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How to Write Product Descriptions: 5 Easy Tips

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Posted on 2/02/228 min read
How to Write Product Descriptions: 5 Easy Tips

Table of Contents

  • Why Does Your Product Need a Good Description?
  • How Do You Write a Product Description? 5 Essential Tips
  • Key Takeaways 
  • Conclusion 
  • FAQs

A good product description holds the power to amp up your sales immensely. Product descriptions act as a bridge between you and your customers, and open up a means of communication between the two parties. If used wisely, the skill of writing great product descriptions can help you make your business successful by driving up sales. In this blog, we discuss a few points to help you learn how to write product descriptions.

However, before we dive into the rules of writing great product descriptions, let’s discuss why product descriptions are essential to your brand in the first place.  

Why Does Your Product Need a Good Description?

Studies show that 20 percent of sales failures are due to badly written product descriptions. If you want to sell your product, then you need to have a good description. A good description is one that will make the customer want to buy the product.

You might be wondering why it’s so essential for your product to have a good description. Well, if you don’t have a good description, then customers won’t know what your product is all about or how it will help them. And without knowing what the product does, how do they know if they need it?

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking they don’t need product descriptions, because they think their products speak for themselves. But this couldn’t be further from the truth!

A good product description is the key to driving sales. It is engaging, it has a catchy headline, and it includes all the important features of the product. It also includes a call-to-action (CTA) for the reader to make the purchase or sign up for more information.


How Do You Write a Product Description? 5 Essential Tips

Treat the below-mentioned points as your own mini-guide on how to write a good product description.

1. Think from the customer’s perspective

Before writing the product description for your audiences, take some time to think about the features of the product and what exactly it is that will attract customers to these products. Put yourself in the shoes of your audience. Product description writing has more to do with your target audience rather than the product itself. 

Give details about the product that make things clear for your customers. State the key features of the product and its benefits, and mention how it might make the customers’ life easier. You can also add details about how the product is to be used. Your product description should address all the concerns the user might have. This will lead the client to make a decision faster and buy your product almost immediately. 

2. Sell the product through its benefits

While selling a product, your client needs to know why they ought to buy your product. What makes your product unique and attractive? What makes it different from the ones already available in the market? Product description writing is a creative process through which you can tell your clients why they absolutely need your product, and how it can solve their problem. 

Your product descriptions should list the benefits of your products or services. For example, if you’re selling a shoe, describe what makes it better than the others; tell the customer about the material being used to design this shoe that makes it long-lasting and extremely comfortable. This will save both time and money for your customer. It is your job to make the process of buying your product as efficient and smooth as possible for the customer. 


3. Build a voice for your brand

Product descriptions are one of the most crucial parts of a product page. They are not just about writing words that describe the product, but also about telling a story and making the customer want to make the purchase. Your brand must have a voice. The voice can be your own or it can be someone else’s, but there needs to be some consistency in how you write for your brand. When writing for your brand, you should make sure that your tone suits the type of company you are representing, and that it is clear who the target audience is.

A product description is a short and concise description of a product, which is written in the form of a narrative. It’s not just an explanation of what your product does, but also an explanation of how it makes the customer feel. Try to add a story to your product description: one that speaks to the customer’s emotional side. Make sure you alter the tone you used according to your target audience. For example, if your target audience is millennials, use a humorous and witty tone, whereas if your target customer base is executives of large corporations, use a serious and professional tone to sell your products. 

4. Make your information scannable

Customers prefer to skim through product descriptions, and like companies who value their time. So a huge chunk of product description writing is to keep it as concise and short as possible. Display the information neatly, either by using different tabs with different categories, or by using bullet points. 

You can also use creative ways of displaying information, so that you are able to fit the majority of it in a small space, while making sure that the information is clear, concise, and neat. For example, you can use a specializations tab that lists all the special features and benefits of your product in a precise manner. This will help the customer quickly scan specific parts of the product description, and make a decision as soon as possible. 

5. Use influential words

Use influential words while writing your product description. You can pick words that appeal to your audience, while also educating them about your product. For example, use words like “amazing”, “sudden”, “quick”, “hurry”, “announcing”, “challenge”, “introducing”, and “bargain”, as they are sure to capture your audience’s attention. Take note of how all these words have an underlying tone of urgency. 

