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A Guide To Using WhatsApp For Effective Content Marketing

Team Pepper
Posted on 24/03/227 min read
A Guide To Using WhatsApp For Effective Content Marketing
Would you like to generate leads for your business using WhatsApp? Heed this guide on using WhatsApp as a medium for distributing marketing content effectively.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction to WhatsApp Business 
  • Why is WhatsApp Content Marketing essential for Your Business?
  • Benefits of Adding WhatsApp To Content Marketing 
  • How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy using WhatsApp 
  • FAQs

Businesses offering global services are always faced with the challenge of engaging with clients in a customized and cost-effective way. It is also difficult to provide personal interactions with customers when you aren’t online.

Connecting with customers and delivering on their needs is a continual goal for businesses.  WhatsApp can be one of the essential marketing tools like Twitter and Facebook to meet this end. WhatsApp content marketing has overtaken email and conventional ad forms, and it may be just as important for your company’s online presence as other online platforms.

Introduction to WhatsApp Business 

WhatsApp Business was designed with small business owners in mind and is accessible for Android and iPhone devices as a free app. 


WhatsApp Business makes it simpler to communicate with consumers by offering tools for automating, sorting, and swiftly responding to messages. Furthermore, it replicates WhatsApp Messenger’s look, feel, and functionality. It can be used as usual for sending images and texting.

The app presently has the following attributes:

1. Business profile

This section includes the company’s name, address, email id, and website URL. You must provide additional information about your company before using more advanced features like automatic messaging, etc. Settings allow you to control information about your company’s physical locations, hours of operation, and website under the business profile section.

2. Messaging tools

Clients can use these tools to receive prompt responses through messaging.

3. Labels

Using labels, you can keep track of all of your conversations and messages in one place.

4. Message Statistics

You can find essential information in your message stats, like how many messages are delivered and read.

WhatsApp Business is ideal for small enterprises with minimal client inquiries as a stand-alone smartphone app. The WhatsApp Business API has also been designed to meet the needs of large organizations with in-house support staff and a high volume of customer communications.

Why is WhatsApp Content Marketing Essential for Your Business?

It’s hard to overstate WhatsApp Business’s impact on a company’s marketing campaigns. Businesses seeking to reach customers locally and internationally will find this marketing channel indispensable while distributing content. When you employ WhatsApp content marketing for your business, you don’t have to worry about any constraints or boundaries since it enables you to communicate with consumers objectively.


  • With WhatsApp, you’re not only able to communicate through messages, but you can also establish groups and broadcast messages to them promptly. 
  • It’s simple to stay in touch with your customers when more than half of WhatsApp users use the app daily. Furthermore, according to several studies, you can be confident that your customers will open your text messages since they have a 98% open rate. 
  • Using WhatsApp content marketing, companies can reach out to their consumers, run promotions, and provide robust customer support.  Furthermore, since WhatsApp messages are sent instantly to the receiver’s device, there’s no need to stress about delivering the content on time or tracking the contact details of the intended recipient. 
  • You may ask your consumers to provide feedback on your product or service in the form of reviews and ratings. Provide people with ways to respond to a survey, such as links or alternatives. Customers are more likely to provide accurate feedback if they use WhatsApp as their primary contact method. They are more likely to engage with you if you provide them with creative feedback.
  • In addition to text messages, users may also exchange photos, videos, and other data types as WhatsApp marketing content using the app. You may transmit videos over WhatsApp for product demonstrations due to the service’s broad support for video content. If someone requests a demo, you may send the video immediately to his WhatsApp account.

This list of reasons proves that WhatsApp is a valuable marketing tool.

Benefits of Adding WhatsApp To Content Marketing 

With the launch of WhatsApp Business, the simple communication app revolutionized the way marketers deliver content for WhatsApp marketing with a new generation of instant messengers. The following information will help you get the most out of your WhatsApp marketing efforts:

1. Digital channel with a high engagement level

Businesses may gather and evaluate practical customer research with WhatsApp Business messaging. They may use its capabilities to ask their consumers directly about their preferences and learn more about them. WhatsApp business features allow businesses to:

  • Survey and poll customers to better understand what they want and what they’re willing to pay for.
  • Individualize your responses to serve your customers better.
  • Users are more likely to engage with a company when communicating with them through several channels and appreciate their time.

2. A secure, private environment

Customers place a high value on safe platforms. WhatsApp is a secure platform that doesn’t share information with other parties, making it a good alternative for those who want to communicate privately. Customers regard it as a safe and private place to express themselves often since it is ad-free.

