How Ketto, India’s leading crowdfunding platform, achieved 6x organic traffic surge with Pepper Content

This case study explores the transformative journey of Ketto, a leading crowdfunding platform, as it leveraged the expertise of Pepper Content to craft and implement an impactful content strategy, culminating in a remarkable 6x surge in monthly organic traffic. The study delves into the hurdles faced by Ketto in establishing a robust online presence and highlights the pivotal role played by Pepper Content's tailored solutions in accomplishing its goals.


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I loved how intuitive and easy-to-use the platform is. The content audit feature seems the most valuable as it lets me know the readability level, word count, etc. without having to remember it each time. Really appreciate how the team is always a call away to resolve any issues that we might encounter. Pepper is definitely our friendly neighborhood content partner.

Christopher Meyers
ORM + SEO Content Manager, Ketto

Ketto, founded by Varun Sheth, Zaheer Adenwala, and Kunal Kapoor, is a tech company that came to life in 2012. Now, what Ketto does is pretty awesome – they're all about crowdfunding. You know, that old-school practice of gathering small contributions from a bunch of people to achieve a common goal? Well, Ketto took that and brought it into the digital world.

The company's nifty platform has helped entrepreneurs from all over the world raise money for all sorts of causes like healthcare, emergencies, education, and even recovery from natural disasters. And here's the best part — they've taken this traditional offline practice and given it a high-tech makeover to ensure this shared goal is more transparent and cost-effective.

This case study explores Ketto's journey in overcoming the challenges associated with outsourcing content and the subsequent partnership with Pepper Content to adopt a premium strategy and drive organic growth.

In their pursuit of high-quality content, Ketto, a major player in crowdfunding, initially opted for outsourcing its content requisites to a specialized agency. It seemed like a good idea because various agencies in the market are adept at aligning content with the client's objectives and ensuring its top-notch quality. They can make sure your content is excellent and fits your goals.

However, as Ketto would come to learn, the path of content outsourcing is not always smooth sailing.

At first, Ketto's outsourcing plan looked like a big success. The agency cranked out content, giving Ketto a steady flow of articles, blogs, and social media posts. It was a promising start that made them think they made the right choice.

  • Timely Deliveries: The agency met deadlines, impressing Ketto with their punctuality. It was a seamless operation that held the promise of uninterrupted content flow.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Economically speaking, outsourcing made sense. The agency offered competitive rates, allowing Ketto to allocate resources elsewhere, amplifying its operational efficiency.

As time progressed, Ketto noticed some issues with the content delivery and quality.

1. Mediocre Content Quality

The content supplied was mediocre at best. It lacked the finesse and depth that Ketto's mission called for. The agency operated on a fixed set of creators, none of whom were subject matter experts. This lack of domain knowledge seeped into the content, which made the content generic and not very impactful.

2. Slow Turnaround Time

Despite vigilant follow-ups, the speed at which content was published began to decline. The agency's response time progressively slowed, impeding Ketto's ability to maintain a consistent content calendar. This change affected the efficiency they used to have.

3. Brand Disconnection

The agency's content didn't capture the spirit of Ketto's brand. It didn't connect with the audience the way it should have. This mismatch risked the strong foundation of Ketto's brand identity.

4. Inefficient Content Delivery System

The absence of a streamlined communication system aggravated the already tense scenario. A continuous back-and-forth ensued, creating an inefficiency loop that drained Ketto's resources and patience.

Recognizing these roadblocks, Ketto embarked on a strategic journey to enhance its content creation process, aiming to elevate the experience for its diverse audience. Discover how Pepper Content played a pivotal role in revitalizing Ketto's content creation strategy, enabling them to confront their challenges with confidence and ingenuity.

In a short time, Pepper Content helped Ketto:

  1. Increase their platform visitors by 525%

  2. 5X growth in traffic by producing high-ranking blogs

  3. Generate 40+ content ideas with the help of

  4. 15,000 sign-ups

Though prevalent in our digital world, content marketing is far from a walk in the park — it's highly technical to those involved in the space. Crafting a strategy that genuinely resonates with audiences and drives results is a formidable task. The complexities involved can often leave businesses seeking external expertise. Yet, the challenge lies in finding the right fit that aligns with your budget and objectives.

Ketto partnered with Pepper Content to reimagine its content strategy for the following reasons:

1. A Vast Pool of Expertise

At Pepper, we've curated a Creator Network comprising over 100,000 rigorously vetted and highly qualified creators. All individuals undergo meticulous tests and training before being welcomed into our network. This stringent process ensures that we boast a top 3% talent pool, representing 60+ industries, proficient in over 50 languages, and excelling as subject matter experts in their respective niches.

2. Elevating Efficiency with Tech-Savvy Tools

In addition to our exceptional talent pool, creators at Pepper have access to our suite of proprietary tech tools. Pepper Docs, a cornerstone of our offerings, encompasses a content audit tool, plagiarism checker, fact-checker, AI-writing assistant, seamless Unsplash integration, and more. These resources significantly enhance our creators' workflow efficiency, enabling them to deliver high-quality content precisely and quickly.

3. Ability to Align Content Needs With Brand Standards

Much like Ketto, many businesses grapple with a common concern when outsourcing content: ensuring strict adherence to brand guidelines. It's not a matter of blame but rather a reflection of the often convoluted and scattered process of knowledge sharing. Agencies and freelancers can find themselves overwhelmed with resources, struggling to discern which to prioritize.

To combat this issue, we've developed a powerful tool — the Brief Builder. This intuitive, step-by-step questionnaire streamlines the information-gathering process for potential creators or freelancers. It provides the essential details they need to craft impeccable content. From brand guidelines to the target audience, objectives, and calls to action, no crucial element is overlooked. 

This tool has proven instrumental in ensuring our writers consistently adhere to Ketto's brand standards, eliminating the need for protracted back-and-forth exchanges.

The collaboration between Pepper Content and Ketto stands as a testament to the power of strategic alliances. Through innovative approaches and a tech-savvy platform, Pepper Content delivered exceptional content and spearheaded a remarkable surge in Ketto's online presence.

The Remarkable Growth Trajectory

Under Pepper Content's expert guidance, Ketto witnessed a remarkable 6x increase in website traffic. This surge was primarily attributed to the introduction of high-ranking, meticulously crafted blogs. The impact of this boost in visibility translated into a staggering 525% surge in visitors over a year, leading to over 15,000 sign-ups.

The website's successful ranking on more than 21,000 keywords within the Top 50 search results further emphasizes this outstanding performance.

Powering Ideation with

Pepper Content harnessed the potential of, our proprietary AI-writing assistant, to help generate 40+ content ideas. This cutting-edge tool was pivotal in identifying the precise topics that required content development. With the aid of, the content ideation process was streamlined, ensuring that every piece created served a purpose and resonated with the audience.

Ketto's decision to grant Pepper Content complete creative freedom, both in content creation and imagination, proved to be a game-changer. This leap of faith allowed Pepper Content to operate with a level of autonomy that ultimately paved the way for creating content that was not only grammatically precise but also entirely plagiarism-free.

The partnership between Pepper Content and Ketto exemplifies the power of collaboration in the digital age. By leveraging expertise, cutting-edge technology, and a shared commitment to societal impact, the two entities have elevated Ketto's online presence and set a new standard for content marketing excellence.

As Pepper Content continues to redefine content marketing, Ketto stands as a shining example of what can be achieved through innovation and strategic alignment.

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