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The Top 10 Press Release Templates

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Posted on 4/04/229 min read
The Top 10 Press Release Templates
Looking for press release templates? This blog offers you the best templates to help you write top-notch press releases.

Table of Contents

  • Understanding a Press Release 
  • Top 10 Press Release Templates 
  • How to Write a Press Release 
  • Types of Press Releases 

Press releases are an essential part of a public relations (PR) professional’s toolkit, but only if they’re well-written. It doesn’t matter whether you’re releasing a new product or reorganizing your firm; a consistent flow of relevant information may help your brand stand out and get a foothold in the minds of journalists. 

A well-crafted press release is an excellent toolbox for promoting your company or product and piquing journalists’ attention so that your story may be published.

Let us delve deep into understanding some press release template examples to convey a particular message, whether you’re announcing a new product launch, an acquisition, or an upcoming event to produce a high-quality news release. 

Nevertheless, before we go into specifics, let’s get familiar with a press release first.

Understanding a Press Release 

A press release is a formal statement sent to media members to distribute information, establish an official statement, or make an announcement intended for public dissemination. The idea is to ensure that this information reaches the general public through the media. 

Announcements can include news of recent developments such as new hires, product launches, and acquisitions and educate the public about these advancements.

Usually, the media uses these press releases in the form of news items or feature articles (depending on their relevance) and then publishes them for the general audience’s viewing. This is an excellent way for businesses to market themselves to their stakeholders and the public in general. 

Top 10 Press Release Templates

Before drafting your press release, make sure you have a clear goal. Raising awareness of your company’s brand, promoting specific products and services, or establishing your company as an industry thought leader are some of the extraordinary reasons for writing the best press release. 

Here are some of the top press release templates you can use.  

1. New product press release template


Your team has worked tirelessly to provide the best product or service. 

A press release for your new product or service launch is a great way to get the word out about your company’s latest products and services to customers. It should focus on the product’s specifications, price, availability, and other facts that interest customers.

A press release template for a product launch must have an eye-catching headline and describe the location before the main message (the body), the boilerplate, and the media contact.

2. Rebranding template 


The rebranding process is challenging for any organization, and it may often lead to misunderstandings and embarrassing situations. You must ask yourself whether or not your target audience will shift entirely if you’re conducting a rebranding procedure. Rethink your messages if this is the case. 

But if you have to rebrand anyhow, it’s possible to smooth over the transition by announcing the rebranding with a press release that includes information on what’s changing, why it’s changing, and when the changes take effect. You must have the following in your press release:

  • A compelling headline
  • Your company’s description in a few words
  • Information about the rebranding makeover and when it’s going to happen
  • Reason for rebranding and the impact of it (logos, packaging, design, identity,  advertising)
  • Products/services, operations, mission, and niche 
  • A statement by a company representative (the CEO, etc.)
  • Link to the company’s website

3. Acquisitions and mergers press release template


An acquisition, merger, or partnership is a mutually profitable strategy that may put both parties in the limelight. For this form of news release to be successful, you need to communicate the benefits of combining two or more firms into a single entity. 

Write down a brief description of each firm, why they formed this alliance, and any other relevant information that would interest the various stakeholders. 

There are three key aspects to include in your press release when announcing a new partnership:

  • Reasons for the alliance and the synergy between the two firms in the issue
  • This partnership’s advantages to both the firms involved and their respective consumers
  • The measures that will be taken as a consequence of this relationship

4. Award-winning announcement press release template

It’s a day to celebrate, a chance to show you’re the finest at something. Awards and significant honors give your company more recognition. So this is the occasion to show it off with a sensational press release.


This template emphasizes creating an attention-grabbing title and lead and a body containing the award’s information. Explain what the medal or award comprises, why your company was chosen, who presented it, and any other pertinent information. 

The alternate option is to create a more engaging social media news release. You may include social media posts, GIFs, social media postings,  emojis, links to other press releases, videos, and other multimedia to make your message more memorable.

5. Event announcement press release template


Using press releases to get coverage in newspapers and other media is crucial for event marketing. 

The event’s name, location, and organizer should all be included in this news release template. Provide a short bio of the speakers you’ve invited to your event. Before attending a conference, journalists must know who they’ll be interviewing and what they’ll discuss.

Invite journalists to your event by letting them know when and where to arrive. It’s essential to have high-quality images (captioned with the photographer’s identity) if you write about a previous event.

To get started, you’ll need to include:

  • What’s the event?
  • Who must consider attending the event?
  • When and where will it take place?

6. Product update press release template


In a press release for an upgraded product, it is essential to explain why your product’s new version is superior to the previous one. It’s necessary to describe the change and how the consumer will benefit from it. Be specific about what has changed and how it will help the consumer so that the update doesn’t face issues. 

The contact information of customer service representatives should be included in this news release if it is aimed towards users rather than the media, in case they have further questions. Users will benefit significantly from video tutorials that explain the most significant changes.

7. Changes in the executive staff press release template

Changes in the company’s top leadership may impact its overall strategy since they serve as its public face. Journalists and some customers are interested in learning about this new executive face.


Biographical information, a photograph, and other relevant facts may be included to demonstrate the person’s legitimacy. Put all of the new executive-level staff members’ headshots on the same banner if there is more than one change in the executive team and include statements from the new hires, another executive, or the outgoing leadership. 

