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Written Content vs. Video Content: Which Is Better?

Team Pepper
Posted on 5/04/226 min read
Written Content vs. Video Content: Which Is Better?
In today’s hyper-saturated digital world, both written and video content have their own following. In this blog, we explain it in detail.

Everyone understands that content marketing is here to stay, and they realize how powerful it can be in influencing prospects, boosting revenue, and connecting with consumers. If you have more content, you can provide your prospects and customers with more possibilities to learn, and enable them to have an incredible experience with your business before, during, and after the transaction. But in the debate of written content vs. video content, which one wins? Is video content better than written content?

The popularity of video as a marketing tool is undeniable. Many companies are opting to incorporate video content in their marketing strategies every year. You may find hundreds of promotional videos and vlogs on Facebook or LinkedIn. Many are good, while some are awful. Can we conclude that written content is irrelevant? Not so soon. 

Why Is Written Content Important?

Video has risen to popularity in content marketing over the past few years. However, it appears that many people still prefer textual content. Internally produced content can now be distributed easily via blogs, email, and social media channels, regardless of the distribution channel.

It is a big part of most marketing campaigns. Although video information has a lot of advantages, textual content allows for greater complexity and detail. Because of its capacity to transmit in-depth information at the audience’s pace, the written form is a suitable medium for guides, tools, and instructional material. We will tell you why written content is important in a few points. They are as follows. 

1. The cost of producing written content is low

Marketing budgets are heavily influenced by cost. The cost of video production is higher than that of written content. Although a basic video can now be shot by anyone using their cell phone, the quality may not be excellent. This might substantially harm your company’s credibility, especially in a market with so much competition. Consider the price of a written article, on the other hand. As long as your written material is decent, it is a low-cost strategy to increase interest in your company.


2. Combining different types of content improves your SEO

The majority of the top-ranking websites have a diverse range of content. Providing high-quality material builds interest in your company and helps you appear as a leader in your industry. If your material is appealing, many individuals will be attracted to it. As a result, your brand gains credibility.

3. Written content improves video rankings

Even today’s advanced search engine bots can’t read videos. As a result, ranking each content item in search engine results, including videos, is still based on written words.

4. You can learn more quickly from a written article. 

Written articles, which are easy to skim through, simplify getting the information you need. If it’s a well-written piece separated into paragraphs with clear titles, the reader will be able to identify the essential sections quickly.

5. With text, scanning is a lot easier

While videos may appeal to individuals who dislike reading, the text is more readily scanned. An article, news story, or blog post will inform you how lengthy it is and whether it is worth reading right now. Subheadings and significant topics are frequently bolded so that you can easily skim through the content and notice the major points.

 A written article allows you to assess its level of depth quickly. Based on the first few phrases, you can determine whether the paper is written in a manner you like and whether it will be too simple or too technical for your requirements.

Downsides of Written Content 

This section discusses a few disadvantages of written content in digital marketing today. 

1. Text over-saturation on the web

Written content is vital in any marketing plan, but it is not the be-all and end-all. The internet is over-saturated with the amount of text available on the internet. The majority of businesses have blogs (or, at the very least, websites) and social media profiles. 

Written content relies on high-quality material and thorough SEO research to be successful. But given the sheer competitiveness of the market, you have to be extraordinarily creative to actually stand out. 

2. It is less appealing than video 

Videos have an undeniable aesthetic value. Consumers generally prefer video to articles since it is more engaging. Images and infographics can help your content stand out, but they’re no substitute for well-produced videos.

3. Reading isn’t for everyone

Nobody can make some individuals read if they don’t want to. Because consumers are more likely to click on a video than an article, video material is more suited for major announcements than writing. Because people’s attention spans have shrunk, visuals are more enticing than words these days.

The Rise of Video

Marketing products through videos is becoming more and more popular. Businesses’ use of video as a marketing tool has increased since 2018. 86% of marketers say they use video content, and we understand why. When given a choice between video or text, 72% of people prefer watching videos over reading about a product or service. Videos are becoming more popular and are rapidly gaining ground. 

What makes good video content? A video that combines audio and visual information increases audience engagement. It is safe to say that videos are consumed more than any other form of content, and a compelling video will keep viewers hooked.

But, what is video content in digital marketing? It is any content in video form that is produced and distributed to the public with the aim of furthering a brand’s vision or mission and informing the audience about its products and services. 


It’s no surprise that YouTube has emerged as one of the world’s second most popular search engines, second only to Google. Facebook’s native video content integration has reached new heights as well. With today’s technology, it’s easier than ever to make a video. Customers will find it enticing, but it will also drive business growth immensely. 

Downsides of Video Content

If your video is low-quality or poorly executed, it can ruin your brand’s reputation. The sales pages of spammy websites are generally crammed with low-quality movies. Here is how your video marketing strategy can go wrong if not executed properly. 

1. When a video is too long, it can become distracting

Nearly 20% of viewers will quit a video clip within the first 10 seconds of its playback. Furthermore, even if a person can watch the entire film, they may be utilizing mobile data and might not want to consume all of their available bandwidth.

2. Autoplay ads can be frustrating

If prospects and customers frequent your website and are greeted with a video ad, it may make their experience unpleasant. As a result, the bounce rate of your website may rise. 

Despite the impending video takeover, writers should relax. Written content is a viable alternative for companies looking to enter the content sector. Instead, firms should choose the best medium for communicating with their target audiences based on the latter’s demographics. Writers should not get too comfortable either. Written content may be overtaken by video, forcing authors to adapt. 

So, is video content better than written content? There is no set answer to this question. Whether you generate written, audio, or video material, it should be done for the right reasons. And while the debate of written content vs. video content may continue, we believe both can help you win big, if executed at the right time and at the right place. 


1. What makes good video content? 

The goal of spreading information should be to connect with your target audience. Telling viewers tales that give them value will make them want to learn more about your brand. Maintain a consistent and simple narrative. A marketing video that fails to achieve one of these things will be a failure.

2. What makes written content so significant?

When you produce content, you may promote your company’s ideas in various ways and on multiple platforms. People will comprehend what you do if you post regularly. This allows them to understand what you do and how you can assist them. People will be more interested in your company as a result of this. 

3. Is video content better than written content? 

Video content is 100x more effective than written content. Seeing a video can help readers retain 95% more information than reading a text. Is this a formula for business success? With a good video on your side, you’re virtually unbeatable.

4. What is video content in digital marketing? 

Video content in digital marketing is used for marketing a product or service, engaging consumers on digital and social platforms, and reaching a new audience through a new medium.