25 WhatsApp Stats Every Business Owner Must Know in 2022

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Posted on 13/05/227 min read
25 WhatsApp Stats Every Business Owner Must Know in 2022
WhatsApp marketing has emerged as a popular marketing tool for brands and businesses. Let’s take a look at some significant stats for the year 2022.

WhatsApp is not just restricted to a text messaging and networking app anymore; it is also widely used for marketing. Whether it is a small business, a big brand, or an e-commerce store, WhatsApp marketing is an emerging trend in the marketing efforts across all niches.

Here are a few WhatsApp stats that will prove the power of marketing via WhatsApp. Let’s take a look, but first, let’s understand what WhatsApp marketing is all about.

What is WhatsApp marketing?


WhatsApp marketing is the term used for messenger marketing via the application WhatsApp. This is a medium for promoting your brand or business via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp marketing is successful and effective as it helps the brands reach out to people on a personal level and build strong customer-brand relationships directly via WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a widely used app and a great medium to stay in constant touch with your customers.

25 WhatsApp Stats Every Business Owner Must Know in 2022


  1. Around 2 billion people use the WhatsApp application every month. This number accounts for almost one-third of the world’s population. People use WhatsApp more than any other application on their smartphones. They exchange messages, text, GIFs, and videos and even make voice calls more frequently using WhatsApp than any other medium. And the number of WhatsApp users is significantly increasing each day.




  1. WhatsApp is recorded to be the 7th most downloaded application in America in the year 2021; more than 47 million downloaded WhatsApp in the United States as of the year 2021. At the same time, the other popularly downloaded applications were Instagram, Tiktok, and Snapchat.



  1. WhatsApp is the most popular social messaging app in the entire world. This one on the list of WhatsApp statistics is actually predictable. While there are other widely used applications as well, like QQ, Telegram, Snapchat, WeChat, etc. WhatsApp is still the most used application for social messaging.
  1. More than a hundred billion messages are sent over WhatsApp and around 2 billion minutes of voice calls and video calls take place via WhatsApp every day. Not only is WhatsApp in great use for texting, but for voice and video calls as well; people all over the world tend to prefer it.
  1. WhatsApp is used the most by women aged 55 to 64. It has been observed that WhatsApp is more prevalently used by men in the age groups of 45 to 54 and 55 to 64, while it is ranked the highest in popularity for women in the age groups of 55 to 64. While for the women in the age bracket of 16 to 24, WhatsApp is the least popular.
  1. WhatsApp is also the third most used social media platform in the world. The next one on the list of WhatsApp user stats is that WhatsApp is the third most used social media platform. More than 2 billion individuals use it regularly.


