8 Newsletters for Writers in 2022

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Posted on 18/04/224 min read
8 Newsletters for Writers in 2022
Are you looking for fantastic newsletters for writers to subscribe to in 2022? This blog outlines the top 8.

Being creative all the time tends to get complicated. And that holds true for those of us who write for a living. Whether it’s a case of writers’ block, trouble finding work that pays, or staying relevant to current trends, here are eight newsletters for writers that will have you up and ticking again.

1. If you’re looking for work

It isn’t easy to find quality freelance writing jobs, and in a lot of cases, the jobs are gone before you can blink. Well, worry not. Sonia Weiser’s Opportunities of the Week is a bi-weekly blog that can help point you in the correct direction.

Ms. Weiser painstakingly compiles the creamiest freelance writing opportunities currently available twice a week. And you can get this information by subscribing to her newsletter for a meager $3 a month. 

This writer’s newsletter also often features excellent tips to help writers get more efficient at pitching for projects.

Britany Robinson’s One More Question is among newsletters worth subscribing to with similar content. This newsletter is aimed at helping other writers and journalists stay abreast with the latest trends and opportunities in the industry. 

The newsletter also features informative interviews with other writers and editors. And if you become a paying subscriber, you can get Britany to help you with a pitch once a month. 

2. For the serious author

If you’re an author looking for some writing tools and resources, Electric Speed is one of the best author newsletters that you ought to subscribe to. Written and promoted by Jane Friedman, a publishing expert, this packed newsletter is sent to subscribers every Saturday with author-friendly tools and resources.

For those who want more, Ms. Friedman also has a fortnightly paid email newsletter for writers called The Hot Sheet. This newsletter has more meat in it in the form of industry insights, earning updates from other authors, market analysis, and more.

3. To get paid well

While it may not be challenging to land a writing job, getting paid well isn’t always guaranteed.

That brings us to a newsletter that has been helping writers get paid decently since April 1999.

A veritable pioneer among writer newsletters, Funds for Writers is a weekly email newsletter that only shares with its subscribers writing jobs that pay a minimum of 10 cents a word or $200 a post. And the work isn’t limited to any one form of writing. It is diverse, ranging from editorials to helping writers with manuscripts, from creative writing to advice columns.

4. To stay trendy

Delia Cai, who incidentally works with Buzzfeed, has a newsletter called Deez Links that focuses on everything trending with Millenials on the internet currently.

With topics ranging from the latest TikTok videos to celebrity interviews, Deez Links also has a classifieds section where, in collaboration with Study Hall, subscribers can discover pitch calls, new projects, and other writing opportunities.

5. Getting published in the right place

If you’re a writer looking for a push in the right direction to help you get published with a publication relevant to your vertical, then travel enthusiast and freelance writer Susan Shain’s Where to Pitch is the newsletter for you.

What started off as a website to help writers find the right home for their work has now extended to a monthly newsletter choc-a-bloc with tools, tips, and advice aimed at helping freelance writers find the right publication for their work.

6. For the digital marketing whizkids

Total ANNARCHY is a digital marketing guru and best-selling author Ann Handley’s quirky weekly newsletter. 

If you want to get a dose of humor, the latest in marketing trends, writing tools, examples of top-notch copy from the corporate world as used by companies of all sizes, and more every Sunday morning, then hit that subscribe button right now!

7. For those who want to get better

Award-winning journalist Natasha Khullar Replh has a newsletter for writers aimed at improving writing abilities and making sure writers get paid more.

Subscribers also get access to the resources she has on her website, including informative reports, email templates, training videos, downloadable guides, and more. So whether you’re an email newsletter writer, a copywriter, or any other content creator, this is a resource worth subscribing to.

8. For the author-in-making

Did you always want to be a published author but don’t know how to go about it? Agents and Books is a newsletter by the teacher, literary agent, and writer Kate McKane like a one-stop-shop for all your needs.

While she does send out tips and tricks in the form of free emails, a paid subscription entitles amateur authors to Q&A sessions, reviews, essays, and more.

Keep That Flame Burning

Each of the eight newsletters for writers mentioned above was chosen because they are unique in their approach. Some are inspiring, others are like guidelines to success, while some may just make you smile and tickle your imagination. 

Like we said at the beginning of this short read, creative writing is not easy. We now live in an age where visual content has evolved to include multiple media across multiple devices. However, reading and words can still trigger the imagination and emotions like none other, so keep that flame burning bright!


1. Are email newsletters still a successful marketing tool?

Email newsletters remain one of the most successful marketing tools for any organization. Here is some data to show just how efficient the right email newsletter can be.
1. A study by Litmus showed that the ROI on email marketing is higher than in other marketing channels.
2. 49% of all customers said they were happy receiving weekly newsletters from their favorite brands, according to a 2017 study by Statista.
3. As many as 31% of all marketers felt emails were the best lead generation tool in their arsenal, as shown by this study by the Content Marketing Institute.

2. What are the best email marketing tools in 2022?

1. MailChimp is the best overall tool, considering the features and ease of operation the tool offers businesses.
2. If a business is looking for an automation tool to help personalize content for email newsletters, ActiveCampaign has been voted the best service provider with the best customer service.
3. MailerLite has been voted the easiest email tool to use, with its drag and drop interface making email designing a breeze for businesses. 
4. Moosend is the most affordable and flexible email marketing tool for pricing.