5 Things Your Mom Should Have Taught You About Content Writing

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Posted on 24/12/218 min read
5 Things Your Mom Should Have Taught You About Content Writing

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Five Mom-inspired Lessons About Content Writing
    1. Understand your audience
    2. The content’s context is crucial
    3. Research before creating the content
    4. Content should be beneficial to the company
    5. Presentation of content is crucial
  • Life Lessons We Learn From our Mother
  • Towards The End 
  • FAQs


Content writing is a job that is in high demand all over the world. These days, the article writing sector is thriving. The content writing market is increasing, thanks to the advent of the internet and all of the digital small and large organizations. Content writing of high quality is an invaluable tool for connecting brands with their customers. The content enhances audience participation and retention. Customers will keep coming back for more if you encourage them to participate in your brand and provide them with useful information.

In the field of SEO, content writing is a relatively new practice. A majority of people that use digital marketing today use content authoring to promote their website and blog. Content authoring assists users in obtaining useful information while also increasing website traffic. Backlinks are an add-on to your website’s SEO efforts. You may improve the visibility of your website by writing high-quality content. The SEO site evaluation assists in obtaining the appropriate content authoring instructions.

A mother instils several principles in children that encourages them to become good content writers. As we grow older, we should respect her teachings and the examples she sets. 

Here are five mom-inspired lessons about content writing you should know:

1. Understand your audience like a mother understands the needs of her child


When taking content writing lessons from your mother, first and foremost you need to focus on understanding the needs of your audience like your mother did yours. Moms teach their kids the information they need to know to survive in this world. Similarly, giving your audience helpful information to generate more leads and revenue is the goal of content writing. The best way to ensure that your customers keep coming back to you like you used to run back to your mother at the first sight of trouble, is to provide them with the answers they seek. Figure out what your target audience is and focus on catering to them. This will build a loyal customer base. However, this requires you to understand the needs of your client, you can do that with the help of research into your client base. 

Another clever content writing lesson you can learn from your mom is to use SEO. How, you ask? SEOs are similar to rules or advice that your mother gave you when you were growing up. Follow SEO tactics like gospels. Keep a few helpful seo content writing tips like use of backlinks and keywords, and you are set. However, one of the most important content writing tips that you should remember is that driving up engagement with your content will all be for naught unless the content you produce is something that your customers understand.

2. Work smarter not harder; recycle content like your mother recycled leftovers

Were you ever scolded by your mother for repeating things out of context? Well, think of this as all the times your mom told you not to bring up words or sentences out of context of the discussion in front of the house guests. When reading a passage, whether it comes from a letter, a novel or other written text, or even something spoken orally, we must understand what the context says, which is very important or most important, that is, in the context of the specific circumstances, to avoid misinterpretation. To capture and retain audience attention in today’s always-connected, multi-device environment, your content must be contextually relevant. When and where your audience is looking for information, make yourself visible. Make your information searchable and discoverable across several platforms, including mobile and voice. Make sure your content is both visually and textually appropriate for the platform. 

Moms all over the world have always had a superpower of turning the leftover dinner from the night before into a charming dish for lunch. So, taking content writing tips from your mom, try to create your content in a way that it may be viewed on a range of devices. When it comes to content, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. You can apply content writing lessons: For each platform, create different versions of your content. This strategy ensures that your data is always up to date. Different forms of content should be used. Maximize your audience’s size and their ability to read your content at their leisure.

3. No one’s born perfect, not your mom and certainly not your content writing skills

Here’s the most basic content writing tip you must keep in mind; it requires practice, just like schoolwork, to consistently produce high-quality content. Your mom wasn’t perfect at being a mom from the get go, she struggled too. But she kept at it, day in and day out. Similarly, you must write regularly and show up on the page. As well, reading a diverse spectrum of high-quality fiction and non-fiction improves your writing. Fiction, in particular, teaches you about character and plot structure. As well, the development of the writer’s enunciation is aided by fiction.

Content writing lessons you can use:

  • Begin by composing a list of potential content topics. Before you begin, complete your writing homework and outline. It facilitates the development of content. One can follow the five steps of BRAVO methods to get better ideas of the content. Brainstorm the ideas, Give your brain a break, evaluate and pick ideas, review and quality ideas, and outline ideas. 
  • Make use of the editorial column. Plan your large and weekly content efforts rather than pulling an all-nighter before your big content initiatives are due.
  • Everyone should make it a habit to read something daily. Make it a point to do so regularly. 

4. Content should be beneficial to the company like your mother’s contributions were beneficial to your family

Bright Poster Family Protection with Children. State Protection for Families with Small Children. Parents and Children Stand in Park, Close-up above his Hands. Vector Illustration.