This entices the customers and piques their interest in the product. Using these words makes the customer believe that they are missing out on something, and that it is absolutely essential that they own this product or service as soon as possible. This will, in turn, lead to a rise in sales and will help your company become successful. 


Key Takeaways

Having addressed the question “How to write a good product description?” it is clear that writing an attractive product description can help you drive your sales through the roof. Let’s discuss some essential takeaways from the points discussed above:

  • Brainstorm for a while before you start writing your product description. Take some time to think about how your product benefits your customers and what problems it can help the customer solve. 
  • Think about what the needs of your users are, and try to make your product description revolve around that. 
  • Before you start your product description writing, make sure you use influential words that will attract your customers. Display the benefits of your products, while incorporating these keywords into your product description. This will make your customers feel a sense of urgency, and will help them make a decision about your product.
  • Make the entire process of buying a product from your website as easy as possible for your customer. Right after the product description, give the customer an option to buy your product: ask them to make a purchase immediately. Try to interact with your customers and give them an option of leaving a comment or review about the products. 
  • If a customer buys your product, send a follow-up email with an incentive for their feedback.
  • Keep in mind your target audience while writing your product descriptions. Change the voice and tone of your product description according to the audience you would like to sell the product to. Use funny, brooding or serious, or professional tones, according to the customers you’d like to attract to your website.
  • List all the features and benefits of your product in a concise yet creative manner. The product description should not be too long, and should give your users all the information they’re looking for.
  • You can also find new ways to display the information in the product description if it turns out to be too long. The customers should want to buy your product after reading the description. 
  • Try telling a story in your product description that speaks to the customer’s emotional side, and try to list the uses of the product specifically for your client. 
  • Use natural language in your product descriptions. Make it seem like you’re having a conversation with a friend: this adds a personal touch to your description, thereby forging meaningful bonds with the user.
  • Make your product descriptions short, crisp, precise, as well as educational. They should teach your audience about your product, while at the same time, convincing them to buy the product. A well-written, strategic product description can contribute to skyrocketing sales.


These rules of product description writing have been proven to be effective in driving sales for many businesses. A good product description can make or break your marketing strategy, so try to think about your product and target audience before you write the product description. When learning how to write product descriptions, educate the user about your product, and give them the required information to make an informed decision.

Your product description should cater to the needs of your target audience and not just anyone who visits your website. Personalize your product description according to your niche of customers, and give them what they want. Your product description should not be generalized for the entire population. Keep your descriptions short, precise, and to-the-point, and you’re good to go! 


1. What are a few elements of a product description?

A product description includes details about your product, its benefits and uses for the client, as well as how it might help the client solve problems. Remember to list the key features of the product, such as dimensions, weight, size, color, pattern, etc. make the product description unique, precise, to-the-point, and attractive. 

2. How do you write a fun product description?

If your target audience is the younger generation, a product description with some wit and humor will appeal to them. Try to make your product description interactive and fun for your customers by using a little humor. You can even ask for reviews, comments, and feedback. 

3. How do you include your product description in your business plan?

Some ways to include your product description into your business plan are by stating the needs for your products and services, highlighting the important features of your products and services, and focusing on the benefits you offer to the customers. Be clear and concise in your writing: speak about your expertise and experience, but in a subtle way. Be the expert that knows all about your product, but talk in the layperson’s language and use simple words that speak to your audience. 

4. How long should a product description be?

On an average, a product description is about 300-400 words long. However, if required, you may make it longer. Just make sure it includes all key features and benefits of your product, and answers all the concerns a customer might have. 

5. How important is a product description in every product?

A product description is written to show a potential customer the product’s value and utility.  If done well, it will lucidly talk about the features and benefits of the product that might influence a potential customer to make a purchase. A product description should include how it will fix a customer’s problem. It should be written in a way that it speaks to the customer. Using influential, powerful words may help you compel the reader to buy your product.

6. How do you write a product description for growth in sales?

The apt product description for growth in sales uses the 5W formula, describing the what, where, when, who, and why of the product. It talks about what the product is, where it can be used, when it can be used, whom it can be used by, and why it should be used. These points are essential to attract customers and set a target audience. It is imperative to describe the benefits and key features of a product properly. 

7. What are the objectives of creating a product description?

The goal of a good product description is to persuade the customer to buy the product. This can be done by using an appealing tone that targets the right type of audience, using influential words in the product description, and by stating the key features and problems that the product will solve for a customer.