7 Press Release Writing Tips For the Smart Marketer

Team Pepper
Posted on 28/12/216 min read
7 Press Release Writing Tips For the Smart Marketer

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  • 7 Press Release Writing Tips 
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A marketing strategy is incomplete without a good press release. A press release catches the audience’s attention and conveys the latest news, updates, and information about the brand and product. All big brands and companies use the press release to give the latest news and connect with the audience for their product launch. 

Journalists still depend on press releases to get the authentic information. The news distribution mechanism immediately gives the public access to the latest press release, especially via social media. These days, it is more important to write a press release that gets noticed by the audience and engages them.  

However, it is no easy feat to make the press release grabs attention and reaches the targeted audience. Here, we have the top 7 press release writing tips to help write a press release. 


7 Press Release Writing Tips

Many might think that in times of social media ruling the marketing world, press releases have lost their charm. However, press releases without fail continue to be a vital part of marketing strategies. A well-written press release does more and provides the latest information, and there are tips for writing a good press release. 

Let’s discover the press release writing tips that are important for an impressive press release. 

1. Choose a relevant and newsworthy topic

The most crucial in press release tips is to find a relevant and newsworthy topic that stands out and catches the attention of your targeted audience. There are all kinds of news available at all times, and your audience needs reasons to read your press release. So the first thing that is important in the press release is the Topic. Ask yourself these two questions. 

  • Why would the audience be interested in my story?
  • Does my story resonate with my targeted audience?

The press release is an official statement from your company to the media, and it will reach your current and prospective audience. Therefore, focus on choosing a newsworthy and relevant topic to write a press release. Here are some relevant press release topics you can start with. 

  • Product launch
  • Executive hiring
  • Events 
  • Awards
  • Workshops 

These are a few to start with. Understand what is relevant and focus on how to describe it in a unique way that attracts an audience.

2. A good headline grabs attention

The first impression is the last, and it works on press releases also. Remember, it is the headline that they read first. It should be catchy, short, stand out, and attract attention.  

On average, out of 10, only 2 read the entire topic; on the other hand, out of 10, 8 people read the headline. So make sure that your headline is attractive enough to make the audience read the content.


A good press release has a headline that contains the primary keyword, is within the word limit, and offers insight into the content. You can use subheadings to provide more information and use other keywords with additional information. 

3. Write to the point

So much information is circulating on digital platforms, it is crucial to make your information stand out to the audience. The press release must be to the point and contain relevant information. Write the press release with information to pique readers and arouse their curiosity to find more about it. The first paragraph is the best place to put the relevant information. 

Do not go into detail in your press release, and keep it short, not more than 1 page or one and a half pages. You can also add links to your website but not more than 3 or 1 per hundred words. Adding links to the press release also helps get traffic to your website. 

4. Include a strong call to action

Ask yourself what you want your readers to do when they read your press release? It is what is called call-to-action or CTA. It tells your reader what they need to do, and a strong CTA is necessary to make readers do that. 

Most readers do not read the whole text, so make sure that the CTA is in the first or third paragraph. Avoid using a line like for more information and putting too many CTA in your press release. 

5. Add relevant quotes

A quote speaks more than a whole paragraph. This press release tip works great as quotes attract more engagement. The quote for the press release can come from the top executives, industry experts, influencers, and customers. 

While writing a quote, make sure that it looks authentic and has an appeal to it. Read it aloud to see how it sounds and whether it goes with the text or not. 

6. Remember the five Ws

 The five Ws help write a press release that works and attracts attention from the targeted audience. The five Ws of the press release are,

  • What – to dictate the nature of the press release 
  • When – to tell the time and date
  • Who – to tell the information about the company
  • Where – to tell the location if needed
  • Why – to convey the reason behind the press release 

The “why” is most important because it shows the reason behind the press release. 

Your press release should answer these five Ws effectively. 

7. Include the SEO in the press release

SEO plays a huge role in writing an effective press release and remains a critical press release tip that always works in your favor. To write an SEO-friendly press release, focus on using keywords strategically and never force them into the content. Use natural language because Google updates like BERT help recognize the natural flow of text better. 

Some important formatting tips to help write the press release include,

  • Keep the size of the paragraph short (3 to 4 lines).
  • Break information using bullets and numbers lists.
  • Show critical information using bold and italic. 

Key Takeaways

  • Choosing the right topic is most vital: The success of your press release depends on the topic. Sometimes topics are already decided – for example, a new product launch, events, news – and sometimes you need to research the topic that will bring attention to the press release. 
  • Headlines hold the power to make it or break it: According to research, most people only read headlines, and only a quarter of them move to read further. You need to understand the power a good headline hold. Write at least ten versions of the headline with the primary keyword, and then see which suits them best. It might look easy, but it takes real creativity to write a catchy, informative, and attractive headline.
  • Choose your words carefully.

The content of your press release can bring attention to your brand and organization. So while writing the content of your press release, choose content rich in information, provide insight into why you are writing a press release, and give accurate details. 

  • Quality content is the key: Less is more when it comes to writing press release content. Crisp and to the point content helps bring quality to your press release, and quality matters the most. 
  • Make the SEO tools work. 

SEO, SEM, and many other tools are here to help bring attention to your content. Use them to make your press release reach the targeted audience. 


Now that you know the top tips for writing a good press release, follow them to grab the right audience at the right time. 


1. How do you write a good press release?

The key points in writing a good press release are.
– The right angle and newsworthy topic 
– Well-written headline
– Critical information in the first paragraph
– Use quotes if possible. 
– Use SEO tools to reach the targeted audience. 
– Use multimedia. 
– Answer the five Ws of the press release.

2. What makes a press release effective?

An effective press release should be short and precise. Convey the message in such a way that intrigue the audience to reach out and know more. An interested audience should be the aftereffect of the press release.

3. What are the 5 basic questions a news release should answer?

When drafting and writing a press release, make sure that your press release answers these five important yet basic questions.
– Why are we writing this?
– Who is the audience?
– What are the benefits of writing this?
– When and where?
– Who to contact for further information?

4. What should be at the top of the press release?

The top of the press release should be the summary of the whole story. It should be within the 15 to 20-word limit. It is the opening line and sets the tone for the rest of the content.

5. How long should a press release be?

A press release between 400 to 500 words using the right kind of media, headlines, and wording is the one that editors and journalists read. For better audience coverage and to be published in magazines and news, your press release should have the right media pitch, crisp with the right kind of words, and contain relevant information.