  1. In the United States, 78% of WhatsApp users use the app a minimum of one time a week. There has been a recent increase in the number of WhatsApp users lately owing to the pandemic and several businesses establishing themselves on the WhatsApp Business app.
  1. It has also been noted that 28% of the people who use WhatsApp dwell in an urban setting, while around 23% are suburb residents. Also, around 9% of people who use WhatsApp live in and around rural areas.
  1. There are six countries where the use of WhatsApp is restricted. This includes China, Syria, Korea, Cuba, Iran, and United Arab Emirates.
  1. WhatsApp Business has been downloaded approximately 215 million times on Android and iOS. India is at the top of the list of countries where WhatsApp Business has been downloaded the most times. Brazil is the second in line.
  1. 1.5% of WhatsApp users are unique to the platform. Out of the 2 billion users of WhatsApp, 1.5% of users only use WhatsApp and no other social media platform.
  1. One of the most interesting WhatsApp Business stats is that WhatsApp allows its users to run a conversation with as many as 256 individuals at a single time from anywhere around the world. For this, you need a strong WiFi or data connection, and you can send and receive information easily.
  1. WhatsApp increased its search volume by 24.2% YOY. As surprising as it sounds, it is true that ‘WhatsApp’ is the seventh most popular word searched after words like ‘Google’, ‘Facebook’, ‘Youtube’, etc. This increased search volume is effective for marketing via WhatsApp Business.
  1. On average, an android WhatsApp user spends around 19 hours on WhatsApp each month. WhatsApp’s global cumulative time spent has only been beaten by Facebook. It is believed that an average Android user spends somewhere between 19 and 20 hours per month on the application. While Instagram is the third in number. WhatsApp Business also ranks amongst the top ten in terms of hours spent per month.
  1. WhatsApp is used in more than 180 countries as of now. WhatsApp is indeed a global platform and is used by people worldwide. It is a reliable messaging app and works fast and effectively even without a strong internet connection. Out of the 195 countries in the entire world, as many as 180+ countries already use WhatsApp. This is indeed one of the most fascinating WhatsApp user statistics.
  1. India has the maximum number of WhatsApp users in the world. In India alone, there are as many as 390 million WhatsApp users. Therefore India ranks the highest in terms of WhatsApp users worldwide, while the US ranks third with around 75.1 million users. This is just about one-fifth of the total number of WhatsApp users in India. And this is simply not due to India’s large population but more because of the application’s popularity in India. The top ten countries with the highest number of WhatsApp users include India, Brazil, the USA, Indonesia, Russia, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK.
  1. As per WhatsApp’s user demographics, 33% of WhatsApp users are college graduates. WhatsApp is an extremely popular app amongst college graduates. It has been noted that 33% of WhatsApp users are individuals who have graduated from college, while around 20% of WhatsApp users are high school graduates.
  1. 27% of the world’s selfies are shared via WhatsApp. As per this one on the list of WhatsApp stats, a large chunk of the world’s selfies is shared using WhatsApp. Earlier Facebook was the only go-to place for sharing and uploading selfies, but with the advent of WhatsApp, as much as 27% of selfies are shared on it, while only 8% are shared on Instagram.
  1. There are as many as 50 million users on WhatsApp Business. It is extremely popular amongst small and big businesses and e-commerce stores today. Since it was launched, WhatsApp Business has gained a lot of popularity. There are different business tools and categorization options available on WhatsApp Business.
  1. The app is ranked #17 in the business app category on the app store. WhatsApp Business is ranked in the top 20 business apps as per the Apple app store rating. WhatsApp Business is also listed amongst other important business apps like Zoom Cloud, Microsoft Team, Skype, etc.
  1. 175 million people a day use WhatsApp to contact businesses. WhatsApp has proven its importance in business as it acts as an excellent word of mouth for marketing. According to one of the WhatsApp stats, 175 million people use WhatsApp daily to get in touch with businesses to ask queries, place orders, etc. WhatsApp Business has become an essential customer service channel for businesses, whether big or small.
  1. The WhatsApp application has recorded over 146 million ratings on the Android platform. WhatsApp’s average score on the Android platform is 4.1. While on iOS, the WhatsApp app’s rating has crossed over 9 million. The average score is 4.8.
  1. An average WhatsApp user opens the app 23-25 times in a single day. It has been observed that, on average, a user spends about thirty-eight minutes on WhatsApp daily. WhatsApp voice calls and video calls account for additional time users spend on the app each day. A total of 2 billion minutes are spent on video calls and voice calls each day by users.
  1. WhatsApp is not as popular in the United States as we presume it to be. There are only 68 million WhatsApp users in the United States. Out of these 68 million users, only 26 million have been reportedly called active users using the app throughout the month.
  1. There are several growing WhatsApp markets, the top ten of them being. Russia, India, France, Indonesia, the US, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Finland, and Austria. WhatsApp’s active user base has risen by more than 10% in the last two years. WhatsApp’s user base is only going to expand rapidly in the future.

Launched in 2009 as a simple chat app, WhatsApp was just a texting service for Android users. In about four years, WhatsApp evolved into one of the most popular messenger apps., however, is one of the least visited sites on the web, even though there are WhatsApp users throughout the world.

Currently, there are more than 200 million monthly active WhatsApp users. As per the above-mentioned WhatsApp stats, WhatsApp has become a useful marketing channel for businesses and brands worldwide. Now it is undoubtedly the most used mobile messaging app in the world.


1. Does WhatsApp have analytics?

WhatsApp offers a chat analyzer tool that collects several stats like the active users, the busiest time period on the app, total messages, average messages received per user, group chat messages, and more.

2. How can I check my WhatsApp Business stats?

To check your WhatsApp Business statistics, you need to follow these steps:
● Open WhatsApp Business
● Click on More options
● Select the Business tools option
● Choose more options from there
● Click on Statistics

3. How can I find WhatsApp groups by category?

A website named ‘WhatsApp Group Links’ helps users find such communities, where they can share and read content about topics or topics that interest them. Some of the popular WhatsApp Group topics, as per WhatsApp stats, are news, funny content, study, technology, gaming, shopping, entertainment, etc.

4. How many languages is WhatsApp available in?

WhatsApp is available in as many as 60 languages. But this is the case for android devices, while on iOS (iPhone, Apple devices), WhatsApp can only support about 40 languages.