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5 Top Digital Publications To Follow

Team Pepper
Posted on 24/03/228 min read
5 Top Digital Publications To Follow
Digital technology is transforming the world of print and publishing. Check out the top 5 digital publications that are acing it!

The publishing industry is full of changes. Many global publishing platforms have experimented with fully digital publications and experienced exceptional results. Sometimes it works wonderfully, and at times, it can also fail massively, especially in terms of revenue. 


Ever since the pandemic, we have found many publications going online. After all, the global population has turned to online mediums for their daily dose of news and information. Many digital publications have come up in the past few years, and no wonder some of them are rocking it!

But is it really beneficial to go digital and ditch print media in 2022? How is it going to change your readership and affect your impact? Is it a practical model in terms of revenue? This blog will discuss all that and more. Let’s look at how technology influences online publishing platforms and some excellent examples.

The Amazing Benefits of Going Digital

In 2022, going digital has become essential for almost every industry—so why should publications miss the party? In fact, there are plenty of benefits of going digital, and we will look at the top 5 reasons right here.


1. It helps you reach more people.

Every publication dreams of finding a large readership and impacting more lives. Going digital makes the task so much easier. The internet goes far and wide across the globe. Your audience can easily find digital publications from anywhere. There is no limitation of geography and national boundaries.


Moreover, digital publications are also much cheaper to access than print magazines (the reasons for which we will discuss below). Price is a tremendous differentiating factor for people to consider. Plus, online content is far more shareable. You can now spend more on advertising and marketing on social media platforms—and it can definitely lead to broad exposure for the company.

2. Saving printing and distribution costs

Printing and distribution can take a huge chunk of the organization’s budget. Getting high-quality prints and shipping costs worldwide is becoming a huge burden. Not to forget the variety of the environmental waste that is also generated in printing! 


Digital publications can be a huge game-changer. No use of paper and less transportation is a huge plus in favor of the environment and your publishing budget. Digital publishing platforms also make it much cheaper for more people to access information. The subscription costs are comparatively less compared to print magazines. With a solid revenue model, every digital publishing company can save a lot of money in 2022!

3. Getting valuable data and insights about the audience

We live in a time when every marketer wants to cater to a very niche target audience. Personalization is all about more data. Digital publications also need more data and analytics about their audience—their tastes, dislikes, and opinions. 

Getting surveys and quizzes on print mode is extremely difficult. There is practically no way to get your audience to fill out paper forms and gauge their reaction to different articles. But digital publications can be a huge winner in this arena. 


You can find out a plethora of details about your readers, including their age, gender, and what they like about your magazine. Sharing posts on social media also helps you know your audience more and engage with them. You can conduct quizzes online to get more information about specific subjects.

The valuable data and insights can be used to create more optimized content for your audience. This can include everything from write-ups on trending topics to bringing up brand names that your audience will connect with.

4. A variety of content choices

When we think about print magazines, it’s all about words and images. And as modern content consumers, we know that it’s not enough! Strong graphics, videos, animation, and a plethora of digital media can bring more value to the reader’s experience. 

Digital publications give the option of a variety of content, and there is no restriction on media as long one can view it on a screen.

This gives editors more opportunity to engage with the audience. Videos can get much more attention than text and images. Audiences also love interactive polls on engaging surveys and quizzes. And let’s not forget the fantastic reach of podcasts in 2022. This has become a huge opportunity for digital publications as well.

5. Enhances digital ads and sales

Digital advertising has become the upcoming rage, and digital publications are among the most important mediums. It is much easier to advertise brands and products online than print magazines. You can work with various content styles including visually vibrant graphics and engaging videos. With digital publications, brands can get more leads and conversions. 


With all these amazing benefits, digital publishing platforms are expanding more than ever. Every renowned magazine has launched its online platform whether you count the NY Mag or the Conde Nast group. No matter what content you are looking for, there is an online publication to focus on it. 

5 Digital Publications That Are Reaching Millions With Amazing Content

Now that we know about the stunning prowess of digital publications, it’s time to know some of them. There are thousands of digital publications out there, but we want to discuss those that are modernizing according to the times, setting new benchmarks, and rocking the publishing world.

1. The Quint

A digital publishing platform that is “driven by truth,” The Quint is an Indian publication that aims to feature stories that challenge the mainstream. They feature some of the latest news and opinion pieces seeking to unite communities and intrigue readers. 

As a responsible journalistic organization, The Quint wants to reach every curious person in the country. They want to represent every section of society, and that’s what they do with their digital prowess. You can get a variety of content on your phone, from op-eds to videos, infographics, and documentaries. 

Here is an example of interactive content by The Quint. 


