How Piramal Housing Finance achieved a 45% month-on-month growth rate organically with Pepper Content

This case study delves into how Piramal Housing Finance, a prominent financial institution, harnessed the power of Pepper Content to develop and execute a well-designed content strategy that resulted in an impressive 45% monthly organic growth rate in audience engagement.


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Piramal Capital & Housing Finance Ltd. (Piramal Finance) is registered as a housing finance company in India with the National Housing Bank (NHB). It is engaged in various financial services businesses. It provides both wholesale and retail funding opportunities across sectors.

Today, Piramal has established itself as a trusted name in providing diversified financial solutions. With a rich history of excellence, Piramal Housing Finance has consistently delivered innovative financial products and services, catering to the evolving needs of businesses and individuals alike.

At its core, Piramal engages in a wide spectrum of financial activities, including lending, investments, real estate financing, and infrastructure development. Its comprehensive portfolio encompasses both debt and equity solutions, making it a versatile partner for businesses across various sectors.

This case study explores how Piramal partnered with Pepper Content to revamp its content strategy, enabling it to achieve a remarkable 45% monthly organic growth rate in audience engagement through effective education and well-researched analysis.


The company's key audience demographics cover a broad spectrum. Its audience ranges from seasoned professionals seeking investment opportunities to entrepreneurs seeking capital for growth. This diversity in the audience requires a content strategy that effectively communicates complex financial concepts while resonating with diverse backgrounds and levels of financial expertise.

Piramal used to employ a content strategy that predominantly relied on traditional marketing channels. However, we live in an era characterized by digital transformation and rapidly changing consumer behavior. Piramal Housing Finance recognized that its existing content strategy was not aligned with the evolving digital landscape, changing consumer behavior, and its goals of educating and engaging its audience.

Piramal, therefore, decided to upgrade its content strategy to harness the power of online platforms, engage a wider audience, and educate it effectively about intricate financial matters. This revamped content strategy was designed to address the following issues:

1. Digital transformation

2. Changing consumer behavior

3. Need to break down complex financial concepts for the average customer

4. Need to build thought leadership and credibility

5. Competition and differentiation

6. Achieve business goals

Piramal Housing Finance needed a content partner who not only understood the nitty-gritty of content design, structure, and delivery but also understood the nuances and key pain points of customers looking for solutions in the financial services segment. Enter Pepper Content!

Piramal Housing Finance's decision to collaborate with Pepper Content to transform its content strategy was rooted in a pursuit to stay relevant and impactful in the evolving digital landscape. It also needed to engage its audience at several levels to be visible and stay successful in the very competitive financial services industry.

Several factors drove this selection:

  1. Pepper’s expertise in content creation: Pepper Content boasts a team of experienced content creators who are skilled in crafting engaging and informative content across various formats. Piramal Housing Finance recognized the need for well-crafted content that not only educates but also captivates its diverse audience.

  2. Adaptation to digital trends: The modern consumer engages more with digital content, and Piramal Housing Finance needed to leverage this trend. Pepper Content's proficiency in creating content optimized for digital platforms, including blogs, videos, and infographics, aligned with Piramal's aspiration to expand its online presence.

  3. SEO and organic growth: Pepper Content's expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was crucial. Piramal Housing Finance sought to enhance its visibility in search engine results and improve organic growth. Pepper's ability to incorporate relevant keywords and trends into content was vital in achieving this goal.


  4. Simplifying complex topics: As a financial institution, Piramal Housing Finance dealt with intricate financial concepts. Pepper Content's track record of simplifying complex subjects while maintaining accuracy was an essential consideration. This capability addressed the challenge of effectively educating a diverse audience.

  5. Thought leadership positioning: Pepper Content's approach to thought leadership content aligned with Piramal's aspiration to establish itself as an industry expert. This strategic positioning aimed to enhance credibility and trust among its target audience.

  6. Comprehensive content strategy: Pepper Content's holistic approach, encompassing content planning, creation, distribution, and performance analysis, suited Piramal's requirement for a comprehensive content strategy that would drive results across the entire content lifecycle.

In essence, Piramal Housing Finance recognized Pepper Content as a partner who would help it navigate the intricacies of the digital content landscape, reinvigorate its content strategy, and ultimately achieve its goals of educating and engaging its target audience while driving organic growth.

Pepper Content implemented a robust content strategy focused on generating educational content to cater to its audience. This strategy was based on the following four axes:

  1. Content planning

    Pepper Content employed a systematic and data-driven approach to plan content for Piramal Housing Finance. This ensured that the content strategy aligned with Piramal's goals, target audience, and industry landscape.

    The team also conducted extensive research and identified over 3000 high-priority keywords that aligned with users' search intent.

  2. Content creation

    Recognizing the importance of reaching their audience effectively, the team conducted face-to-face and team meetings to create SEO-friendly content.

    Pepper created content that effectively communicated complex financial concepts to a broader audience. By employing a mix of blog posts, infographics, videos, and social media content, Piramal and Pepper successfully created a massive 2500 content pieces within just three months.

  3. Content distribution

    Pepper Content executed a strategic content distribution plan for Piramal Housing Finance, leveraging various channels and methods to ensure the content reached the right audience effectively. The content distribution approach was tailored to their goals, target audience demographics, and the nature of the content itself.

    This included a multi-channel approach that prioritized social media optimization, SEO optimization, and influencer outreach to engage a wider audience. It also included tools such as email marketing, content syndication, and paid promotions to spread the Piramal content far and wide.

  4. Content performance tracking

    Pepper Content employed a comprehensive approach to track content performance for Piramal Housing Finance. It combined various tools and metrics to measure the effectiveness of the content strategy. These included data collection, defining KPIs, granular tracking through content attribution, detailed engagement metrics, and SEO performance.

    By surfacing and mapping data from multiple sources, analyzing engagement and conversion metrics, and continually refining the strategy based on insights, Pepper Content was able to provide Piramal Finance with a holistic view of content performance and its impact on achieving the company's content goals.

Piramal Housing Finance started publishing content in January 2023. Six months later, it is witnessing significant growth, attracting thousands of readers each month. The provision of valuable information has played a very strong role in this success, leading to a steady increase in the number of visitors with an impressive month-on-month growth rate of 45%, all achieved organically.

Additionally, Piramal has seen notable advancements in Search Engine Result Pages, as seen by a remarkable 40% growth in the SERP position. This upward trajectory signifies its enhanced visibility and improved ranking, further solidifying its position in the industry.

Through its commitment to providing informative content and optimizing its online presence, Piramal has successfully captured the attention of readers, achieved significant organic growth, and positioned itself favorably on search engines. 

Piramal Housing Finance offers an astonishing 3000 blogs on its website. These blogs cover a wide range of topics such as loans, personal finance, insurance, housing finance, business finance, and many more. There were also informative how-to blogs as well as blogs offering valuable tips and advice to assist their audience.

This case study sheds light on the transformative impact of a well-crafted content strategy in the financial sector, exemplified by Piramal Housing Finance's collaboration with Pepper Content.

Piramal's decision to change its content strategy was driven by the desire to adapt to shifts in consumer preferences for consuming content. It also needed to provide valuable content regularly to enhance its credibility.

Piramal also realized that a dynamic and innovative content strategy would enhance the company's visibility in the digital space. It also understood that a revamped content approach would position Piramal Housing Finance as a thought leader, pushing the brand to a higher position in the minds of its target audience.

By effectively educating and engaging its target audience, Piramal Housing Finance achieved remarkable monthly organic growth, demonstrating the potential of strategic content creation and distribution in achieving business goals in the digital age.

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