The 11 Best SEO Plugins for Shopify to Optimize Your Website

Team Pepper
Posted on 27/04/235 min read
The 11 Best SEO Plugins for Shopify to Optimize Your Website
SEO is critical for e-commerce stores, and adding SEO plugins for Shopify makes setting up your e-commerce store much easier. This blog talks about the top 11.

All successful e-commerce companies maintain a great relationship with their customers. And Shopify is one of the top examples of this. And, when you use SEO plugins for Shopify, you can ensure a fantastic customer experience and scale your business easily.

Search engine optimization is critical for an e-commerce store. Adding SEO plugins for Shopify makes setting up your e-commerce store much easier. However, since Shopify by itself doesn’t support your SEO strategy, it is tedious to add title tags, meta descriptions, and update your content constantly.

The trick lies in adding the best SEO plugin for Shopify, which you may find at the Shopify App Store or any other online source. You need to pick and choose the best free SEO apps for Shopify to maximize your platform’s value and witness a boom in your Shopify store sales.


Impact of SEO Plugins

SEO plugins are a must for an e-commerce store as they render your SEO campaigns highly cost-effective. The best SEO plugin for Shopify helps you create a professional-looking website, and more importantly, you can make it mobile-friendly and easy for mobile users to navigate. SEO plugins for Shopify can also help optimize your site to load faster to provide a fantastic experience for your users.

When you use the best SEO plugin for Shopify, it helps integrate your content marketing on social media platforms. Another significant benefit of the best Shopify SEO plugins is that they help check for broken links and faulty redirects. You can also improve local SEO ranking with these plugins. Furthermore, you can use the best free SEO app for Shopify to identify errors, and also optimize your meta description and tags.

The 11 Best SEO Plugins for Shopify to Optimize Your Website

1. HappyFox Chat

Your e-commerce site cannot be up and ready without HappyFox Chat, which is one of the best SEO plugins for Shopify. It is a live chat app that lets you provide real-time support to your customers, drastically reduce cart abandonment, engage with potential customers, and increase sales.

This plugin for SEO on Shopify lets you view the order history of your customers; track the order status along with details of items and their quantities.

3. WhatsApp Chat + Abandoned Cart

Did you know that WhatsApp has more users than LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest put together? It is easy to use WhatsApp as the best SEO plugin for Shopify as it lets you add WhatsApp live chats and a share button to your Shopify store. 

At the click of a button, you can send abandoned cart recovery alerts, track your orders, confirm orders, and share delivery dates as notifications.

3. FAM App

The FAM app is an incredible plugin for SEO on Shopify that can use data culled from your Shopify store and Instagram. It can convey product images, logos, brand colors, and website fonts to generate engaging emails quickly. 

One of the best SEO plugin Shopify apps, FAM App can schedule emails automatically and send them to your target audience at the right time. It charges a nominal 5% fee on revenue received through emails.


Referral programs are known to help businesses increase their clientele, and is the best free SEO App for Shopify that lets you create a unique referral program to persuade existing customers to refer their friends. It features a loyalty points program to nudge visitors to take action and is an excellent referral program for word-of-mouth testimonials.

5. ROI Hunter

ROI Hunter is one of the popular SEO plugins for Shopify that helps you set up a retargeting campaign, which is good if you have multiple products. By retargeting ads on Google and Facebook you can reach many new customers to drive sales. What’s more, it automatically retargets visitors through Google Ads without having to access your account. You can create compelling ads with ROI Hunter.

6. Instagram Shop – SNPT

SNPT is one of the best free SEO apps for Shopify that lets you take maximum advantage of your Instagram account. It helps create an Instagram feed to make shopping easier for your customers by linking pictures and videos to your Shopify products.

It can help embed your Instagram feed in your content and website. It also helps you link multiple products to enhance your customers’ shopping experience.

7. Subscriptions by Re-charge

Re-charge, one of the best SEO plugins on Shopify integrates with your Shopify e-commerce store turning one-time buyers into monthly subscriptions with a customized order flow, an easy checkout process, and easy maintenance of customer accounts. It helps your customers to manage their subscriptions without any assistance. You can also cross-sell and add products as you go.

8. Bold Upsell

The best SEO plugin for Shopify, Bold Upsell lets you pitch a cross-sell or an upsell via a pop-up. It is easy for your customers to add products to their cart with a single click. You can create this offer on your product page or your checkout page. You can also display three products in one funnel and customize the funnel based on your customers’ past preferences.

9. Pushowl

It is one of the best SEO plugins for Shopify that lets you create push notifications for your e-commerce store. Pushowl helps bring back your customers to shop for more. It also helps automate the recovery of abandoned carts, sends price drop alerts as push notifications, and gives timely back-in-stock alerts. This is one of the best free SEO Apps for Shopify and an excellent addition to your Shopify e-commerce store.

10. SMSBump

As the name signifies, SMSBump is one of the most useful SEO plugins for Shopify that lets you reach your customers with a simple and quick text message. Using this plugin you can build your SMS automation campaign and create MMS flows to send messages suiting your customers’ time zones. This plugin complies with TCPA and GDPR.

11. Etsy Marketplace

Etsy Marketplace is one of the most-preferred SEO plugins for Shopify that lets you list your products and sell them, manage your orders, and enable efficient inventory sync. It is easy to import Shopify products to Etsy or unlist them when needed. The threshold inventory feature lets you set up a maximum value to handle inventory efficiently.

A Final Word

The above SEO plugins for Shopify should help you set up your SEO-friendly eCommerce store to drive better revenues. While some plugins are free, others have a nominal monthly charge. 


1. Why should I use SEO plugins for Shopify?

One of the main benefits of using SEO plugins for Shopify is it helps with better search rankings for your store. It also increases page views and conversions and is one of the best tools that help you achieve customer satisfaction effortlessly. SEO plugins can also auto-generate canonical tags. They have built-in features that help you optimize your content to make it more engaging.

2. How do Shopify product tags affect SEO?

Product tags do not affect SEO. There are several ways to use them strategically to improve your Shopify SEO. Google’s spiders crawl your website to determine what it is about, and displaying product tags sends the correct signals to the spiders, which use the content on your site to index the data correctly. Optimizing your Shopify site with the best SEO plugin for Shopify is recommended for better conversions and increased revenues.