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Welcome Pepper CMP

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Posted on 24/03/234 min read
Welcome Pepper CMP

A powerful platform to empower businesses to scale content marketing by marrying enterprise workflows, expert talent, and AI 

With the help of generative AI tools, powerful workflows, and a global expert talent network, Pepper Content sets out to revolutionize the content ecosystem with the launch of its Content Marketing Platform by empowering marketers with an all-in-one enterprise platform.

What Salesforce has done to Sales, Pepper Content will do for Content.

Pepper Content launches its much anticipated Content Marketing Platform (CMP), an all-in-one platform that brings together the power of AI, human creativity, and seamless workflows and software that can empower the modern marketer.

Content marketing is a $400 billion industry and has seen a massive boom over the last decade. Pepper’s new platform seeks to address the many pain points that content marketers face and fills in the gaps by automating content operations and integrating technology with creative experts, all within one content workflow.

As a content company at heart, we understand content marketers’ hurdles. These range from finding the right talent and subject matter experts, managing content operations smoothly, and the hard work of manoeuvring through multiple tools to create, manage and analyse their content efforts. Our content marketing platform sits at this perfect intersection where we have utilised the capabilities of our AI-powered content assistant,, and created never-before-seen workflows to manage content from strategy to analytics, all within one tool.”

Anirudh Singla, Co-founder and CEO of Pepper Content

Key Features

Content Workflows that Work for You

Most content tools work in isolation. Marketers subscribe to one tool for keyword research, sign into a marketplace to find the subject matter experts to actually create the content, use multiple spreadsheets to manage their editorial calendar and the content production process, and a plethora of other tools for analysis and more. Pepper’s Content Marketing Platform will be the place with the most efficient tools in the hands of a marketer. Instead of function-first, it is built with a workflow-first approach, keeping the marketer at the front and centre of its technology.

  • Content hub for multiple tools
  • Unique AI-powered tools like Pepper Docs, Pepper’s very own workspace 
  • An intuitive, step-by-step interface

State-of-the-art AI Technology

The platform leverages the expertise gained via, launched two years ago with a global base of 400,000+ users. Not only has AI been integrated into the content creation process through powerful prompts, but it is also placed strategically along the entire content marketing process, to shortlist and assemble the perfect team of creators and experts for a customer, define strategy through smart keyword research and smart features like Content Audit and Content Refresh.

  • Templatized prompts to beat the blank page blues with Pepper AI
  • Enhanced AI firepower to create a strategy and assemble the right team
  • Content Audit and Refresh tools built into the workflow

The Power of Human Creativity

Finding the right talent and subject matter experts and getting the best out of them is still a major challenge for marketers. Pepper’s 150,000+ expert creative talent marketplace combined with the capabilities of the Content Marketing Platform enables customers to create easy content briefs, find the right creators for the job, and track the delivery and monitor quality, all within the platform.

Pepper Content is a hidden gem! You can create content with AI and hire top 3% of freelance talent. The AI can tell you what keywords are relevant, and can create the first draft which is then shared with editors, and everything is managed in this one cool platform!”

Kieran Flanagan, CMO, Zapier

Simplify with Seamless Integrations

The true value of any platform lies in its ability to integrate with various tools that are already a part of the modern marketer’s army. Pepper’s Content Marketing Platform has seamless workflows integrated with tools such as SEMrush, Google Analytics, Copyscape, Grammarly, and WordPress, to name a few. As and when the need arises in the content marketing process, each tool presents itself – almost like magic. 

  • Deep-dive into insights with the power of tools you already use
  • Current partners include SEMrush, Google Analytics, Copyscape, Grammarly, and WordPress. More to follow soon.

We spoke to 200+ global marketing leaders in the past few months who validated this platform that we set out to build. Hearing leaders from companies like WordPress, HubSpot, Snowflake, and Evernote – to name a few – talk about what their ‘dream CMP’, would look like and then mapping it to our product roadmap gave us an amazing insight into what the next revolution in the content marketing landscape was. We believe that with this platform, we are ushering in the future of content marketing that is all about the right technology, people, and processes.”

Rishabh Shekhar, Co-founder, and COO at Pepper Content. 

With a vision to manage content every step of the way, the platform enables building an SEO content strategy, content operations, content analytics, and distribution. It solves three main objectives that most marketers struggle with when it comes to content: growing organic traffic, scaling content efficiently, and providing content RoI.