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Top 30 Women in Content: The Ultimate List for 2022

Team Pepper
Posted on 8/03/2210 min read
Top 30 Women in Content: The Ultimate List for 2022

This International Women’s Day, we celebrate our pick of the top 30 women in content marketing and writing in India and internationally. These women have broken the glass ceiling time and again to be where they are today, and they are making great strides in the content marketing industry. Whether from a B2C or a B2B background, in technical products to FMCG and retail, or even if they are all about content–these women are slaying it with their expertise. 

Let’s take a look. 

Top 30 Women in Content: The Ultimate List 

1. Aishwarya Javalgekar

Aishwarya is the Head of Content and Podcasts at Bound India. She is armed with degrees in English and publishing and is passionate about discovering new stories. At Bound, she has been focusing on creating top-class content and breaking new grounds in storytelling. Apart from this, Aishwarya is also a feminist writer, poet, editor, and podcaster. You can check out more about Aishwarya on

2. Akshatha Kamath

Akshatha is the Head of Content at MoEngage. Her passion for writing and technology allowed her to find a sweet spot in her career. An engineer by profession, she found technical writing in 2005 to blend her passions and eventually became a content marketer. Today, she heads content marketing for MoEngage. Her 17 years of experience also show in her accolades as part of the LinkedIn50, the Top 25 Women in Content APAC, WMC Influencer, Oracle FAST100, and much more. 

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3. Bani Kaur

Bani is a freelance B2B SaaS writer who uses design thinking to write research-driven and value-packed content for B2B SaaS brands. She specializes in thought leadership content, refurbishing blog content, and creating white papers and long-form content for companies. 

4. Bianca Ghose

Bianca is the Chief Storyteller, and Head of CEO Communications at Wipro. She has experience covering television, marketing communications, and culture change as a change agent. Her expertise shows her work as a journalist and storyteller, which has carried her forward to where she is today. 

Today, Bianca balances her passion for storytelling with strategic communications at Wipro. Having joined in the first-ever role of its kind, she heads the messaging and brand for the company’s CEO and serves on Wipro’s Inclusion & Diversity Council.

Bianca is also on the Board of Ek Kadam Aur Foundation for Education & Health, working with underprivileged children in the Asia Pacific. 

5. Camille Trent

Camille’s LinkedIn profile shows how in with the times she is. Being the Head of Content at Dooly, Camille’s skills and experience include copywriting and brand strategy, social media content, and designing skills. Camille’s background spans advertising, copywriting, and product marketing. Startups are her passion, and she has a knack for taking a deep dive into the minds of people she works with to understand how to execute content well. 

6. Colleen Jones 

Colleen is the Founder and President of Content Science—an end-to-end content company that closes the content gap in digital transformation. Over the years, Colleen has advised and trained leading global organizations in digital content. These include 8 of the Fortune 50, 5 of the largest U.S. web properties, 3 of the largest non-profits, and 3 of the most trusted U.S. government agencies. She is also the author of The Content Advantage.

Colleen has also been the force behind innovative products. She has been instrumental in the patented content intelligence software ContentWRX, award-winning online magazine Content Science Review, and the growing Content Science Academy.

And the list continues: Colleen has been named one of the Top 50 Most Influential Women in Content Marketing on lists such as TopRank and BuzzSumo, a Content Change Agent by Society of Technical Communication’s Intercom Magazine, and one of the Top 50 Most Influential Content Strategists by multiple organizations, among many, many other achievements. 

7. Diana Briceño

Diana is the Head of Content at VEED.IO where she grew the brand’s blog by 1,366% in just eight months! She has also supported the brand’s YouTube channel growth from 0 to 8% traffic to the VEED website and 150+ monthly conversions (and growing) by creating and implementing a keyword research process.

Diana has been responsible for creating documentation for the company’s video content’s best practices framework for creating engaging and top-ranking video content and has worked hard to nurture meaningful relationships with followers and actual VEED users. Check out more information on Diana at

8. Dipashree Das

Dipashree Das is the Senior Marketer at Netflix. She has a slew of achievements across her career including the launching and scaling of OTT and consumer tech brands across 6 SEA countries. 

Dipashree is an award-winning marketing leader with 18 years of experience launching and designing brands for exponential business growth across India and SEA. At Netflix India, she has successfully launched programs like Haseen Dillruba (2021), Ludo (2020), and Sacred Games S2 (2019). 

Dipashree’s accolades include NDTV Asia’s Woman Leader 2021 by CMO Asia, Content Mogul APAC 2021, e4M Play Streaming Media Awards 2021 for Best Marketing Campaign for Sacred Games S2, MMA Smarties 2020 Winner for Mobile Innovation and LinkedIn Power Profile Singapore 2017. 

