12 Ways to Promote Your Brand on Etsy

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Posted on 30/03/226 min read
12 Ways to Promote Your Brand on Etsy
Don’t know how to promote your Etsy shop? Worry not! We’ve got you covered. Use these tips in your Etsy marketing strategy, and you’ll make it big in no time

Many crafters, artisans, and makers have been able to increase their sales and revenue with the help of Etsy. Launched in 2005, this business platform has grown rapidly, with a user base of 81 million and 61 million items being listed daily on the platform. 

So there is no doubt why people want to join this platform. But, the catch here is that the user base of 81 million brands is your competition pool – and a massive one at that. 


The key here is to keep your customers and their business details in mind to stand out from the competition. It may sound like too much work, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

This blog mentions 12 easy ways to promote your brand/business on Etsy. What are you waiting for? Start making money online with your Etsy business account.

12 Tips on How to Promote Your Etsy Shop

1. Understand your market

When you plan to promote your business on this online platform, you have to keep in mind that there are many players. Here are some tips to understand your market. 

  • Conduct deep research
  • Understand how the platform works
  • Narrow down your market niche
  • Understand what different businesses are doing to promote their business


With this process, you’ll eliminate any possible errors and start at least a step ahead of the people who don’t do this. Once you have understood this process, follow good market practices and learn how you can stand out with your own USP. 

2. Maintain good customer relations

You must have heard that “the first impression is the last,” which also goes for your business practices. How you present your business and approach your customers speaks a lot more than words. If your customers have found your business service good, they are likely to spread the word.


This will lead to longer-term relationships with potential customers and encourage repeat purchases. A happy, satisfied client is your best advertisement—a customer who recommends your store to their friends and who you can build a real and lasting relationship with. To succeed, customer service must be exceptional.

3. Keep your business SEO-friendly

When you want to promote your shop on Etsy’s platform, you’ll have to keep your online business/shop SEO optimized. Most of your customers will find you via online searches. Pay attention to every small detail, from the title of your shop to the title of your sections. 

You can also conduct an A/B testing method to determine what works best for you and your business. 


Another thing you must do is get product reviews from your customers, which helps build credibility and serves as a good parameter for Google crawling. Also, try to get in touch with influencers, write your own blog, or contribute to other blogs with your store’s links.

4. Offer amazing deals and discounts

Everyone loves a discount; it’s a fact. You encourage people to come to your Etsy business account and shop for products by offering your customers discounts and deals. You also encourage your loyal customers to come back and use these special deals. 

With amazing discounts, you generate a sense of scarcity and convince customers to make that purchase they’ve been eyeing. But remember, when you offer discounts, your inventory can sell out within seconds, so try to maintain your shop’s inventory by regularly adding new products. 


As you gain experience, you will have a better grasp of the sales cycle for your shop, so pace out your products according to a schedule that corresponds with it.

5. Hire a professional photographer

When you open your Etsy business, you have to list several products and take great pictures of them to look attractive on the site. 

Having a good photo of your product significantly impacts purchase decisions.

Hire a professional photographer and ensure that your products are photographed in vibrant colors with professional standards. Unless you think you can do the job yourself. 

But make sure you use a good camera and your editing and capturing skills are on point. Because you want your products to look the best possible and show that you are a trustworthy, quality seller who cares about your product.

6. Use email marketing

Email marketing is another excellent method to include in your Etsy marketing strategy. According to a report by Statista, the global opening rate of any email is about 18%, wherein it may vary according to the business respectively. Hence, maintain an email list for your Etsy business and use it to promote the business.


Email marketing includes benefits like communicating directly with your customers at any time and controlling your data, unlike social media. You can use emails to tell your customers about your new product or special discount and general information. 

7. Include a feedback loop

When people go online shopping, they love to read reviews before making a purchase. They do so to understand how other people like the product and brand as a whole. That is why whenever a customer buys from your store make sure you ask them (politely) for a review. 


But sometimes it so happens that people love your product, but they forget to review/rate it. In that case, you might just need to nudge them (with a polite email for a review). In no time, you’ll have built up a bank of great reviews that new visitors will see and use to make their purchase decision. 

8. Run paid ad campaigns

You can always go for paid ads/campaigns whenever you are confused about how to conduct your Etsy business. There are high chances that customers will remember your product when they see an ad for it. Also, Google (via Google ad sense) plays a vital role since ads pop up when customers look for similar products.


When you go for paid campaigns, you can also utilize retargeting—a type of marketing technique to retarget visitors who surfed your website but didn’t make a purchase.

9. Start a newsletter

Many people like to keep track of their favorite brands. A newsletter is an excellent approach to keeping in touch with your audience. Create an email list of your customers, design a fantastic newsletter offering product information, deals, and discounts, and mail it to your audience. 


You can use an automated tool for the same. The result is that customers will feel involved, active, and informed about new products and upcoming events. 

10. Start blogging

Using content marketing to grow your business on Etsy as a seller can be highly effective. Consumers love content that resonates with them, so it can help you attract more customers. 

To do this, start your own blogging website where you can create how-to guides or how-to-use guides.


Of course, you will face competition from other sellers, even if your products are unique. But your ability to promote your shop hinges on how well you market your products. Use your blog to include details about your company and your product (how it is made, for example), and use keywords relevant to your field.

11. Build a social media community

Use severe social media channels like Facebook(Meta), Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter to promote your product. 


Remember that every platform has a different type of community, so make sure to choose the one whose community resonates with your product. 

12. Post regularly 

Almost all people love a brand that regularly posts about their latest product or any other form of content on their social media handles. And people consider it risky to buy products from brands that don’t. 

That is why posting about your product online is a great tact to use as your Etsy marketing strategy. When you post regularly people will trust you, and if you engage with them over the same channel that would be like a cherry on the cake. 


You don’t have to struggle to market on Etsy. You can get great results for your shop if you understand your customers and reach out to them in the most effective way. Good marketing is essential for the success of an Etsy business.

The above examples show you the variety of ways you can promote your Etsy business. And now that you know how to promote your Etsy shop, it’s time to get to work and start implementing. You can just start by using just one of these tips and see the result for yourself. 

Wait no more and start promoting your shop to achieve new heights of success.


1. How to start an Etsy shop?

Starting your own Etsy shop is easy. Follow these steps:
1. Make your account on the platform.
2. Pick a name for your store.
3. Set up your online store
4. Start listing your products
5. Set a price for products
6. Select payment method
7. Start selling your product

2. How to optimize your Etsy listing?

When you list your products on Etsy, give them the exact name that matches the search result. Also, include necessary keywords in the product description. All this will help improve SEO ranking and, in turn, increase your sales. 

3. What is a seller’s fee?

It is a fee that you have to pay every time you list your product online on the platform, make a sale, and when you want to deliver a product to your customer. However, you don’t have to worry much since all these are very low compared to your sales via this platform.

4. How do I know if I’m eligible to sell on Etsy?

The requirement may vary, but the common thing you will need everywhere is a license to do business. Before you start selling on the platform, read the rules pertaining to your country.