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15 Best Press Release Distribution Services

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Posted on 26/04/226 min read
15 Best Press Release Distribution Services
To thrive in today’s business world, you need coverage. Fortunately, Press Release Distribution Services can help you get the right coverage. Find out more.

Despite major shifts in the way content is created and distributed in today’s digital era, press releases are integral to any business wanting to increase brand awareness. Press releases help your event, news, or product launch get distributed effectively. A good press release is picked by local, national, and global newspapers, magazines, and online portals. In this guide, we will tell you how to choose the best press release distribution service, and the options you can explore to get the right coverage. 

Why Should You Write a Press Release?

The purpose of any press release is to spread information about a particular event to enable media houses, publications, influencers, bloggers, and even the general public to know about your brand. Journalists love to explore press releases when fishing for news, and 71% of them prefer receiving press releases to writing reports (Cision, 2019). 

If you need more reasons to consider submitting press releases, read on below:

  • If your press release is picked up by top news portals and websites, it helps you in gaining backlinks from high-authority websites, thus increasing your SEO ranking.
  • It can increase footfall to your online or physical store and generate additional sales.
  • It helps amplify your reach to a wider section of the audience.

How to Choose the Best Press Release Distribution Service 

A press release distribution service is a platform that enables you to send your press release to a larger group of people. The best press release distribution services target the right people and help gain adequate traction. They help you write your press release, send it out to relevant audiences, and get it distributed among partner news outlets. 

But with so many choices, it isn’t easy to zero in on the right platforms to help maximize your outreach. To choose the right press release distribution service for your requirements, we recommend considering the following factors. 

1. Target audience

Determine the press release distribution service based on your target audience. For example, if your target audience is mostly business-oriented people, pick a service provider who is well known among that target group.

2. Services provided

The best press release distribution services don’t just circulate your press release, but also offer add-on services. Some newswire providers help you connect with social media influencers, while premium offerings may also include video interviews and audio content being published and promoted.

3. Pricing

Ultimately, the kind of press release distributor you can work with will depend on your budget. While there are free options available, the premium ones are usually the ones to go after. 

Top 15 Press Release Distribution Services to Bookmark 

If you are considering working with a press release distribution service, here are some options you can consider. 


1. Newswire

Newswire is one of the top names in press release distribution services, renowned for its services and enabling brands to reach major news outlets, such as AP, MarketWatch, and more. The service also offers multilayer targeting, ensuring that you reach your desired audience at local, state, and global levels. 

2. PR Newswire

Whether it is print or online distribution of your press releases, Cision’s PR Newswire is a top name in the industry. It helps you connect with leading publishers around the globe, and provides detailed analytics and data on your releases. Through this platform, you can reach a network of 4,000+ websites and 20,000+ email subscribers. 

3. eReleases

eReleases is a press release distributor that works especially well for small businesses. It promises a database of 1.7 million people, including bloggers and journalists. It can help you reach big news names, such as Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, and CNN Business. 

4. PRWeb

Owned by Cision and a well-known name in PR and media software, PR News distributes press releases to thousands of known publications. It is a fully functional cloud-based platform. Users can upload their press releases that include rich media, and then distribute the story to journalists and publications, which they can select as per the category.

5. Presswire

Presswire has over 850,000 media contacts, and also supports press release distribution in multiple languages. It offers services, such as online syndication and media monitoring, along with access to a huge media database. Presswire works across three major regions: North America, Asia, and Europe. Some news sources in its coterie include Thomson Reuters, Google News, and Dow Jones Factiva.

6. PR Fire

PR Fire prides itself on being one of the leading international press release distribution services. It circulates your press release to journalists among your chosen industry categories. Its clientele includes Vodafone, Apple, Viacom, and more. 

7. Business Wire 

A renowned name for business distribution Business Wire has 60+ years of trusted reputation worldwide and offers access to 100,000+ media outlets in 200+ industry categories. It distributes your releases to a wide range of audiences, including journalists, editors, databases, bloggers, and social platforms. 

8. 24-7 Press Release

A cloud-based press release distribution platform, 24-7 Press Release will help you distribute your news to print and digital outlets. The platform is user-friendly and allows you to tap into various categories, such as art, society, technology, and more. Some of its clients include NASA, American Health Council, and Ventana Research.  

9. PR Distribution

PR Distribution offers more than just press release distribution services. It also helps you write your press releases. The distribution has a wide reach, including big names, such as HuffPost, The Washington Post, Forbes, Business Insider, and more.

10. Prowly

Prowly offers end-to-end press release distribution to over a million contacts and comes with a media contact builder, a drag-and-drop editor, and analytics. The platform is easy to use and helps get more exposure for your news. 

11. Linking News

If you are focused on having your press releases published on top news sites, then Linking News is a great option. The distributor has successfully managed to publish releases on known news sources and databases, such as Morningstar, Yahoo! News, Google News, and Nasdaq, among others.  

12. EIN Newswire

EIN Presswire is one of the best press release distribution services, which allows users to create their own press release and send it out to their team. The EIN Presswire editorial team will give it a final touch-up, and blast it on news outlets and even to media influencers. 

13. PR Underground

PR Underground helps amplify your news to major news portals, such as Google News, Daily Herald, and The Morning News. It is known as an affordable press release distributor that offers syndication services to 80+ websites. 

14. PR India Wire

This is an Indian press release distribution service that boasts a huge network of news sites spanning North America and Southeast Asia. If you choose PR India Wire, your releases will be sent to both Indian and international reporters, bloggers, trade journals, social media influencers, and more. 

15. EasyPressWire

EasyPressWire has a straightforward process of disseminating information. You can register on the platform for free, write your press release, and let the distributor take care of the rest. It serves various categories, such as automation, finance, sports, and health, among others. 

Key Takeaways

  • Press releases help brands broadcast a particular news piece, enabling it to reach a wider section of the audience. 
  • Press releases offer great benefits, such as boosting SEO for the website, generating leads, and increasing awareness among the media.
  • There are several press release distribution services available in the market today, and you should consider the right option by looking at the target audience, features, and pricing of the service provider.

We hope this blog has been useful in shedding some light on the many press release distribution options available today. Remember that despite choosing the best provider, the onus for the success of your release lies on you. So make sure the content you plan to publish is top-notch. A story is picked by a news outlet or catches the eye of the media only when it has information and facts that are deemed newsworthy. So to maximize the chances of your story getting picked, don’t forget to focus on creating stellar content


1. What are press release distribution services?

Press release distribution services are platforms that enable you to publicize your brand’s information to news sites, influencers, bloggers, and more. 

2. What is the best way to distribute a press release?

For a press release to get accepted, it is always ideal to use press release distribution services that have contacts with the right journalists and sites to help you maximize your outreach.

3. How do I publish a press release for free?

Several press release distribution services publish press releases without any charge. These include NewswireToday and PRLog, among many other outlets. While some portals and services are completely free, others have free trials and might ask you to buy a paid subscription plan later on. 
If you are looking for premium online writing services of any kind, you can give Pepper Content a try.