8. New location press release template

A fresh start at work in new office premises! Use this free press release template to spread the message. Pictures or a video of one of your colleagues walking the viewers around the new area would be great additions, as would a making-of or a short movie from a team-building event.

Maps and hours of operation should also be included, along with a mobile-friendly version of the map. Including a brief bio of the firm’s founders and a brief description of the company is a good practice.

9. Fundraising press release template


Even while fundraising is incredibly popular, it is tough for public relations professionals to get publicity due to this phenomenon. However, fundraising announcements aren’t unheard of to generate earned media coverage. 

By providing the following details in your press release announcement, you can ensure that it is always current. 

  • A summary of your firm’s accomplishments
  • The fundraising campaign’s specific aims
  • The many stakeholders and their reasons for investing

How To Write a Press Release

Writing a press release is straightforward. You might begin by using a sample press release template or example. Composing a catchy headline and providing the day and location is essential while considering how to write the best press release.


The following steps comprise a press release writing guide:

1. Choose a template

An example or template may help you create your press release quickly and efficiently. Choose a sample or a template for a press release that makes sense to you. Once you’ve done that, add the essential details to make it fit your tale better.


2. Incorporate your company logo

Your corporate logo should be at the top right corner of the press release. A well-placed logo informs the reader about you and what you do. It also helps in brand awareness. Reporters may remember your logo placed at the top of your release, increasing coverage.

3. Create an eye-catching headline

Your press release title should pique people’s interest and entice them to read the rest of the press release. It should be intriguing and quick to get. Additional recommendations include writing headlines in the active voice and using vital keywords to ensure that they are optimized for search engines.


4. Add date, place, and contact details.

Press releases must include the release date and the location where the release originated. Media outlets may have additional questions after reading a press release, so be sure to provide your company’s contact information so they can get in touch. 

Indicate someone in your company who can reply quickly with a name, phone number, and email address.

5. Write a captivating opening paragraph.

The most important parts of your press release are the opening sentences and paragraphs. This is how news outlets learn about a significant development or update. A good start should attract the reader and provide them with the essential information.


6. Compose the body

The story’s who, what, where, and when should all be included in the release’s body. Include these specifics early in the story so that journalists don’t have to look for them.

7. Assemble a boilerplate

Include some basic business information such as the year of incorporation, the kind of your business, and any awards or distinctions your firm has received. Reporters need to have easy access to this information while writing their articles.


8. Proofread

Make sure to double-check your work. To create a good impression, avoid mistakes like typos, missing words, or improperly structured content. 


Types of Press Releases 

Businesses must issue a press release for news networks, bloggers, influencers to publish a story and spread the message. Some of the most successful press release types are:

  • New venture press release

A new company press release should announce a new project. Explain why this opening is noteworthy and persuade readers that it is superior to existing competition.

Give the location, date, and name of your firm. The press release text should also explain what your company does and how it helps readers. Finally,  hyperlink your company’s name so readers may learn more.


  • Book press release

A book press release announces the publication of a new book and explains why the media should cover it. Your book must be newsworthy if it has won an award, been supported by a celebrity, or addressed a hot issue. 

Summarize your book’s advantages to readers, and a paragraph should elaborate on your most intriguing summary points, including a high-resolution picture of your book and a list of sellers.

  • Emergency announcement press release

This news release focuses on a current event and contains an inverted pyramid formula and a pertinent quotation.

Unlike other news releases, this formal statement contains the contact information. Usually, a structural change wouldn’t make sense, but its vital information should be placed higher in the release, given the subject matter.


  • Rebranding press release 

A rebranding news release signals a change in a company’s identity. A lot of individuals resist change and prefer what is consistent and known.

Businesses can decrease the fear of the unknown during rebranding by clearly communicating expectations. Transform the unknown into the known by telling an engaging rebranding tale. In your press release, focus on the positive aspects of your rebranding approach.

  • New product press releases

A product press release should announce a new product launch in your sector. The press release should explain how it differs from competitors’ offerings.

The product press release includes the features that set the product apart and its benefits. This is a plus for the company and journalists seeking a story their readers would appreciate.

In Conclusion

The press release template demos explain all you need to know about writing an effective press release. Because of time constraints, journalists choose stories they can identify. 

Journalists’ attention may be piqued by providing resources and information in press releases that follow the guidelines in the press release writing guide.

Key Takeaways

  • Write a 1-3 phrase summary of your story.
  • The body of your press release should start with the most significant elements and finish with the least important.
  • Concentrate on one piece of important information and one unique event.
  • Rather than merely expressing it with clichés, show what makes your endeavors unique and distinctive.
  • Always check out other organizations’ press releases online. Don’t copy, be inspired.


1. What are the rules of a press release?

Press releases should be short, written in easy-to-understand language, and stand-alone, without supporting documentation.

2. Is it necessary for press releases to be one page?

A press release may be two pages in some rare instances, but limiting your press release to just one page is even better.

3. How good is a press release?

A well-written press release is an inexpensive marketing tool to get the media’s attention for a possible news item or make an official statement. 

4. How long should press releases be?

A press release should be 300-400 words long, in three or four brief paragraphs.

5. Who receives press releases?

Press releases are issued to local newspapers or paid and free distribution platforms.