A 7-Point Plan for Better Landing Page Headlines

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Posted on 6/01/226 min read
A 7-Point Plan for Better Landing Page Headlines

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The landing page headline is the first perception people have about your website. It can either be a doorway to getting new customers or a warden keeping them away. 

In reality, 80% of viewers do not make it past the headline and that can seriously affect the conversion rates of the landing page. The better the  headline of the landing page, the more improved the click-through and conversion rates. The best headlines are simpler to write than you think. In this informative blog, you will be guided through a 7-point plan and some brilliant tips to create some of the best landing page headlines. 

7 Tips to Create Great Landing Page Headlines

Here are a few tips you can follow in order to create the best headlines for landing pages

1. Be specific

Write headlines that are clear and specific. These are the best kind. Readers want a clear idea of what they must click or why they should explore your website. If the headline is too obscure or vague, viewers won’t see why they have to convert on the call to action. Spare yourself the trouble of inventing mysterious or pronounced headlines and instead focus your attention on displaying clarity from the very start. 

Perceive your headline as an elevator pitch of 10 seconds, which has to clearly convey the importance of why a person should convert on your landing page. It would be useful to write down around 20-30 separate headlines and then filter them down to decide the ones which are most clear. It’s more work at the start, but it will make a big difference in the future. 

2. Focus on the advantage

Headlines should catch the attention of viewers who want to get a solution or resolve a problem. Focusing on an advantage or benefit is vital when writing an engaging 


headline. The clearer and more specific you are, the simpler it is for the desired audience to come around. 

The landing page is like a sales funnel, but the target should not be about generating sales. When you invent headlines that provide an advantage, there is a higher chance of visitors staying and converting the offer. If your headline is unimpressive, it is likely that the visitors will leave the page. Showcasing the benefits of your products or services lets you place them in a way that can outdo competitors. 

A landing page headline example is Moz. Although there are many SEO tools in the market, MOZ made a decision to rank themselves as a good solution to the SEO problem instead of fully focusing on the sale of their software. “There’s a smarter way to do SEO.” The headline cuts to the chase and gives readers an idea of what they’re in for if they decide to use Moz. Even if there are more than 5 billion searches carried out on a daily basis, with Moz SEO tools, people are likely to choose Moz. If you have a look at the content on their landing page, you will witness that the point is elaborated even further with extra benefits. 

3. Be relevant

What really counts is consistency. Your headline can be trendy or catchy, but if it does not match the message or the appearance and feel of your landing page, it may be perplexing for visitors. 

For example, if the headline says, “Expand your business with our smart strategies” but the content on the landing page has little on the content itself, then the headline may convey an impression that you’re unaware of what you are selling to the customer. Many first-time landing page creators make this mistake. A better way to avoid this mistake completely is to get another person or a second set of eyes to monitor the landing page. A few times, the best option is to get feedback from individuals who are not working as closely with the page as you are. 

4. Use powerful words

Once you’ve been successful in managing direct traffic to the landing page, what follows is how you can retain those visitors and compel them to continue reading. On an average, 8 out of 10 people will just read headlines on a page prior to deciding whether the content is for them. This makes it one of the most crucial aspects of a landing page. 

We’re talking about those magic words that copywriters use to get an emotional or mental response from viewers/readers. However, powerful words are not only for copywriters. Any person can utilize them to encourage people to to take action on the website. 

5. Proofread

A wise tip is to proofread your landing page headline. When working on content for the landing page, you might fail to identify easy misspellings or typos. For headline proofreading, it is prudent to use tools like Grammarly, WordRake, and ProWritingAid, or seek services of a professional proofreader. Publishing a landing page with spelling errors, can give an unprofessional and unreliable impression. 

6. Use reliable headline rules

Writing good headlines is vital to garner more conversions. One way to do this is by using headline formulas recommended by professional copywriters. If you’d like to be original with the headlines, contrary to what you may think, the best headlines are not original or as imaginative. 

According to WordStream, 200 of the finest ads that got massive sales and worldwide recognition from industry experts were, in reality, similar to each other. The headline writers who didn’t feature up in the 200 list were probably persons who invented original or imaginative headlines apart from those six headline formulas. So while being imaginative is important, you must also follow some reliable and time-tested headline formulas and rules. 

7. Try A/B testing

It is always a good idea to test your landing page headlines. It looks like a lot of work but this habit can assist you in identifying the headline that results in the maximum amount of leads. 

In some cases, a headline may be great, but it may not get the attention of the desired audience. With A/B testing, you can find out what works and what doesn’t in a quicker way. You can try out tools such as CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer to check the effectiveness of your landing page headlines. They are suitable if you want to know headline score, but they may not be totally accurate when it comes to knowing which headline works better with what target audience. 

If you are a novice when it comes to A/B testing, know that it’s not as complex as the majority of people make it out to be. This testing is just a marketing strategy with two versions, i.e., A and B (control and treatment) tried against each other. In the end you can notice which version gets you the optimum results. Wishpond offers A/B testing tools and the trial continues until each variation is more successful than the other.

Key Takeaways

  • A landing page headline can determine the effect your website has on the readers. 
  • Research suggests that 80% of viewers do not make it past the headline. 
  • Some of the best headlines are simple, concise, and direct. 
  • In order to write a winning landing page headline, you need to be specific about your goals, try A/B testing, use relevant keywords, and proofread. 


A landing page headline is the most vital part of your website. It gives readers a taste of what is to follow. In order to craft a compelling landing page headline, you must ensure that it is relevant, properly edited, and contains powerful words. It should be concise and yet deliver the aim of the website effectively. 

Additionally, making use of visuals on the landing page will enliven the website and capture the attention of the visitors right on arrival. You should think about using images of people to induce an emotional connection, personalize the offer, and form a bond with new subscribers. You must also ensure to use bright colors and catchy designs. 

Also, with mobile devices being counted as the source of more than 52.2% of web traffic, creating a mobile-responsive landing page cannot be an afterthought anymore. It means that when using an outdated content management system, badly designed WordPress concept, or an e-commerce platform which does not permit the creation of mobile-responsive pages, you will miss out on big opportunities to convert further readers.


1. What is a landing page headline?

The landing page headline is one of the first things people see on your landing page. It needs to grab the attention of the reader and compel them to stay on the website.

2. What is the importance of visuals in your landing page?

Incorporating vibrant and relevant visuals in your landing page can help hook readers from the get-go. Images, when used skillfully, can impact people positively and ignite their interest to explore your content further. This, in turn, may lead to better conversion rates.

3. What are a few tips to create the best landing page headlines?

Using powerful headlines, staying relevant, being consistent with content, trying A/B testing, adding specificity, and focusing on how the reader will benefit from your product are a few ways in which you can create some of the best landing page headlines.

4. Why is Moz a good landing page headline example?

Moz’s landing page headline is powerful and straightforward, and clearly conveys to the readers the purpose of the website. This is what makes it a great landing page headline example.