No matter what your mom does, what actions she takes, she always has the best interest of your family in mind. So one of the article writing tips you can learn from your mother is make sure the content you produce is beneficial for the company as a whole. Learning from mothers, try to provide value to your audience through your content, you will get more trust from them. Instead of becoming frustrated and leaving, they might visit your website, follow you on social media, or even sign up for your email list. Each of these tactics maintains you in people’s minds without making them feel as if you’re attempting to sell them something.

Any unique, original, or exclusive content or information that your audience can’t acquire elsewhere qualifies as value-added content. Video materials, case studies, research reports, white papers, promotional offers, tutorials, and blog posts are all examples of value-added content.

You can apply content writing lessons:

  • Provide the necessary resources (people and money) for creating, optimizing, and disseminating your content. It needs time and effort to produce high-quality material. 
  • Measure the success of your content marketing. Demonstrate to the board of directors that your content marketing is beneficial to the company. Include a trackable call to action that is relevant to your audience.

5. Presentation of content is crucial like mom’s presentation of the food was

Learnings from mothers are precious commodities, just like their food. Your mom not just cooked for you, she also did her best to present the food to you in the best way possible. Your mom understood the appeal of a good presentation. 


Any presentation depends to a large extent on the content. Before you start adding bells and whistles, make sure your material is accurate, factual, and well-organized. In an ideal scenario, you would have a complete understanding of your subject matter before presenting, but we all know that doesn’t always happen.

You can apply content writing lessons:

  • Format content to grab readers’ interest and keep them reading. When your content is a large block of text or has a tiny font, no one will read it. Outlines and bold information. Hire a copy editor to proofread your work. 
  • To improve your content, you’ll need a new set of eyes. To sound like a real person, carefully choose your words. According to studies, you should write for an 8th-grade readership and utilize shorter words that maintain the sense of the piece.

Learnings From Mothers

The learnings from mothers that you pick up, instill virtues such as honesty and justice in you. At a young age, parents instill in their children the ability to get along with others. The mother’s first instruction was about getting along with and caring for my younger siblings. Parents did their best to treat everyone fairly and equally. However, the mother recognizes that each child has distinct strengths and needs. As a result, she tries to provide enough nurturing to everyone. After we finished playing, Mom insisted on picking up our toys and cleaning our room. When it comes to eating, mothers are the nutritional police.


When taking into consideration all the things your mother taught you, you will realize, she was giving you life lessons that you could easily apply to your day to day life as a content writer. She gave you a bunch of content writing tips without you ever realizing it. The way mothers realize the different needs of different kids, you need to understand that different clients might be looking for different things from your content. It is your job to present the content in a way that caters to the needs of the maximum number of people in your target audience as possible.

Towards The End

Our mothers teach us valuable content marketing lessons, even if we don’t recognize it at the time. At its foundation, content marketing is about expressing how much you care for your readers, prospects, customers, employees, and the general public, much like a mother’s love for her children. So if you are learning from mothers that you do carry with you when writing content, remember the one of most important content writing tips you will ever get; create content that is good and informative in nature. Your mother gave you the knowledge that made you a better person and informed you of the ins and outs of the world. Try to achieve the same goal with your content. 

Your content aids you in building stronger bonds with the people you’re trying to target. Therefore, you can help potential buyers by providing them with the knowledge they need to make informed judgments. 


1. What things do we learn from our mother?

Here are the few important things that we learn from our mother  Keep a cheerful attitude and a grateful heart at all times.
• Consider the consequences of your actions.
• The significance of nonverbal communication.
• Every day is a blessing.
• Assist others who are less fortunate.
• Consider others’ feelings

2.  What are the different things that mother taught you about content writing lessons?

Here are the few things that mother taught about content writing are-
• Add value to the content
• Language
• Acronyms 
• Introduction
• Keywords
• References
• Abstract
• Title

3. How do parents help their children to write good content at home?

Parents can help children write good content at home in the following ways:
• Make a writing space for your child.
• Encourage your child to keep a notebook of reflections.
• Allow your child to participate in real-life writing projects.
• Set an example for your children by writing.
• Begin keeping a vocabulary notebook.
• Assist your child is getting her writing published.

4. What are the content writing tips for children?

The following are content writing tips that children can use when writing content –
• Children should use their abilities to gather knowledge from their surroundings.
• Write about their experiences and interests.
• Use drama to bring their ideas to life by reading a variety of genres.

5. What are the skills that content writers need?

Here are some skills that a content writer need –
• Create unique and innovative materials.
• In-depth knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO)
• Effective communication skills
• Social media knowledge

6. What are the rules of SEO content writing?

The following are the rules of SEO content writing-
• Write for people
• Know-How to Find Keywords and Understand Google’s Algorithm
• Create long-form content
• Provide a link to a high-quality website
• Make a meta description.
• Make use of a lot of subheadings.