How Network18 partnered with Pepper Content and attracted over 100,000 views on their blogs

This case study delves into Network18 Group's efforts to enhance its online presence and engage its diverse audience through a strategic content approach.


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Network18 Group has emerged as a prominent player in the media and entertainment industry. Established in 1993 by Raghav Bahl and Ritu Kapur, the group has diversified interests spanning broadcasting, digital media, movies, e-commerce, magazines, mobile content, and allied businesses.

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The Global Entertainment and Media (E&M) Industry is rapidly evolving, with the overall growth projected to reach $2.78 trillion by the end of 2027. Similarly, India is expected to witness a 9.7% CAGR in its E&M industry revenues, reaching $73.6 billion by 2027, according to a PwC report.

In this dynamic landscape, Network18 has positioned itself as a leader with its extensive reach, innovative and diverse portfolio, and content offerings. Their visionary approach and dedication to delivering high-quality content have propelled Network18 to the forefront of the media industry.

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As mentioned before, Network 18 Group has a diverse portfolio and caters to all sectors, including technology and finance. They operate a range of influential channels, including First Post, CNBC, CNN, and Forbes India. Their mission is to cater to a broad spectrum of audiences, from niche segments to the masses. Network18 is dedicated to producing high-quality content that captures the essence of daily news and events in local communities.

The approach at Network18 emphasizes face-to-face interactions that are later transformed into articles for readers. This aims to present discussions, which may initially last 22, 30, or even 60 minutes, in a more concise and accessible format. Additionally, they have ventured into creating engaging video content to complement their content offerings.

Previously, Network18 collaborated with an external agency for content creation but faced several challenges in the process:

  1. Low Quality of Content: The content delivered by the agency often fell short of Network18's standards. It lacked the depth and precision that a subject matter expert (SME) could provide, resulting in content that was generic and less impactful.

  2. Lengthy Turnaround Time: The agency's content creation process proved to be time-consuming, making it a challenge to meet deadlines consistently. This hindered Network18's ability to maintain a steady and timely flow of content.

  3. High Volume of Content Demands: Given the expansive scope of its operations, Network18 required a large volume of content across various categories. Managing this demand within the constraints of the existing process posed a significant challenge.

Recognizing these challenges, Network18 sought to reevaluate its content creation strategy. They aimed to enhance their ability to generate high-quality content efficiently, ensuring it resonated with their diverse audience. This journey led them to explore alternative approaches, ultimately leading to their partnership with Pepper Content. 

Through this collaboration with Pepper Content, Network18 sought to address these challenges with renewed vigor and effectiveness, setting the stage for a transformative evolution in its content creation process.

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Navigating the content marketing landscape can be a challenging task, especially in today's digital age. Moreover, building a strategy that resonates with audiences and drives results requires technical expertise and a deep understanding of the industry. 

Many businesses, like Network18, seek external assistance to address and resolve this challenge, but finding the right partner that aligns with budget constraints and business goals can be equally daunting.

This is where Pepper Content, a leading content marketing solution, came into the picture. Here's how Pepper Content transformed Network18's content creation process:

1. Seamless Platform Experience

Pepper's platform revolutionized the content creation process for Network18. Instead of navigating through a series of emails and memos, the team simply placed a request on the platform, initiating the content creation process without any manual intervention. This streamlined approach saved valuable time and ensured a more efficient workflow.

2. Efficient Project Management

The platform provided Network18 with a centralized hub to oversee all assignments and content-related activities. This feature allowed for easy tracking and monitoring, ensuring the team was always in control of the content creation process. It facilitated smoother collaboration with external creators, making communication and coordination seamless.

3. Enhanced Communication with Pepper Chat

Pepper Chat, a crucial component of the platform, facilitated direct communication with external creators. This tool proved invaluable in discussing content requirements, setting timelines, and providing feedback. 

The real-time interaction feature significantly improved the efficiency of the content creation process, ensuring that Network18's specific needs were met promptly.

Pepper Content's proficiency in creating content tailored to the financial and technical domains played a pivotal role in TV18's remarkable success story. The commitment to delivering exceptional content increased TV18's viewership and expanded its audience base. 

The results were nothing short of remarkable!

By adhering to high standards of quality, Pepper ensured that TV18's content consistently met the expectations of its viewers.

1. 3x Increase in Page Session Time 

By optimizing the content creation process with Pepper Content, Network18 witnessed a 3x surge in page session time. Similarly, TV18 experienced a significant reduction in content turnaround time, all while maintaining the highest quality standards. 

This not only helped drive TV18's content creation process but also delivered the desired outcomes for TV18 and its partners. As a result, the platform saw increased engagement levels and elevated interest generated by the revamped content.

2. Over 1 Lakh Page Views 

The impact of Pepper Content's intervention was further demonstrated by the impressive milestone of over 100,000 page views on Forbes articles. This highlighted the resonance and effectiveness of content crafted with precision. Their engaging content saw a remarkable 3x growth in their session time on the blogs.

3. 80% On-Time Content Delivery 

One of the most critical improvements was the significant boost in on-time content delivery. With Pepper Content, Network18 experienced an impressive 80% adherence to content delivery timelines. This punctuality not only enhanced operational efficiency but also supported content consistency.

Pepper Content addressed Network18's content creation challenges head-on, delivering substantial improvements in content quality, delivery timeliness, and audience engagement. 

As Network18 expands its horizons, venturing into content development for the dynamic areas of finance, AI, machine learning, and technology, the company is set for even greater achievements. By leveraging Pepper Content's expertise and streamlined platform, Network18 is poised to make a significant impact in these crucial sectors.

This partnership is a testament to the transformative power of strategic collaboration in the fast-evolving media and entertainment landscape. With a shared commitment to excellence and a focus on delivering high-quality, targeted content, Network18 and Pepper Content have set a new standard for content creation and marketing in the digital age.

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