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9. Elna Cain 

Elna is a B2B SaaS and Digital Marketing Writer and the owner of an Award Winning Blog 6 Years in a Row. She specializes in writing highly engaging, long-form content to rank in Google and attract leads along with email sequences and funnels for brands.

Among her many achievements, Elna has written for well-known digital native (to North America) brands, including OptinMonster, Zapier, Freshworks, Smartblogger, Blogging Wizard, PageWiz Sendlane, and more. She has been featured in publications like Entrepreneur and Business Insider.

Find out more about Elna on

10. Emily Dumas

Emily is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at Evernote. She is a marketing enthusiast with over 11 years of experience. Her specialization is in content strategy, product marketing, and competitive intelligence.

Emily previously worked in Product Content at ZoomInfo and content at Crayon. Apart from her regular 9-5 job, she contributes to multiple digital publications and freelances as a marketing consultant.

Find out more about her on

11. Forum Sheth

Forum Sheth is the AVP-Content and Brand Marketing at WebEngage. Her core expertise is in B2B SaaS, and her passion is storytelling. Forum’s key writing interest is stories on bravery, data, and human psychology. And she has been writing SaaS content for over half a decade now.  

In her role at WebEngage, she has been instrumental in building and training a team of content marketers. The main goal is to strike a chord with product and marketing professionals in the highly competitive marketing automation space.

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12. Kaleigh Moore

Kaleigh is a freelance writer and retail contributor for Forbes and Vogue Business. She specializes in blog content, research, and reporting and has clients like Shopify, AT&T, and more. Kaleigh also talks about retail, DTC, and sustainable fashion for publications like Vogue Business, Forbes, Glossy, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur, and Fast Company

Know more about here at

13. Komal Ahuja 

Komal Ahuja is a freelance marketing writer specializing in B2B SaaS brands and agencies. Her clients include Hotjar, Shopify, Wynter, Veed, InVideo, and Business Bloomer. She is an expert in writing data-driven and actionable long-form content about sales, marketing, and e-commerce. Komal creates top-notch content that speaks to brands’ audiences and helps freelancers level up their freelancing game through targeted content and consultations. 

Komal has delivered over 35 speaker sessions about freelancing, content, and copywriting. 

14. Lisa Toner Dahmani

Lisa is the Director of Content at HubSpot. She leads a team of talented content marketers to create educational and inspiring content to help business professionals grow in their careers.

Her team aims to attract, engage and convert a qualified audience across HubSpot’s blog, podcast, YouTube, and newsletter channels. Lisa is also the Founder of ETCH Kids – a company that helps children develop positive mental health through carefully designed products and mindfulness classes. 

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15. Masooma Memon

Masooma is a freelance writer for B2B SaaS companies. She is passionate about writing and has been so since the third grade. Masooma works with clients looking at quality content to educate and engage with their audience. She uses a unique combination of storytelling and research to create engaging long-form blog posts and articles on various subjects like productivity, digital marketing, customer experience, and UX design.

16. Natasha Puri

Natasha is the Content Marketing Lead at Pepper Content. Her passion for spinning stories led her to where she is today—an award-winning content marketer with a decade of experience in various industries, including book publishing, SaaS, and travel. 

Currently, Natasha leads the content marketing at Pepper Content, where she manages all customer-facing content creation and works closely with writers, editors, and the social and community teams. She was selected in the Top 50 Most Influential Content Marketing Professionals Issued by CMO Asia, World Marketing Congress in Nov 2019. 

17. Priya Patankar

Priya is the Head of Communications at PhonePe. She has over 20 years of experience in marketing and communication and is an action-oriented professional who believes in contributing more than just strategy. Priya has proven external and internal communication, demand generation, and content management expertise. 

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18. Rochi Zalani

Rochi is a freelance content writer for SaaS and eCommerce companies and creates high-quality ROI-driven blog content. She has bylines in Zapier and Business Insider and testimonials from industry experts. She also ghostwrites and has written for brands like ShoppingGives, Mesa, NuORDER, Shopify, Hypercontext, etc. 

19. Saheli Chatterjee

Saheli’s LinkedIn header reads “Helping Business Owners Create Six Figure Marketing Campaigns.” As a social media marketing specialist, she works with coaches, consultants, and service-based businesses. She aims to help passion-driven entrepreneurs navigate the social media marketing world.

Saheli has over three years of experience in social media and over five years of experience in YouTube and Instagram growth using video marketing. She has been instrumental in growing multiple accounts from scratch both organically and through paid ads. She is an expert in leveraging the power of social media and video marketing. 