It has a range of verticals, including some of the most popular WebQoof and My Report. They also have a line of special projects to create strong investigative pieces to deep dive into multiple social issues. With the recent popularity of podcasts, they have also started sharing some of the most thought-provoking audible content.

2. Newslaundry

This is another exceptional digital publication that brings some of the best stories on the plate for you. Newslaundry comes with various online content from strong relevant stories, shows, and interviews. It also has a podcast channel to bring the daily news in an easy, digestible way. Apart from that, many verticals talk about pop culture, sports, and burning conversations. The e-zine also publishes content in Hindi, further expanding its readership.


If you are looking for great analysis and reports on national issues, Newslaundry is quite a chock full of content. It is rocking the world of online magazines through the digital publication mode and has carved a niche. 

3. Teen Vogue

Teen Vogue is the only purely digital publication by the Conde Nast group. Even though it may not be as impactful as Vogue itself, this online publication platform has carved a niche of its own. Teen Vogue caters way beyond the teenage audience by talking about important issues in subjects like politics, style, and identity. You also get some of the trendiest shopping advice for the latest season.


It also publishes various videos, including exclusive interviews apart from many interesting verticals. Catering to the wide Gen-Z population and millennials, Teen Vogue is definitely one of the top digital publications to vouch for.

4. The Wire

One of the most important voices in the world of politics and news, The Wire is one of the most revolutionary digital publications in India. Talking about important subjects like economy, law, external affairs, and science, The Wire has successfully captured the hearts of the digital audience with its sharply-written content.

The Wire regularly publishes thought-provoking stories with an excellent journalist network, and the digital platforms take them far and wide. Apart from great stories and news, the digital publication also publishes content through audio, video, and interactive charts to cater to the modern audience. 

They publish their content in four languages, including Hindi, Marathi, and Urdu, apart from English. The Wire Science and LiveWire are sub-branches to get more niche stories in the world of science and pop culture, respectively.

5. The Swaddle

A digital publication catering to solve the modern dilemmas of society, The Swaddle is a one-of-a-kind digital publication giving you the latest in health, gender, and culture. This online platform talks about everything from deep psychological issues to the modern crisis of societal structure. 


Discussing various issues that may not seem very comfortable, the digital publication has been getting many accolades through social media and its podcast channel. Their video production also brings out some refreshing perspectives of modern culture in India. 

The Swaddle has also created a wealth of resources to help underprivileged sections of society and uplift them. It publishes various research stories to dig into the health and mental wellness industry. With an expansive and well-managed brand identity, The Swaddle is definitely set to make an impact.

Digital publications have paved their way into every niche. A wealth of content is published every day in politics, gender, health, education, and international affairs.  

Modern digital publications are expanding rapidly through the social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. By covering news in more than one medium, many digital publications are getting more success than ever before. 

While sponsors and marketeers are funding many publications, there are also several independently run digital publications. While funding models may vary for everyone, all of these digital publications bring their unique perspectives to the internet. 

Whether or not you subscribe, you will definitely find something brewing to catch your interest. There’s no need to go anywhere for a good piece of news in the morning; it’s right there on your screen.

Key Takeaways

  • There are plenty of benefits of digital publications, including expanding reach, saving resources, getting valuable consumer data, and enhancing digital ads. They also give you greater flexibility for content choices and allow you to go green.
  • Five major publications have made it big by going absolutely digital: The Quint, Newslaundry, Teen Vogue, The Wire, and The Swaddle.
  • The key to rocking it in the digital medium is expertise in your niche. Publish content consistently according to your target audience, and you will surely grab more eyeballs!


1. Is digital publishing the future?

Yes. With the current rise of digital publication platforms, this definitely seems to be the industry’s future. 

2. What are the disadvantages of digital publications?

1. Many loyal readers still prefer print publications for their monthly and weekly readings. 
2. Digital publications can also be discouraged because of the increasing screen time. 
3. Too much screen time to read articles and news can cause mental fatigue. 

3. What are the top benefits of digital publications?

1. Better reach and visibility 
2. You also save a lot of money on printing and distribution. 
3. You get to explore some modern communication mediums, including videos, interactive infographics, and podcasts. 

4. How are digital publications funded?

Different publications use different methods for funding. Many online publications go for the traditional advertising and marketing route where they feature brands through images, videos, and other mediums. Many digital publications also have a subscription service for a monthly or yearly fee. Others ask for donations from their generous readers to keep the publication going forward. 

5. Is digitalism beneficial for the publishing world?

Yes. Digitalism is bringing a new wave of publishing that has greater impact potential. Through the combination of social media platforms, podcasts, and online events, digital publications are making it bigger than ever before. Going digital is saving the publishing world from a dark future.