & Style
Yes, has finetuning capabilities to match a brand’s voice and style.
Not present.
Multi-language support
Yes, the AI writing assistant generated content in 40+ languages.
Supports English and Spanish.
CMS Integration
Yes, can integrate with any CMS with Webhooks support.
Not present
Website Analytics and ROI
Yes, provides organic content value (in dollars), traffic, users, top-ranking keywords, and optimization insights.
Not available.
Free training and dedicated onboarding
Guided start
Offers a free training program as part of the onboarding process with a library of detailed help articles, use case guides, and tutorial videos.
Available only in the premium Custom plan, which includes onboarding and team training.
Content Creation Service
Content solutions
Marketplace with 100,000+ industry experts to create various content types on demand.
Not present.
Trial Plan
Sample access
Present (7-day trial).
1-week free trial with a usage cap. The remaining queries are displayed on the bottom left menu pane.
Cost overview