WhatsApp Business requires every business account to be authenticated, so clients can be assured they are communicating with a verified business.

Clients may be sure that they are communicating with a legitimate company using WhatsApp Business since a business must authenticate each account.

3. Different demographics usage

Customers are considerably more likely to contact and engage if a brand is available on their chosen platform. Even though most of WhatsApp’s users are under 30, its features make it usable by people of all ages. Customers may communicate with companies in real-time through WhatsApp, which provides them with an immediate and dynamic platform.

In today’s world, consumers expect companies to communicate with them in a customized way, particularly online and through mobile. WhatsApp is an excellent tool for organizations that want to provide this service. As a consequence, the opinions of customers are taken seriously.


4. Real-time assistance and customer service 

There has never been a more critical time for companies to make themselves readily available and approachable to their clients. Using WhatsApp Business Messaging is a no-brainer. This widely utilized platform provides instantaneous communications that are both efficient and trustworthy.

WhatsApp provides real-time notifications and updates. With no intermediary in the way, pressing inquiries may be addressed quickly and directly without any delays.

5. Reduced marketing expenditures

WhatsApp is still a highly cost-effective medium for small enterprises. WhatsApp marketing increases conversions, boosts revenue, fosters long-term client connections, and does all of this at a fraction of the expense of traditional marketing methods. 

6. Reveals vital customers insights

Thanks to WhatsApp Business’s message analytics function, it’s possible to obtain vital insights and analyze success levels in new ways. Businesses may keep track of the times when their clients are most engaged online and adjust their resources as necessary.  

A firm may organize and categorize its chat interactions into various categories using features like labels. Broadcast messages will be available to everyone with that label. Possibly, this will improve delivery, reliability, and even the capacity to get the message out.


How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy Using Whatsapp 

First, you must establish a unique brand identity. Build a persona that symbolizes your company and relates to the target audience on some level.

Establishing a list of possible clients and business colleagues is crucial in the process. When developing a product, think about keeping your consumers updated on its development. The ability to cancel or change a subscription would be a helpful feature.

1. Set up your company profile properly

Incorporate all of your company’s pertinent contact information, such as hours of operation, a website, an email address, and a location, into your online profile, including your profile picture. Finally, you have the option of adding your business category and description.

2. Plan your communication 

Set clear goals for your content, but don’t restrict yourself to promotional messaging alone. Your audience wants to be entertained and educated.

Media assets like animations, videos, and pictures may help you make your points. It is also essential to follow the standard practice of sending 5-10 mails every week.

3. Use messaging tools

Make use of available communication channels.

The use of welcome messages, swift responses, and away messages may help you build and maintain strong connections with your customers. Depending on the nature of the communication, quick responses are a fantastic way to respond.

4. Create marketing campaigns for diverse audiences

Maintain customer loyalty by creating separate groups for high-value clients based on their specific needs, interests, and preferences. Additionally, you may provide them with fresh product samples, solicit their opinion, and ask for their input on any new ideas they have.

5. Label your interactions for easy tracking

Instead of storing random contact names, you may add and edit labels to discussions when you have many connections for different purposes. In addition, you can also build your labels to split groups in the system.

WhatsApp Business In Summary

WhatsApp marketing is a great way to strengthen your brand and develop strong consumer connections. Businesses like WhatsApp’s ability to provide real-time communication. Using WhatsApp, you may send messages to your customers in various formats, including text, video, audio, and even automated ones.

If you run an e-commerce business, you may profit from WhatsApp Business’s marketing services since you can target particular audiences based on location or interest.

WhatsApp is a vital, low-cost, easy-to-use option for reaching your target audience, establishing a relationship, and promoting your brand or service. Your WhatsApp content marketing quality is more significant than the frequency and volume you send while using WhatsApp in the workplace. Good business practices and the prominence of an automated platform will help.


1. What type of content is on WhatsApp?

Messaging apps allow users to send multimedia such as images, GIFs, videos, and audio files.

2. How to execute mass WhatsApp marketing?

You may use WhatsApp Marketing software to send mass messages to many people.

3. How much does WhatsApp marketing cost?

The WhatsApp Business app is free to download; there is no marketing cost. Buying extra software may cost you money.

4. What is a ‘broadcast list’ in WhatsApp?

A broadcast group is a group of recipients. Each recipient receives messages separately, and contacts cannot see each other.

5. How to optimize WhatsApp for business?

Use alternative message formats, consider WhatsApp chatbots, market your WhatsApp customer support number, and manage responses through the WhatsApp Web.