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15 Social Media Content Ideas for a Happier Customer

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Posted on 7/03/227 min read
15 Social Media Content Ideas for a Happier Customer
Plan the best social media marketing strategies and instantly capture your target audience with these 15 unique and highly engaging social media content ideas.

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Businesses today are actively competing to identify the best social media content ideas to appease their online customers and build a positive reputation. Social media is no more just a place for people to connect with family, friends, and acquaintances. It’s a great marketing tool, rather a marketer’s right hand for building a brand’s identity and a business partner to help even the smallest businesses to reach a worldwide audience.

Social media is like those large windows to your business where you display your best so that even casual scrollers are tempted to buy your products or services. But the question is, how to decide what will work best for you and what won’t. The quickest and most sure-shot answer is getting to understand your audience better. You can begin by identifying the social media platforms your target audience is the most active on and the type of content they prefer engaging with. Then, engage in social media content writing, while planning the content around it. 

After that, you can dive right into these top 15 content creation ideas for social media to actively engage with your existing customers and valuable prospects.


15 Social Media Content Ideas 

Here are some top content ideas for social media marketing that are sure to drive engagement, attract even the casual scrollers, and help build a great brand image.

1. Videos

Videos in content creation are like the right amount of salt in food, without which nobody would enjoy the taste, no matter how well you cook it. Videos are crucial for creating content that entertains, converts, and even goes viral. Almost every social media platform today provides interesting options for video creation, ranging from the highly preferred reels to quick stories, live videos, watch parties, and a lot more. You can use any of the below video content themes for social media.

  • Regular video posts: You can create a standard video detailing your product features and benefits or transform one of your well-performing blogs into animated video content and share it on your social media channels.
  • Creating a series: You can turn a great content idea into a recurrent event by creating weekly or monthly series like hosting a session with popular industry experts, new product feature series, weekly challenges, etc.
  • Behind-the-scenes content: People love knowing about what happens behind closed doors. Creating behind-the-scenes videos such as those of the manufacturing unit or a video of your staff putting in their best is a great way to keep your customers hooked and gain their trust.


2. Infographics

Despite videos taking over pretty much all of social media, many people still value creative infographics. These are pretty useful when you need to share detailed information, but the users lack time to read through all that content. Just make sure that your infographic isn’t jampacked with information or graphics. You can even step up and make a Gifographic – basically sharing information through a GIF. 

Here’s how it would look.


Or take a look at this one.


3. Showcase your products

Eventually, you are active on social media to grow your business and build your brand image. Yes, your customers love fun and engaging content, but they’d lose interest if you showed them just that. You must proudly showcase all your products and services, their exclusive features, and the value they’ll provide to users. This will keep the potential customer hooked. You need not make it fun and entertaining every time; sometimes, a simple, well-designed post with a clear message does wonders for the brand.

4. User-generated content

Users trust a brand more if they get users’ affirmation. Moreover, when you reshare content posted by your customers who’ve used your products or services, it encourages them to share more and builds a positive relationship. Regrams (Instagram) and reposts (Facebook) are a great way to build product awareness and keep your happy customers even happier. You can even put your loyal customers in the spotlight to appreciate and thank them for always choosing you.

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5. Spotlight on the people behind your brand

Customers love getting to know companies better, especially if you are a service provider. Another excellent social content idea is to share employee videos, publicly celebrate your staff’s birthdays or special occasions (with their permission), or even upload spontaneous videos and photographs of in-office celebrations on festivals. It’s a great way of appreciating your employees for all their dedication and hard work too.

6. Contests

Who doesn’t love a challenge, especially if it comes with a promising reward? Contests, giveaways, and challenges make for exciting and highly engaging content creation ideas for social media. Create a challenge and promote it through every medium possible for maximum participation.

7. Polls

Want some surprising revelations? Conduct polls! A poll is a fun means to interact with your audience and for your audience to interact with each other. These are also great to get feedback for improving your product or service. Take it a step ahead by sharing another post elaborating how the poll helped your company reassess the product or service.


8. Share a milestone

Whether your company was featured in a famous magazine, or you acquired a milestone-worthy customer base, don’t hesitate to thank your audience and customers. You can celebrate every momentous occasion with your followers to make them feel included and more in-tune with your company, no matter how big and small.

9. Host AMAs

You can also satiate your customer’s curiosity or solve common queries by hosting an AMA (ask me anything) session every week. These are widely popular across Instagram, but if your audience is active on Facebook, you can run an AMA session there, too.

10. Share blogs

You might have written and published a great blog, but your users and other interested parties wouldn’t know about it if you don’t share it with them. And social media is a great tool to promote all your blogs and press releases to help customers better understand your product. You can also share important industry news or repurpose your old content into engaging posts.

11. Create tutorials

Tutorials work best for technology-oriented products. An easy-to-understand, well-explained tutorial about your product or a common concept associated with your services is sure to attract the customers’ attention. These also convey your industry expertise, and when your customers happily share these videos, they are more likely to attract even more happy customers. 

12. Moment marketing

Moment marketing creates and shares a post around ongoing trends, news, or events on social media. It is an excellent means to entertain your followers while showcasing your creativity. Moment marketing helps generate a lot of unique content topics for social media. Here’s a perfect example of a post by Domino’s urging people to get vaccinated.



13. Share tips, secrets, and hacks

Who doesn’t like knowing useful hacks, especially when stuck in a challenging situation? But when these hacks come from the manufacturer or a brand themselves, they tend to be perceived as authentic. You can establish your expertise by sharing valuable tips, emergency hacks, or innovative ways to use your product.

14. Share teasers

Teasers about a new product launch are a great way to garner high engagement on social media. You could even run a guessing contest or maybe award your most loyal users with a special discount for the upcoming product or a new, to-be-launched service.

15. Brag about your reviews

The last, yet highly effective, social media content topic is product reviews and customer testimonials. You can either group a few reviews into a collage and share them as a post or make a carousel or video out of your best reviews. You can even record video reviews from your online and in-store customers and share them over social media.

You can also create a testimonial widget and integrate it with your social media channels to generate more social proof.



So, there you go. You now have 15 great social media content ideas that are sure to make your customers happy and your competitors envious. And these are not just the limit. It’s up to you to get more creative and combine a couple of these themes to share more innovative and creative content for social media. 

Keep abreast of the latest trends, upgrade to new and better resources, and formulate creative social media strategies that resonate with your audience’s preferences to make happier customers. Give these 15 social media marketing content ideas a go and experience immense engagement and conversions in no time.


1. What type of content performs best on social media?

Videos, infographics, contests, and moment marketing posts generally perform the best on social media. However, it differs from one target audience to another.

2. How can I get unique social media content ideas?

You can use any of the top 15 social media content ideas shared in this post or combine a couple of them to make a unique social media post.

3. What content should I post on social media?

You need to research what type of content your target audience likes the best and post accordingly. You can also use the 15 ideas to make a great post.

4. What are the top tips to keep in mind while creating a digital presence?

For a significant digital presence, you must optimize your social media profiles, engage with your audience, create unique and interactive content and keep an eye on the latest trends to stay ahead of your competition.

5. How do you attract customers to social media?

To attract new customers, you should share innovative posts, start conversations, actively engage with the audience, and even run paid ads to let people know what channels you are active on.

6. How do I make social media content more engaging?

Start by planning a content calendar that lists all types of content your target audience would be interested in. then use any or all of the above 15 content topics for social media to make your posts highly engaging.