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Simple All the Way: How Santa Uses Pepper to Reply to Billions of Letters

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Posted on 24/12/223 min read
Simple All the Way: How Santa Uses Pepper to Reply to Billions of Letters

You’d think everyone loves Santa, but lately, in a world of personalized, hyper-communication, Santa’s been getting a bad rep.

Don’t believe us? See what a few kids have to say:

With all these requests coming in, Santa’s been thinking of getting more involved with his target audience. With new technologies and tools coming in, surely there’s an easy and hassle-free way of doing this?

Replying to these letters has been on my mind for decades now. But with managing the entire gifting operations, training new else, breaking up reindeer fights and the actual night of delivery – it has been such a huge ask. But this year, I’m planning to change things up.” – Mr Santa Claus

During November and December, Santa receives about 32,000 letters daily – and that might be a very conservative estimate. “We’re masters in delivery operations – we can deliver as many letters as you want. But writing the replies. Well that’s outside our area of expertise for sure,” says Barney Jinglestein, Head Elf of Christmas Operations at the North Pole.

Bah, Humbug

Santa’s pain points

Too many letters, too little time:
Writing replies to billions of letters, all within the last few days before Christmas, while managing to procure the right gifts, creating the naughty and nice cohorts, wrapping and finally delivering the gifts, even with his enormous and efficient army of elves is a far-fetched dream. How can he create so much content, so fast?

Santa Optimised Content:
If there’s one thing that’s important to Santa, it’s high-quality letter writing. After all, Santa is one of the most important role models for children – he has to get everything right. Error-free and high-quality content cannot be compromised.

Smooth operations:
Santa loves to give surprises but hates them when it comes to his operations. The content creation process needs to be smooth and hassle-free and perfectly fit into his overall Christmas plans and not become a huge liability for him and his team.

Santa takes matters into his own gloves

Pepper Content: The Christmas Miracle Santa Needed

Enter Pepper Content, the content marketing platform that is the secret weapon Santa is using this Christmas to reply to billions of kids across the globe. Here’s how:

The easiest way to get lots of content written and delivered:
You thought sharing your list with Santa and getting the gift you want is easy? Then you haven’t seen anything yet. With Pepper’s platform, ordering bulk content is as easy as plum cake.

You can:

  1. Upload bulk briefs in one go.
  2. List out important keywords like ‘Ho, ho, ho; Merry Christmas; Happy Holidays; Jingle Bells’ in one quick click.
  3. Specify your brand tone and voice – so important for Santa.
  4. Bulk upload any reference documents, in Santa’s case, 32,000 letters a day that need a reply.

That’s it!

AI-powered awesomeness:
The platform uses the power of AI to match your requirements to the right subject matter experts, in Santa’s case expert letter writers who can write in a way children would relate. Artificial intelligence enables human creators to create relevant content that shines!

Santa’s content elves:
When technology meets a top-notch talent network, it truly is a Christmas miracle! Pepper has writers and translators from across the globe to help Santa write letters that are memorable, and full of that Christmas cheer and AI tools like the Grammarly integration on the platform ensure error-free output.

Private and secure content creation:
With its native online content writing tool, Pepper Docs, Pepper ensures your privacy is not compromised. This is great for Santa as writing for children can always be a tricky thing. Plus, with integrations like Grammarly and their SEO writing assistant, Santa can be confident that the content will be high-quality and will include all the important keywords that make Santa, Santa.

End-to-end visibility (even when it snows):
Smooth operations mean being able to track the entire content creation and delivery process in one place. Nobody knows the importance of effortless operations more than Santa.

Pepper truly added more joy and warmth to the festivities this year! It would be nice to see the popularity trends rising but honestly, happy kids means it’s a happy Christmas for all of us here at the North Pole.” – Mr Santa Claus.

And something tells us, Santa is already working on some new ideas for next year.

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