How Pepper helped PharmEasy curate 1,500+ product descriptions leading to higher conversions

This case study explores the significant advancements of PharmEasy, a leading player in the pharmaceutical industry, and how its collaboration with Pepper Content led to a remarkable increase in conversions with the curation of over 1,500 new product descriptions. The study sheds light on the many challenges PharmEasy encountered in optimizing product descriptions and demonstrates how Pepper Content's customized approaches and solutions were instrumental in achieving this notable feat.





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The surge in internet accessibility and widespread smartphone use has fueled a rapid expansion of e-commerce across various sectors. Consumers now turn to online platforms for their diverse needs, from clothing to groceries. This significant shift in shopping behavior has propelled e-pharmacies into a promising sector, capitalizing on the convenience of purchasing products from home and revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry.

PharmEasy is one of India's most trusted online pharmacy & medical platforms offering medicines, diagnostics, and telehealth services online. With an extensive inventory of over 100,000 items, the company provides a wide range of products, encompassing generic and branded medications, over-the-counter drugs, and various healthcare essentials. The company was established in 2015 in Mumbai, India, and founded by Dharmil Sheth and Dhaval Shah. 

Nominated by The Economic Times as one of the top startups most likely to achieve future blue-chip status, PharmEasy has accomplished the delivery of 15 million orders, extending its services to over 22,000 pin codes. With strategic acquisitions like Medlife and Thyrocare, PharmEasy recently secured an impressive $350 million in funding, solidifying its position as India's first e-pharmacy unicorn.

In addition to making pharmaceuticals (and healthcare, in general) more accessible, PharmEasy aims to spearhead a transformation in the healthcare landscape by:

  • Equipping doctors and patients with precise information for informed decision-making, thereby instilling a data-driven approach in the industry.

  • Making healthcare universal by making it cheaper and accessible to all.

  • Establishing a dynamic feedback loop for pharmaceutical companies, empowering them to develop more effective drugs to combat diseases with unprecedented accuracy.

  • Combating the critical issue of fake medicines, which currently account for 30% of the drug volume in India.

  • Working towards a reduction in drug dependency and substance abuse.

With a vision to revolutionize healthcare in India, it's only fair to seek the most effective means to address their content challenges.

For PharmEasy, the pivotal driver of sales lies in content. Given its expansive array of over 100,000 medicines, the brand's very foundation hinges on the diversity and depth of its product offerings. 

Since its inception, this Indian online pharmacy giant has catered to the healthcare needs of a staggering 20 million patients, providing a comprehensive range of products and services spanning various categories. At its core, PharmEasy operates much like an e-commerce entity, placing a strong emphasis on both acquiring new customers and nurturing the loyalty of existing ones through a combination of its offerings and an exceptional customer experience.

"Content helps us solve multiple verticals such as search engine optimization, thought leadership, social listening, acquisition, and more."

Shares Sharad Harjai, Vice-President of Marketing at PharmEasy.

With operations running seamlessly, one might wonder where PharmEasy encountered any significant challenges along the way. So, where did PharmEasy face its most notable challenges, and how did they overcome them?

Let's take a look at the challenges PharmEasy encountered.

As an e-commerce service provider in the healthcare space, PharmEasy aspires to transcend conventional merchant roles.

In healthcare, we must ensure that every piece of content adds value. Especially because there is so much information available online.

Emphasizes Sharad.

PharmEasy turned to Pepper Content, a content creation specialist, recognizing the pivotal role of content in realizing their vision. The task at hand was formidable yet crucial:

1. Diverse Content Creation

The first challenge was to generate content across multiple categories. This encompassed a wide array of topics, each demanding a tailored approach.

2. In-depth Exploration of Topics

Within each category, there was a need for a thorough exploration of topics, which required the expertise of subject matter experts (SMEs).

3. Ensuring Research-backed Authenticity

The cornerstone of their content strategy was meticulous research and authenticity. Every piece of content had to stand on a foundation of credible, verifiable information.

4. Uncompromising Accuracy

In the realm of healthcare, precision is paramount. Every piece of content has to be accurate.

Traditional agencies don't usually have enough workforce to handle the surging demand for content. This was a big problem for PharmEasy, given the importance of consistency in their operations. They knew they needed to find a trustworthy partner who could provide them with large volumes of content whenever they needed it without any worries.

This is where Pepper Content came into the picture!

Within six months, Pepper Content Helped PharmEasy achieve:

  1. 15x growth in the number of product descriptions generated

  2. 25% improved overall conversions with content marketing

  3. 30x scalable content generated

PharmEasy made a pivotal decision that would shape their trajectory — They opted to partner with Pepper Content, a move that would prove immensely fruitful for their content strategy.

The company weighed both pros and cons before going on board with their decision. For example, they had the option to hire and train a big in-house content team. However, this alternative seemed like it would take a lot of time and might not work very smoothly.

Content Efficiency and Quality

The partnership with Pepper Content proved to be a game-changer. It provided PharmEasy with a swift, reliable, and highly proficient content creation engine. This allowed them to bypass the challenges of hiring and training an in-house team.

A Boost in Visibility and Rankings

One of the most palpable benefits of this collaboration was the ability to generate high-quality content consistently. This not only captured the interest of their audience but also had a marked impact on their SEO ranking. PharmEasy found itself rising through the digital ranks, enhancing its online visibility.

For example, the company witnessed a surge in organic traffic from 23.4 Million in March 2023 to a whopping 29.48 Million in October 2023. Moreover, the platform's successful ranking on more than 2.6 Million keywords within the Top 50 search results and 154,830 keywords within the Top 3 search results further emphasizes this outstanding performance.


The results spoke volumes. With this strategic collaboration, Pepper Content not only met PharmEasy's immediate content challenges but also established a standard for providing high-quality content.

Over the past six months, PharmEasy witnessed a remarkable uptick in its conversion rates. The carefully crafted content, combined with Pepper's expertise, led to a substantial 25% increase in conversions.

Additionally, PharmEasy tapped into Pepper Content's product description services to supercharge their content production. Investing in product descriptions was extremely important for the company since it increased engagement, enabled customers to make smarter purchasing decisions, reduced time to purchase, and boosted overall conversions.

Pharmeasy Case Study.png

PharmEasy envisions a deeper partnership with Pepper Content. They seek not only execution prowess but also strategic advice. This collaboration aims to redefine their content strategy, aligning it more closely with their business goals.

What's Next for PharmEasy?

A well-defined content strategy is paramount in a fiercely competitive e-commerce landscape. PharmEasy recognizes that this partnership with Pepper Content is instrumental in gaining a competitive edge.

Looking ahead, PharmEasy has ambitious plans. They aim to expand the scope of topics covered, offering even more comprehensive and valuable content to their audience. Additionally, they are poised to experiment with different content mediums, including video and text, as they continue to innovate in the e-commerce space.

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