20. Sanchari Pal

Sanchari is the Head of Content at The Better India. She is a biotech engineer who fell in love with writing and decided to make it her profession. Today, she works on small campaigns for significant causes and leaves no stone unturned while writing stories about food, travel, culture, history, sustainability, change-makers, civil servants, and more.

21. Sara Felsenstein

Sara is the Content Director at IBM Originals. At heart, she is detailed oriented and strategic when it comes to content. Her passion is to translate audience needs into transformational marketing campaigns for brands. And that is seen in her work that has been published in the New York Times Metro Diary,,,, and Notre Dame Magazine

Sara also develops new, long-form case study templates that differentiate IBM from competitors and has been instrumental in increasing the average time users spent on the page by 50% and earning a Webby honoree for “best individual editorial feature.” Sara also received the Studio Star Award for creating a new audio-first social format, selected out of 40 teams and 250 employees! 

22. Shreya Pattar

Shreya is an agency owner, prolific e-book writer, and creator. She has professional experience in content writing and digital marketing, focusing on gaining engagement and creating an excellent brand presence online and offline. In her words, she thinks outside the box and creates a new one when required. Shreya’s services include writing, proofing, and editing content for various marketing materials and platforms. 

She can be contacted on

23. Sneha Beriwal

Sneha is the Head of Marketing – Product, Digital, and Direct at Aditya Birla Health Insurance Company. She is a passionate marketer who manages big budget plans, 360 campaigns, NPD, and digital. Armed with an MBA from the Indian School of Business, Sneha was ranked 20 in the 2012 Financial Times Worldwide ranking. She is also highly experienced in project management and successfully manages cross-functional teams. 

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24. Sonja Jacob

Sonja is the Head of Global Content and GTM, Enterprise Business Messaging at Meta (Facebook). She is a B2B marketing leader with 15 years of experience creating compelling content and fueling demand for companies like Cisco AppDynamics, HubSpot, Zenefits, and Drift. At Meta, she leads a dynamic team of integrated marketers. 

Sonja is passionate about building and growing inclusive, people-first teams. She has a wealth of experience implementing and scaling content and marketing functions at startups and established companies alike.

25. Stephanie Stahl 

Stephanie is the General Manager at the Content Marketing Institute. She is an experienced content creator, editor, and strategist. She aims to help educate brands about creatively engaging customers and turning them into loyal customers in her current role. 

26. Swagata Dam

Swagata is the Industry and Content Lead at Her 10-year journey in the media and entertainment industry has helped her acquire and hone her writing, content production, and social media marketing skills. Armed with both print and digital media experience, she is an expert in making content more engaging and consumer-friendly. 

Her experience over the years has also helped her hone her leadership qualities and firefighting tactics.

27. Val Swisher

Val Swisher is the Founder and CEO of Content Rules, Inc. She is responsible for the strategic direction of the company. Val speaks at conferences, maintains the corporate blog (, and contributes to the thought-leadership arena in content strategy, content creation, and global readiness.

Val is an expert in helping companies lower their content development and translation costs, improve their content quality in all languages, and get their content to market more quickly. She is also certified by Ann Rockley to provide The Rockley Method of developing a unified content strategy. Over the years, she has written three books, including her most recent, Global Content Strategy: A Primer.

28. Vanshika Goenka

Vanshika is the Founder and CEO of Kool Kanya. She was also selected as part of Linkedin’s Top Voice 2020. Vanshika’s core passion is gender equality at the workplace and is the reason behind the establishment of Kool Kanya. Kool Kanya is a safe space for aspiring professionals to learn from women leaders who have shattered glass ceilings to be strong, independent, and successful professionals.

29. Vanshika Mehta

Vanshika is a brand strategist, storyteller, and communications consultant who enables global startups to build loved brands. She was chosen as part of Linkedin’s Top Voice in 2021 and has worked in eCommerce, Fintech, and design using her skills to build their brand and strengthen communications. 

Vanshika can be reached at

30. Zahra Motorwala Kothari

Zahra is the Content Specialist at Adfactors PR (Digital). She has over ten years of experience as a writer and content creator, having worked extensively for websites like, WhatsHot Mumbai, LBB Mumbai, Tata Cliq, and magazines like Go Getter (Inflight magazine for Go Air), Marwar, JetWings (Inflight magazine for Jet Airways) and Apparel India, amongst others.

She specializes in digital content and writes for various genres, including but not limited to food, travel, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and relationships. 


So, these are the top 30 women to watch out for in the content writing and marketing sector. We worked hard to select them from a larger pool of data and they’ve all stood out for their experience, expertise, interest, the way they have climbed up the career ladder and reached new heights. Each one is unique and inspires in her own way!