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Once an Entrepreneur, Always a Learner

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Posted on 24/08/223 min read
Once an Entrepreneur, Always a Learner
Here’s the story of Saud Bakhar, a true entrepreneur who defies all odds and shows how an entrepreneurship spirit can be beneficial while working for a company.

I don’t recall the first time I read this word, but I remember thinking this must be a typo. Surely they meant to say ‘entrepreneurship’?

And then, slowly, every other job description flouted this word. It became a ‘required skill.’

Intrapreneurship: Entrepreneurship that exists within an organization.

It’s a word we hear all too often now, loaded with meaning. Even at Pepper Content, we believe it is part of our DNA. The intrapreneurial spirit is something that is intentionally sought after.

Saud’s Startup Story

Meet Saud, an Associate Director of Product Design at Pepper Content. But of course, his professional journey is so much more than that. He is an entrepreneur first and everything else second.

Fresh out of college, right on the recovery curve of recession, Saud and his college mates decided to be their own job creators in Mangalore. After freelancing and understanding the basics of website development, the team ventured into developing a social media aggregator platform called ‘Eventifier.’ 

When asked about his accidental entrepreneurship story, he smiles and tells us about the birth of Eventifier–a humble, 50-hour hackathon(In50Hours) that he went on to sell to BookMyShow.

Now winning a hackathon is one thing, but having NASA and the Clinton Foundation on your client list is something else altogether! The team succeeded in raising half a million USD in 2013.

Finding your niche

Building a product and the massive exposure that followed gave Saud a taste of product design, graphic design, and creating workflows. It helped him narrow his niche–something he put into practice a few years later.

In 2016, BookMyShow saw a lot of potential in the idea, and within a year, they acquired Eventifier. Saud moved on to BookMyShow as a Product Design Manager, after which he joined Razorpay, a fast-paced start-up.

Building a design culture

His career progression from a startup to a corporate to scaling up a design team at another fast pace start-up led Saud to want to contribute to ramping up product and strategy. That’s when he ended up joining Pepper Content.

With the experience of scaling design at his own venture, Saud understands hustle very well and intends to develop a design culture and make the product more customer-centric. Read more on how Saud facilitated the journey to design Peppertype, here.


What Is the Entrepreneurial Advantage?

Experience no resume can do justice to

The experience of building your startup, scaling something from scratch, and seeing the fruits of your labor is an unparalleled work experience that no CV can capture.

A culture of ownership

Anirudh, our Co-founder, famously says, ‘True success is when everyone thinks like a founder.’ Needless to say, at Pepper Content, a culture of ownership is part of our very DNA. And who understands this better than an entrepreneur?

Nurture the entrepreneurial spirit in you

So many large enterprises have been the birthplace of startups now known the world over. Take Freshworks, for example, founded by Girish M, who was once a Zoho employee. The habit of acting as an owner and thinking beyond teams and departments is a great way to nurture this entrepreneurial spirit.

A bias towards action

Who knows the value of results more than someone building a business? Action that yields true impact and creates value is always at the back of the mind of an entrepreneur. Something that we truly encourage in everyone who works at Pepper Content.

No experience can match the enthusiasm of building something up, let that be a business, a team, or an entire organization. The experience is surreal, and that’s what we cherish at Pepper Content!

Final Words

As an entrepreneur, you are always learning, always growing, and always striving to achieve more, and there couldn’t be any better place than Pepper Content that nurtures entrepreneurship in the way it works. As a modern company, Pepper Content believes in creating a culture of curiosity and hustle while maintaining an environment ripe for growth. And this is something we can clearly take away from Saud’s story.

The Pepper Advantage

  • A strong support system for entrepreneurs
  • No replacement for experience
  • A sense of belonging
  • An environment ripe for growth
  • A culture of curiosity
  • A culture of hustle