The Role of A Copywriter In An Advertising Agency

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Posted on 3/12/214 min read
The Role of A Copywriter In An Advertising Agency

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  • The Role Of A Copywriter In Advertising
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Do you watch advertisements on TV or the Internet and get intrigued by the well-written content? If you are one of those who doesn’t just appreciate the actors in a TVC but also pay good attention to how nicely the ad is written to impress and convince you, then you definitely know how to appreciate good copywriting and could explore your skills in that department. Advertising and copywriting go hand in hand. Ad agencies are always on the lookout for creative thinkers who are interested in copywriting ads. In fact, the role of a copywriter in an advertising agency is crucial


The Role Of A Copywriter In Advertising

Being a copywriter requires you to be proactive, creative, dedicated, and well-informed. Passion always counts, too. There are innumerable writers in the industry, but there’s still a dearth of good writers. If you think you have it in you, now is a good time to start. The following pointers may help you kick-start your copywriting career in an ad agency.


1. Enroll in a copywriting course

While it’s not always important for you to have an academic background in the field that you finally decide to work in, it always helps. For instance, I am a lawyer by education but I am writing this to help you. Nevertheless, had I studied marketing, advertising, copywriting, or communications, it would’ve helped even more. Recruiters do give assignments to assess you, but what you’ve studied and how well you performed in that is always a big plus. To top it, as a part of this, you’re taught the mechanics of the language and the impact that it’ll have on your target audience.

2. Develop your portfolio

Having an inventory of all your best work will help like nothing else. If you have worked with several brands in the past, showcasing that in ad agencies will give them an idea about your writing and will help increase their faith in your work. Consider your portfolio as your report card, which will be analyzed in depth by the recruiters. Try to add as much diverse content as you can in it. This is because ad agencies work with all kinds of brands. If your portfolio shows the different kinds of content that you can write for brands belonging to varied genres, it’ll speak volumes about your talent.

3. Be open to small jobs

By small jobs, I mean internships. Numerous ad agencies like to test out their recruits before hiring them full-time. Don’t say no to these opportunities, as they will only help you learn and add on to your portfolio. Most of these internships are paid any way. And if you are planning to study the relevant subjects, make sure that you intern as much as you can during your graduation years. This will ensure that you are not really a fresher even right after you graduate. Of course, it’ll add on to your portfolio. 


4. Stay updated

While copywriting in an ad agency, you’ll be asked to write content for varied channels including social media, website, blogs, etc. So, it’s important to stay up to date about the ever-changing SEO trends. There are specific guidelines for content format, character count, keyword usage, and the like. If you are writing content, it goes without saying that you would want it to be seen by a maximum number of people. Thus, you must stay aware of the updated SEO brief.


As fun and intriguing as it sounds, the job of a copywriter in an ad agency is quite tough. You may not always be in the best frame of mind to churn out creative content, but then again, watching something you wrote and/or created on TV has a different kind of high to it. If you think you have it in you, take the plunge now. It’s never too late!

Key Takeaways

  • Advertising and copywriting go together. Ad agencies are always looking for professional copywriters.
  • Getting a role of a copywriter in an ad agency is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need to be passionate, creative, dedicated and proactive.
  • It’s always good to start early in the corporate industry so be open to taking up small internships.
  • Creating your portfolio is key. If nothing else, build it up with your blog content. The recruiter just needs to see your writing skills.
  • Stay updated about the current SEO guidelines.


1. How much does a copywriter in an ad agency mak

As per Glassdoor, the highest salary of a copywriter in India is close to Rs 7.3 Lakhs every year, and the lowest salary is Rs 2.7 Lakhs every year. One can always take up freelance projects on the side to supplement this. 

2. How do I become a copywriter for an ad agency?

If you have not studied the relevant subjects, then create your portfolio by writing diverse content. Always be open to accepting internship opportunities. It will take you a long way.

3. What does a copywriter do in an advertising agency?

The role of a copywriter in an advertising agency is very essential. S/he is required to write content for social media, blogs, websites, scripts, and the like, for the agency’s client brands. 

4. How do I start a career as a copywriter?

It’s good to always start early. If you know right when you are in high school that this is the direction you want your career to flow in, then study relevant courses during graduation. Always invest time in internships. It will give a good head-start to your career.

5. What skills do you need to be a copywriter?

To be a copywriter, you need to be well-read, dedicated, and passionate and should have a creative bent of mind. You should have the courage and ability to defend your work in front of your clients. This is a major duty and role of a copywriter in an advertising agency.